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  1. I would love to see the beginning of the outbreak, either through a prequel or as part of these content drops. Imagine the start of the outbreak with hordes of freshly infected virals, that would be a 28-Days-Later-esque horror scenario. It would be a major change to the day-night mechanics, because daytime would be very dangerous, but night would supplement stealth. As a content drop, I could see this being realized as a short questline that really mixes up the gameplay. Even better would be seeing this in a full-on Dying Light prequel. Imagine progressing through the outbreak with the day/night cycle evolving over time. At the start, daytime is dangerous and night acts as a way to stealth more easily. But over time, as volatiles start to appear and the number of virals drop, the day would become safer and the night even more dangerous. This could be set in the downtown city area that we never got to see in the first game. Imagine mirrors-edge style parkour through highrise buildings. It would be my dream game.
  2. Deleted_Account

    Glowing Eyes?

    SOME biter types get glowing-eyes when they turn into a night-walker rage zombie, others don't. Also, this may be anecdotal but it seems like the zombies who's eyes DO GLOW once they enter rage mode have different non-ragemode eye textures. So far here's my totally incomplete list of biter-types that glow/don't glow when in rage mode. Don't glow: - Solid-color Industrial Worker zombies - Ex-Hijab zombies (The women with the Islamic dress with the hijab removed) Do Glow: - Rais's Men Zombies Here are some pics (ALL BITERS ARE IN RAGE MODE).
  3. Deleted_Account

    Techland Abandons Dying Light Mp

    I feel sorry for techland lol, gotta deal with constant barrage of incoherent ____.
  4. Deleted_Account

    Could Not Bare To Finish The Game... (Feedback)

    -Dude, this feedback is complete garbage. You shouldn't have played on nightmare, nightmare is chupacabra and kind of broken. Hard mode is the only half-decent difficulty but you can't buy ingredients from shops for some reason. (NIGHTMARE MODE IS JUST A RIDICULOUS HALF BROKEN DIFFICULTY MODE DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR PLAYERS WITH MAX LEGEND LEVEL AND THE BEST WEAPONS IN THE GAME, THIS IS THE SOURCE OF ALMOST ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS) -When it comes to the parkour mechanics, you just don't know what you're doing! Press the crouch key to drop down from your ledge (don't jump). Also to grab you HOLD jump, to jump you press jump. -When it comes to losing XP when you die, I think that's a great thing, there has to be a penalty for death. And only in nightmare do you lose all your points to the next legend level (again, shouldn't be playing nightmare) -And when it comes to the "too many virals" that's because you're on nightmare mode, it just spawns endless hordes of virals (and night-time is actually easier than day, lol) -Your "stomp spam" being the only way to kill enemies is also because you're on nightmare, on other modes that's not really a valid tactic. and how is this a major issue? -Dude on hard mode the game is tough enough, you shouldn't be playing nightmare because again, IT'S KIND OF BROKEN. -The reason you think enemies have way too much health is because YOU'RE ON NIGHTMARE MODE, enemies are still tough at lower levels on normal or hard mode, but in nightmare mode they have like 100x the health. -The reason your weapons are taken away for those two bosses are to make it consistent, honestly I wasn't too annoyed by it and it was a minor issue. -Legendary levels are optional, you dimwit! They're just somewhere for the XP from your maxed out skill trees to go to! YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO USE THEM. And on nightmare mode you lose all your legend xp to the next level every time you die. - This game's story is kind of mediocre, and maybe you should play a romance visual novel or something if you want romance in a game. However, the game's setting is pretty good (and originally it was darker, they cut some stuff which could have been viewed as offensive to muslims) THE GAME IS GREAT, AND THE EXECUTION IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD TOO. THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU'RE PLAYING ON NIGHTMARE MODE WHICH ABSOLUTELY RUINS THE GAMEPLAY DURING A PLAYTHROUGH. The gameplay in this game is normally really fun, and the journey and immersion is also really nice, you start out rather week where it takes many hits to take down a daytime zombie using makeshift bludgeons, and night is terrifying, but once you get to a high level you have cool equipment where you can handle the daytime zombies with ease, and finally can stand a chance against some of the night zombies (hard mode is really the best for the scaling and balance, by far). My advice to you is uninstall this game, wait a few months (take a break), and then come back to this game and start a brand new playthrough on hard mode (or normal), so you can actually enjoy the gameplay and atmosphere. I can even join you in co op if you want lol.
  5. Deleted_Account

    Personal Suggestions And Ideas (For Techland To Read)

