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  1. herotina

    BtZ: A Proposal/Gift to Developers.

    Nice!!! I hope Techland can use this patch. If they don't care about DL now (Bad Blood, DL2, bla bla...), please give this chance for Gamers.
  2. herotina

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    That why i see more Hunter spam claw-GP everywhere. They don't upgrade GP and use that combo, because it help them have so much damage. Please give it back.
  3. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Exam for my report: - 275HP (Upgrade HP): Auto-heal 95/275 HP ==> Human can recovery only 35%HP - 100HP (Don't Upgrade HP): Auto-heal 95/100 HP ==> Human can recovery 95%HP Human don't need use Medkit so much, all they need is run, shot G.hook and dogle. If Techland don't scale Damage of Hunter (Claws, Tackles, GP...) with Human HP, it's OK. Because Humans have low HP = Hunter can kill Human with 2~3 hit, they need upgrade HP to have more chance. Auto-heal can't help Humans recovery 95% HP everytime. * And Ground Pound need fix. Exam: If Hunter don't up GP Knockback -> Down range of GP 50%. Because Hunters can use it to spam claw-tendril, spit stuck... when human in animations. * New Glitch: - "LAST WISH" GUN HAVE SO MUCH DAMAGE WITH ONLY 1 AMMO, IT'S TOO OP (LIKE CROSSBOW AFTER THE FOLLOWING UPDATE). PLEASE FIX THIS DAMAGE (SAME CROSSBOW).
  4. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Like Spit-upgrade or GP-upgrade? OK,Techland was fix Spit-up, and this glitch like it. "1 tackle = 37HP and more???" Techland want Night Hunter not too strong with newbies (don't full skill), but more player want use it for cheat.
  5. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Bug: Drop some Mine and shot it to kill nest fast. * And more players never up to max HP Level (275), because it's can auto heal (don't need use Medkit). They have only 100hp but damage of Hunter will auto scale (claw, tackle, ground pound...) * Some Human use this trick: use medkit before fight with Hunter, it's help they can auto-heal when take a hit (in animation of tackle, gp, claw...) Exam: In this video, Hunter hit human with 4-5 times, but human don't lost anymore (HP auto recovery) Please fix: If human in animations of hit (down, fall, knockback...), auto heal will stop, like Campain Mode (hit of Goon, Demolisher...)
  6. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    * Slide Backwards: * Tut: Hold on the Sprint button (Shift). Dodge Backwards/Left/Right, quickly press W and Crouch (Hold on it) Backwards Drop kick, Right Drop Kick, etc...:
  7. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    * Tendril - Claws: use tendril to Humans body can stop animations of claw. * Same with hunter, use hook to Hunter Body can repair slice and spam it. * Same with water, use hook to repair slice and kill nests fast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Epy_PEOlR8&feature=youtu.be&t=1010 * Fly Bug, use hook to Zombies Body with jump. * Tip: Fix all Zombie/Human Body, water is a Unknown Point (like Sky), hook can't use to do it.
  8. herotina

    5 things Techland need fix

    Yes! I know can sleeping in game, and sense will fix. But it can't in 2~4v1, because humans don't near team, and new hunter will join. Auto crossbow did fix with infinity rifle, i know, but they can use SMG, Shotgun, Pistol... with unlimited ammo. All modded items in video, i take it from some save in Ne***usmod, don't need use cheat tool. And other player can take it if i dropped. I think datagame have code for it. If Dev can remove or block it in pvp, so good...
  9. herotina

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    25 seconds and can use 2 flares (or 3) in 1v1??? OMG!!! Time for spam Zaid's flares.
  10. herotina

    5 things Techland need fix

    Hello, I want give some idea for Be the Zombie mode. Sorry for my English, it's bad. 1. Before match start, humans can use Boosters and Camouflage, and don't lost anything, it's not balanced with Hunter. Because they can rust Nest and have more advantage. * Fix: when game start (after 3,2,1...), all abilities of Human will reset to 0 (no Camouflage, no Booster...). 2. I take a UV spit in last match, this effect will continue in next match. And it's so long times... * Dev can reset all status of human after end match? 3. I have some abilities, if i use Booster again, it doesn't have full abilities. * Fix: when i use a new Booster, all abilities will change to new. 4. More player using modded items in game. Example: Infinity Hook, Infinity ammo gun (with Shotgun, Pistol, SMG...), infinity Flashlight (this item can give for other players), melee weapons with cheat Element, modded flares (30 second)... * I know this game can't detect hack tool. But Dev can add check-code with modded items. And Dev was repair "Infinity Ammo Rifle", "autocrossbow", why dev don't test with all weapons??? And why don't remove freeze Element with Goon. 5. Control Bug: Toggle Crouch change ON to OFF, i can't slide when use crouch key.
  11. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Fly Bug, move hook to Zombies body, use it with jump together.
  12. herotina

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: The damage values to hunter, Survivor sense is fine as well #1 thing that bugs me: Telebombers If Hunter don't upgrade GP knockback, claw after GP too OP, human can't do anything and lost 50% HP. (or spit stuck so easy) Night Hunter Booster cooldown after a long times in 1v1, Hunter was buff spit, i think it need buff. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: The DFA height, cut scene (animation) times, range spit now. And it don't need change. #1 thing that bugs me: The resource regeneration times in 3v1 and 4v1. UV Heal so much in 3v1 and 4v1. Instant Heal with humans in normal mode. OVERALL #1 thing I want: "Night Hunter Booster" need some buff in 1v1 (-7 or 10 second). The resource regeneration times need to be reverted back to the old values. If Hunter don't upgrade "GP Knockback" skills -> have only 50% damage GP and Claw. Set limit for UV heal, if Hunter use 2 times in 1 minutes, they can recovery only 70-80% HP. Remove Instant Heal in normal mode, if they feel it hard, can play in Slums, this map so easy for Humans. And don't lost Flares/ Medkit in Pvp Mode.
  13. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Bug: A Shield can close-delay of Dropkick, Slice... Help Human can spam or attack faster.
  14. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Bug: Use a Bow to close-delay of 2 handed weapons (Axe, hamer, etc...) Can use it with Tackle + 1 handed slice to kill nest faster.
  15. herotina

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Bug: Have only a Volatiles in this Nest (1v1)