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  1. Humans can play on Normal with their duplicated flares and medpacks by the time the match is over they have thrown 50 flares and used 25 medpacks because anytime they take damage they just instant heal by hitting down on Dpad. So you have to play really aggressive and not let them heal which normally just gets you killed. They also just spam dodge no cooldown or penalty or nothing. Tackles always get dodged everytime lol. Great job Techland for doing nothing about this still.
  2. airwalkaidan

    Nests Still Being Ohked?

    It's been fixed in the next patch.
  3. They should do another story in a different location like a modern city, with a different survivor in my opinion. Crane isn't one of a kind, he was just working for the GRE.
  4. airwalkaidan

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Why do medpacks still heal instantly on normal players in invasions
  5. No clue lol glad we agree
  6. I just faced this kid who played on normal used 45 medpacks when the game ended threw 55 flares lol chupacabra was hilarious, the game would have ended sooner and I would have one if he didn't just take 2 seconds to use a medkit so id constantly have to be ontop of him ground pounding spitting and to have full energy maybe once. Why does normal medpacks apply to invasions if grapple cool down is increased. If I could filter my search I definitely wouldn't be playing with anyone on normal lol. Fustraiting.
  7. Title says all a hunter can be swimming in water and can be DFA
  8. airwalkaidan

    Ideas For Hunter Nerfs/buffs

    The team is only as good as their worst player
  9. happened to me and all my friends, sucked idk why it happened I'm back to indomitable
  10. airwalkaidan

    Survivors Pov **** Montage Must Watch

    thanks man good post
  11. airwalkaidan

    Survivors Pov **** Montage Must Watch

    basically I guess, just the night hunter getting some kills or not dying
  12. airwalkaidan

    Survivors Pov **** Montage Must Watch

    don't know cant tell maybe if our UV went through chupacabra ud know
  13. airwalkaidan

    Still Getting Pounced Through Objects

    are you a fan or something? I must be getting known. We're talking about bugs and glitches here, not how the games suppose to be, I still agree but theres really nothing to do when your getting pounced through objects, not how its suppose to be. Human deaths for no reason.
  15. airwalkaidan

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    lol all the hunters probably upset with my video, all he had to do was jump or ground pound