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  1. The side quest Goodnight Mr. Bahir is constantly bugged for my game. I was able to start the fight with them but once I did everyone disappeared. I quit the game and went back and everyone was there again, but after I killed one of the enemies, the others disappeared but I still can see little arrow markers on my minimap for them. I've retried to do this countless times. I've continued on with the main game and other side missions and always stop by this location to try to complete it in hopes it may finally work, but the moment I always kill one of the enemies, the other 3 or 4 disappear. I've tried looking this bug up and the only thing I can find is from the wikia: "The objective 'Kill the bandits' may become bugged if you die while fighting them or leave the area, they then disappear but their objective markers will stay in place. To reset the bandits exit the game and then continue. [PS4]. Well first, mine is happening on xbox one, not ps4. I don't see a listing for this bug for xbox one. Second, "to reset the bandits exit the game and then continue".. well this works as they do reset and spawn again, but then disappear again once I start killing them! So this doesn't solve the issue. Has anyone else had this problem or solved this? Thanks.