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  1. If you're going to put multiplayer into the game, (both the original and the following), make it full multiplayer, not "oh let's make it multiplayer until the final boss, so you get your chupacabra kicked over and over and OVER again. Do multiplayer or don't do multiplayer.
  2. First of all, I want to say that I LOVE the new legend skill tree. The chance to hone my character to new heights and strengthen my abilities is both satisfying and fun. However, what isn't fun is the fact that when you die in Nightmare mode, ALL of the XP you've earned toward the next level is immediately taken away and you have to start from the beginning of your current level. THAT is not fun. Twice now I've almost hit my next level, died and boom! Both times all of my XP was instantly taken away by the game. Having a death penalty after getting your butt handed to you is already annoying in its own right. Having one that is that extreme is enough to make me what to throat punch a puppy. This is something that needs to be toned WAY down, especially when you are solo. I came back to play because of all the new things the developers have done for the game, but this nonsense is enough to push me away until something is done about it. Way. Too. Annoying. That being said, I hope everyone at Techland has a great day!