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  1. lordfiSh

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    Got the Same Trophie today via reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dyinglight/comments/45wq5z/interactive_map_for_dying_light_the_following/d0on8jo?context=3 - now on the Map. Thanks Locations of the misplaced Items?
  2. lordfiSh

    Interactive Map

    Don't what you mean with Riptide Map but here is my interactive Map for Dying Light The Following (Basegame may follows): https://dyinglightmap.de
  3. lordfiSh

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    If you can't access Youtube this should help you: That's... strange. Can you check if http://dev.dyinglightmap.de work? Same Map, but uncached Version.
  4. lordfiSh

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    https://dyinglightmap.de/ don't work? Works for me... Also online at http://isthissitedown.net/dyinglightmap.de
  5. lordfiSh

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    @LoneylS - fixed Blue Gentleman paint job Location - fixed Blue Monday paint job Location - fixed A Mysterious Blueprint Location & added Video - fixed the Supernova Blueprint Location, its in a other tunnel - added a Description (almost every Item need a description) for the Arrow Blueprint --> You can purchase the Arrow Blueprint at the Vendor - added Countryside Bane Blueprint - added your Location of the Frostbite - added a Video to the H.T.S.D. Outfit - added a few Racing, Flags and Note Locations
  6. lordfiSh

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    fixed the Blue Monday Paint. The Supernova Blueprint is in a Green Cart somewhere in the Nest. Click the Link at the Team Dyinglight Outfit, you get it for the Secret Ending. For your two Blueprints, just rightlick on my map and copy the URL, I can't find them like so: https://dyinglightmap.de/c/#6/-60.732/-159.027/w=-59.176,-160.664
  7. lordfiSh

    Regarding Some Strange Rocks

    But we have a Rock that PC Users don't have, all have the same Problem. Tried to glitch to the Lootcave, but died every time
  8. I didn't like the Map that Techland gave us, so I tried to put a few Screenshots together but this didn't work out quite well, since the map has this stupid perspective. So I worked a more than a few hours in photoshop (I don't really have skill in this) but tried the best I could to make it look kinda ok. I'm planning to add every Blueprint, Outfit, Mystery Box, Nest, Freak, Collectable, Flag, Mask and everything useful to the map - for now there are only the Paintjobs, Blueprints, Unknown Stones and a few other things. I still have 100 of Screenshots of Places that I will put on the map in the following days. If you have something that I should add just copy the URL here and add it to the Map (especially for Flags, Racing Trophies and Notes) You can right click Item to mark then as collected (the counter on the sidebar will count) If you want to share Links just right-click anywhere and share the URL Press F5 from time to time - you may find new Items, since I'm adding them over time https://dyinglightmap.de/