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    Dying Light Developer Tools Not Appearing?

    Oh, thanks alot! Didn't find that out though. Can't wait to try it out.
  2. Hello everyone! I've bought Dying Light on the weekend (Saturday more precisely) on the site G2A, and I've played 22 hours so far, completing the game. I was wondering about the Developer Tools, and when I looked after it, it wasn't in the Tools tab. After some research, I've seen that it SHOULD be there, but it's not there. I read that other people has the same problem too. Any suggestions? (I've checked it NOT ONCE, it's not there, believe me.) Also, I heard that the game has a workshop, but I don't have that either. Here are some screenshots of my Tools library: Even after searching for "Dying", it did not appear: EDIT: I do not have "The Following" DLC, just the plain game, maybe that is the problem?