    Your complaints about night time being short and easy are because you're playing on normal mode. Play on hard mode. I do agree that weather and lighting transitions are rather jarring, that grapple hook should be slower, and that enemies should react to sound and light more at night (Those are things everyone wants). However there are much more elegant ways to solve balance and scaling. -I wish enemies did not scale based on level, and scaled based on story progress (like evolved volatiles would start to come out once you reach old town), and that the base damage of weapons didn't scale from 30 to 2500 over the course of the game, and instead just scaled based on weapon type and rarity (Say 30 to 300 max base damage) and that blueprints and customization were more important in making a powerful weapon. - I also would like to see more in-depth weapon modification, maybe making blueprints a bit more modular and having multiple slots on a weapon to attach things to. - I would also like to see more standardization across difficulty modes, for example: ammo should always be a rare item in the shop, not just on hard mode, and night length should also be standardized at the full length (at hard mode), and stamina should NEVER be infinite (like nightmare) and the option to enable/disable loot highlighting should be in session options not difficulty. - PvP should not be affected by difficulty, and survivor's dodge ability should have a cooldown after 3 consecutive uses without actually evading a tackle, and tackle evasions should be reactive not proactive. - Legend levels shouldn't be as hard to progress (atm the only people who are max level are cheaters, without cheating it takes a hundred hours of SOLID GRINDING in the smallest quarantine zones), and the benefits from the legend levels shouldn't be quite as extreme (10x bow damage, what?) Also, for the time being, switch to hard mode if you want nights to not be super short and easy.
  6. Deleted_Account

    Infected Bug?

    Yeah, this is the infinite seizure bug. Once it happens to you once (generally from the host leaving during a seizure sequence) the bug will be re-triggered by any seizure sequences (and also if your stamina drops to 0 from certain scripted quests). Maybe playing through the same seizure sequence that originally triggered the bug could possibly fix it, but I haven't tested that. Anyway, once you get your stamina back up to 100% it will go away, the issue is it's hard to make your stamina go back up (however alt+tabbing in and out of the game during an invasion slowly raised my stamina, but that only started working after i went through several death screens from being killed by the NH). So yeah, alt+tab in and out of your game while being killed by the night hunter, and that might fix it. (This bug has happened to me like 4 times)
  7. Deleted_Account

    Report/flag This "guide"

    Yes, and now he's made the title a single asterisk (so it has to be shared by word of mouth).
  8. Deleted_Account

    Buggy Grab Needs To Be Fixed

    After much more gameplay, I edited the original post with better suggestions.
  9. Deleted_Account

    My Dying Light Feedback/suggestions (Minor Spoilers)

    You have to complete the beginning of the main game before the following unlocks. Also this is a completely unrelated thread.
  10. Deleted_Account

    Look This Guy Cheating On Vac Game

    There are tons of different combinations of possible weapons in the game, certain combinations can only be created with hacks (Golden police rifle with electricity for example). I think the no-reload crossbow is just an unobtainable item that's in the game though, and not a glitched weapon.
  11. Deleted_Account

    Look This Guy Cheating On Vac Game

    Yes, you use hacks to CREATE the weapons. However they can be traded to different non-hacking players. The gold grappling hooks with elemental damage, or the elemental damage golden tier guns (That are everywhere) are examples of these glitch/hack created weapons.
  12. Deleted_Account

    Look This Guy Cheating On Vac Game

    He isn't using a hack. This "no reload" crossbow is an unobtainable weapon that is in the game, it can only be obtained through hacks (as far as I know), but then it can be given to any player. It's just like some of the guns that are gold with elemental affects and [modified] on them, some sort of glitched weapon that can be traded without cheating.
  13. Deleted_Account

    There Is No Zombie Diversity At Higher Levels

    Edited post with video and a bunch of other stuff (So maybe this is kind of a bump, but not really) :/
  14. There don't seem to be any night walkers in the following. Night walkers would really be pretty cool, because seeing one of those herds of biters start transforming into night walkers would just be amazing. I wonder if this is related to the really weird day-time night walker mutations which create night walkers with viral AI that happen sometimes in the following. (link) Maybe this is intentional, but who doesn't think it would be awesome to run through a herd of zombies while being chased by a volatile and then have them join in the chase?
  15. Deleted_Account

    Problems With Current Difficulty Modes

    Yeah, in the following whenever you make noise it takes 4-8 seconds for like 6 virals to be on top of you. (I'm on hard) but I experienced similar viral behavior on normal mode. tbh I think that it should take 30 seconds for the virals to get to you, and there should be less. And there should either be a cooldown on spawning virals, or a more complicated area-based cooldown for virals (like if you cleared a certain area of virals temporarilly) to allow you to use guns to fight off the virals that were attracted. I mean, the following is suposed to be about guns, but they're currently pointless (just fun to mess around with I guess).