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  1. I´d very much like to know if that would be the case as i´m a holder of the season pass and i´ve been looking forward to this DLC (That and i can´t simply buy the DLC in the steam store as the game isn´t sold in my country, thus the Season pass was the easiest way for me to get all DLC up to the following)
  2. hiduys

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I´m not entierly certain if this qualifys as a bug or not, but should the nighthunters sensitivity realy affect the movement post tendrill to run that much? I know it´s a strategy used by quite a few NH´s (At least the others i met) to just crank up your sensitivity so you can actualy steer your camera better during the accelerated run, however this leads to hunters doing a 180 on the spot and using this to land an undodgable tackle (unless you predict the hunter going for this in which case you have to turn around before he gets behind you which again leaves you open if you happen to be alone). My question is if this is actualy intented, as normaly with a sensitivity bellow a certain threshold steering whilst running post tendril locomotion is rather slow, as in, it is hard to run around a corner, however with a cranked up sensitivity the hunter can practicly turn on a dime as soon as he starts running post tendrill locomotion. I´m not certain if i managed to express what exactly i mean properly, essentialy should a high look sensitivity overrule the reduced sensitivity during tendrill run or not, as it seems that it shouldnt be the case as otherwise there wouldnt be this slow down of the camera during tendrill run.
  3. hiduys

    Regarding Some Strange Rocks

    So, will the dev´s aknowledge this and at least confirm if it´s bugged or not? Despite it being an easter egg it should still be okay to talk about it if it´s bugged out.
  4. Hello, To make it short and to avoid posting any spoilers for any potential secrets i´ll put it straight away: Could someone here verify that 15 specific rocks (Technicaly 16 we found 1 more to be honest) of unknown origin do spawn where they are supposed to be? Specificly 3 rocks give most of us a headache: The one outside the map (North east, behind the fence it is there, clearly visible at night but we get despawned before we can touch it) , The one at the beginning of the map next to the rock with the painting of the Mother on it (Spawns on consoles however seemingly not on the computer) and finally the rock that spawns in a well in a place where you safe a certain coward (It only appears on the PC not on any console as far as we can verify) It would be very appreciated if someone can verify that these rocks are all where they are supposed to be as most are stuck at 14, due to either the one in the well for console players or the one next to the mothers rock for PC gamers simply not spawning in. I know this is a sensitive topic and i have kept as much info as unspecified as possible whilst hopefully providing enough info regarding the actual problem we´re facing. If necesary i´ll provide further info at the place we have collected every bit of info we could. Hopefully i post this in the right place.