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  1. Would most players not want a rear view mirror? It could be a new three stage novice skill tree path (novice because a rear view mirror seems pretty basic for driving, especially when you have bad things chasing you all the time): simple mirror --> rear mounted spot light (aligned with rear view vision field) --> panoramic mirror wings (these should simply add blind spot vision, by extending the mirror a little on each side with convex mirrors) I will grant you that the front field of view when siting in the buggy is already a little real estate poor, so the size of a centrally mounted rear view mirror near the car level progress bar up top should be carefully considered, and the optional convex mirror wings may not be an option at all, but BASIC MIRROR and NIGHT SPOT LIGHT skill tree options seem like basic options and are painfull (literally and figuratively!) not to have. Very imporant last point, if the convex mirror wings WERE an option, it would be critical that they were add-ons that did not disrupt or change the original basic mirror area. It would suck if the whole mirror became convex. The only practical (visually comfortable) way to gain additional angle of view with basically one mirror is to add mini mirrors on a flat mirror's edges. We've all seen examples of this on non-apocalyptic cars on the roads today, except that they are often tacked right ON the mirror instead of added to the edge (I don't like compromising the original mirror to gain aditional view field). In any event, the development mechanics of convex mirrors, to essentially do the job of side mirrors may be impractical for you guys and I get that. Just getting a straight rear view that worked in day AND NIGHT would be huge. Thanks, - Enthusiastically counting the days to the beginning... ...of the end