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  1. FEATURE REQUEST!! (Bow / Crossbow) [impalement Mechanics] I wanted to say that I've truly enjoyed this game SO. MUCH. since it came out, and I wanted to thank you for taking your jobs seriously unlike a few Game Companies out there.. It's really nice to have some Decent Devs these days. Free Enhanced Edition and all? ♥♥♥♥ Yes, I'll take that, and you really see the difference between normal and enhanced! Atleast I know I did So here's the thing, it's about the Bow & Crossbow. You see, The Bow & Crossbow were pretty hard to get but in the end.. somewhat didn't feel like it was worth getting. It's lacking something... It's lacking.. Impalement Mechanics. There are SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES when there are Impalement Mechanics. Funny Glitches (Don't Fix Those, lmao) and everything, it's just so much fun, but with these kinds of weapons, Impalement Mechanics are pretty much the only thing that REALLY makes it worth using. I wish more games had Impalement Mechanics.. but those games don't listen to their community. I don't know how many times I will have to ask you, but I know one thing, I Won't Stop Until This Happens!! I don't want to be a bummer for you guys but you know, you're amongst the few most Decent Devs out there and it's a really nice thing to have around these days. Please grant my request!! (Sorry Bad English) =SOMEONE MAKE A DAMN HARPOON GUN - WE ALL KNOW THIS HAS TO HAPPEN= - A Fan Whoever wants to see Impalement Mechanics on the Bow & Crossbow, help make sure this Post reaches the devs!! Thank you all <3