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    Buggy Fixes Needed For Btz Matches

    I get that the buggy is hella fun to drive around in and you can upgrade the heck out of it. That's great for the campaign but there are some things Survivors are doing in BTZ matches that is really making the game tedious. It's hard enough to actually get a match and then when you do you get someone using the buggy in a way I don't think was intended in BTZ matches. 1) Survivors are using the buggy to destroy the nests. In some matches they don't even get out of their buggy. In many cases I can counter this with tackles and GP of the buggy. The GP and tackle doesn't seem to do much to the survivor though so I have to lock them down and use spits to keep them immobile until Zombie horde can do its work. I usually also hit the buggy with UV spit so they can't get out. It's very tedious to say the least. The buggy should do zero damage to nests. In 1v1, locking down the buggy with tackle/ground pound/spits is an option. In 1v2+ this isn't really an option as I have other survivors to worry about. A nest can go down very quickly when you have 4 morons in their buggies running it over. Allow the buggy to be damaged and catch on fire forcing the survivor out of the buggy. 2) Survivors hope in their buggy and heal. It's really annoying to get some damage on the survivor using the grab or if the bombers actually hit a survivor in the buggy, only to have the survivor heal in the buggy. Make it so they only heal naturally or have to get out of the buggy to use a medical kit. 3) Buggy mines. It looks like fun blowing up a pursuing zombie and I don't think anything needs to change with the mines except they need to be able to kill the survivors. I've played several matches watching survivors set up mine fields and then try to draw me in. Sometimes I bite hoping I can make them mess up and get pinned to a tree and then i can lock them down however some matches go on much longer than they need to because the survivor is just laying mines. They should not be able to drive over them, whether they are their mines or teammate's mines. 4) UV lamp on buggy. I like the idea but a duration bar should be shown like the one shown for the survivor personal UV flashlight. 5) Not being able to pounce the survivor riding along in the buggy. I think this should be allowed since they can lay waste to you with their guns. The zombie should be able to pounce. 6) Limit the number of buggies that can exist at a given time. There should not be 4 buggies just because their 4 survivors. Country side is a very large map and its tedious to chase after everyone in a buggy that you can't really do anything to until they get out. 1v1 is manageable but more than 1 survivor is just annoying. Limit the buggies to 2 if the there are 3+ players and only 1 if there is are 1-2 players. This forces the survivors to team up in the buggy and defend against the attacking zombie and limits the number of retarded buggies that the zombie has to manage. 7) Show a damage meter on the buggy so the zombie can see how much more the buggy can take. Make the spits last longer the on the buggy and increase the time the further away a buggy retreats. In most matches that involve buggies, if I hit them with a spit they just drive away until the spit wears off. The zombie can't do anything to the survivor in the buggy (in most cases) and now the spit is on cool down. Increasing the spits either keeps the coward survivor away from the objective longer or forces them to abandon the buggy, in which case the normal spit duration could apply. The spit duration on the car should remain, reapplying it to the survivor if they get back in, so as to prevent a coward survivor from driving off and the getting out to drop the spit and then getting back in. The point should be that if the car has a spit, the survivor should retreat and be punished or get the heck out and defend themselves. 8) In most cases the zombie horde spit is useless once the survivor gets in their buggy. If I spit the buggy, then #7 should apply. If spit the survivor, then there should be added penalties for getting in the mostly immune buggy. Either the buggy needs to be slowed, the survivor vision should be affected so they can't see things very well, or they should not be able to get in the buggy. 9) The initial buggy grab should do damage. It shouldn't do as much as with the grab you have to mash in order to perform but it should do something. Overall the buggy was a good idea to add into the game but there are some serious balance / annoyances that should be fixed with buggies in BTZ matches.