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  1. darran1927

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    was easier before the update now the propane tanks do not kill goons
  2. darran1927

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    Are the goons still really buffed me and a friend were trying to kill them we chucked all the propane tanks in the area at them and they were still alive and then timer run out
  3. Question about Nightmare mode I started a game on new game plus on hard ,nightmare mode was not available at the time , when it became available I switched to nightmare (this was very near the beginning of the game think was a few missions before the siblings mission) will I still get the Nightmare outfits or will I have to play through again?
  4. darran1927

    Nightmare Mode.....whats Wrong With You?

    I'm playing on Nightmare mode and enjoy it but what I find frustrating is alot of the develpor blueprints you can't use in Nightmare mode (can use on all other difficulties) seems getting penalised for playing on the hardest mode. I could understand it if the weapons were overpowered but I have more powerful weapons than some of the blueprints. "The Button" which you find in The following can't be used either all it does is teleport you yet you can't use it why?
  5. darran1927

    Looking For Tips.

    If you are playing normal then I strongly suggeest going out at night as your xp doubles and if you die on normal at night you don't lose any xp (you do in the day ) Loot whatever you can don't rush past things search evrything around you will find lots of stuff that helps you craft stuff later on. I would also advise not to rush and do story missions straight away do as many sidequests as you can first
  6. darran1927

    Interactive Map

    I use that one it's really helpful mainly using it to find the strangde rocks
  7. darran1927

    Never Played Be The Zombie, Tips?

    thanks for this helped alot
  8. darran1927

    Never Played Be The Zombie, Tips?

    thanks will give them a look
  9. As the topic says I've never played Be The Zombie and thinking of giving it a go (I've been on the recieving end of The Zombie) any tips , do you level up like you do in the main game ,can you unlock stuff etc?
  10. I'd love them to keep adding to the current game , it's probably my favourite game on the PS4 , though I wouldn't be to dissappointed with a sequel
  11. darran1927

    How Do You Get The New Gold Weapons?

    I've not found any gold tier weapons ever
  12. darran1927

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    Managed a few hours again tonight and about 15 mins ago (10pm uk time) we had disconnections constantly every minute so we gave up
  13. darran1927

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    Managed 40 minutes just now but then kept discconnecting every few minutes again
  14. darran1927

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    I managed 2 hours yesterday in the day with no disconnections but the evening was disconnects every couple of minutes in the end gave up
  15. darran1927

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    Hmm I thought this was something to do with the PS4 obviously not if XBOX has same issue , it's so frustrating me and my mate played the whole main game together and wanted to do the DLC together , really hope this gets sorted sooner rather than later , we even get messages on sngle player disconnecting from our own single player campaigns to