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  1. EmbeddedMeteor

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Man, great job on the comeback, but this was so so cringe worthy to watch. The way you play and the human played seems so off. Slow, and lackluster. Not hating but this game-play seems ancient. Either way.. Good job
  2. EmbeddedMeteor

    Xbox One Only Quick Join ?

    It would be really nice to get a developer comment as to why Xbox doesn't have this.
  3. EmbeddedMeteor

    Hey Techland

    Sorry to inform you, this isn't a cheat. It's a bug/glitch. It allows one shot of nest from nearly any firearm. Crossbow, pistols(Mostly revolvers), shotguns, and Assault Rifles. The only thing you can do is wait or a patch or update.
  4. EmbeddedMeteor


    To stop the pyromaniacs.
  5. EmbeddedMeteor

    Techland Lets Fix This Nest

    Wait, the gold UV Light? Explain please. How, when.
  6. EmbeddedMeteor

    Btz Unlimited Spit Glitch

    The re-spawns, cool-downs, and what not get affected as to how bad you are winning or losing. This seemed to have changed, or become more noticeable since the enhancements update. Example: If you are a NightHunter with zero kills and two or one nest destroyed you'll respawn near instant.
  7. EmbeddedMeteor

    Incredibly Long Matchmaking Times.

    This would be nice, I haven't had much trouble finding matches recently. I suppose it must've been the time I was playing. On a side note, It wont let me redeem my Premium weapon dockets. I take them to the quarter master and press a, it goes through the 100% thing then just doesn't give me anything. Nor does it consume the docket.
  8. EmbeddedMeteor

    Incredibly Long Matchmaking Times.

    Matchmaking times when trying to find a game to invade are super long. (Upwards of 15 minutes) My NAT type is open with a 20 MB download. Anybody else having this issue? Xbox One