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    Jenilya got a reaction from Uncle Pappy in Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.   
    I hope the large team means you guys can expand on some character customization. I recall before you said it would be limited, though with the bigger team I would love to see some basic type of character creation (at least). Gender, hair, faces (even pre-set), etc... 
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    Jenilya reacted to Uncle Pappy in Flails A Must Have   
    I'm a big fan of flails but they get no love from game makers like no one puts them in there games at all. I was hopeing skyrim would put them in nope my dreams were dashed. Anyone else want them in and is a fan of them.
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    Jenilya reacted to tzeiss94 in Visible Legs   
    Is hellraid going to feature visible legs? You can obviously see your leg in the kicking animation, but what is it going to look like when you look down on the floor directly below you? Will you be able to see your characters legs, when you are simply walking around?
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    Jenilya reacted to tzeiss94 in Consequences Of Dying   
    What are the consequences of dying/being defeated by the enemies in this game?
    Is there probably a fee that you have to pay, like in previous titels?
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    Jenilya reacted to Paweł Modliński in Livestream Of Hellraid On Ce6   
    We will get it up for you guys later this week, monitor our YT channel.
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    Jenilya reacted to Michał Napora in Hellraid - Frequently Asked Questions   
    Hi everyone, 
    Here is an FAQ relating to Hellraid. 
    These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have coming from our fans, all in one place, with the answers.
    We will be updating this list as time goes on. 
    When is Hellraid Early Access coming out?
    The Early Access version is coming out Fall 2014
    What will be available in Early Access? Early Access Launch Version will have fragments of gameplay for each game mode and will allow co-op on day one. Further content will be provided with updates.   Dead Island had a rocky launch. Will Hellraid be like that? One of the goal of Early Access is to eliminate any bugs that could slip into the final version. But we don't only rely on the community here. Techland as a company has grown a lot since the days of Dead Island, we now have a lot more resources and manpower to devote to quality assurance.    You told us about the exploration aspect of the game. Is Hellraid going to be open world? Hellraid is a level-based game, it won't be open-world.   Will there be an option of a 3rd person view like in Skyrim? Hellraid is FPP only.   What is so unique about your combat system? There's a lot of talk about how amazing and immersive the combat is. That immersive, brutal combat is one of our design goals. We put a lot of effort into researching real sword fighting and translating that into fast, brutal gameplay. We combine just the right amount of realism with the needs of tactical, fast and meaty gameplay. Add dynamic quick slots, combine with magic, interactive environment, special abilities and co-op, and you get something that is really amazing.    Will there be dual-wielding in the game (two weapons at the same time)? Currently, there are no plans for dual-wielding in Hellraid. We are really happy with our quick-slot system, which allows for very efficient weapon/spell swapping, which should alleviate the need for dual-wield.   Tell us more about the skill system and levels. How will the skills affect gameplay? You haven't shown us anything about skills and levelling so far. Hellraid features a class-free skill tree. The tree has three main branches, representing Might, Magic and Agility skills. Those branches are intertwining, allowing for a truly customizable demon slayer. We don't want to force players into any archetypes, while still giving them the ability to become an all-powerful mage or a mighty, steel-clad warrior. It's all up to the player.   What can you tell us about crafting? Will crafting be in game? You told us about enchantment elements during the demo. So far we have implemented an enchantment system into the game that allows players to improve their weapons and armour through collecting magical gems and reagents specified in an enchantment scroll. It's those scrolls that will determine what you can do with your items. We are always looking for new ways of implementing crafting, and that is something we want our community to help us with.   Tell us something about the story and the main character. Hellraid Story Mode will follow the last member of an ancient, cursed kin, forced into an uneasy alliance with an old and powerful mage. Together, they will strive to uncover an infernal plot and stop the forces of hell from devouring their world. We don't want to spoil the story too much, so you will have to wait for the final version of the game.   Will I be able to create my own character? What customization options will I have? Is there a female character? Players will be able to customize their character during character creation, and later through equipped items. We will reveal more specific information on customization in the future. Player character will most likely be gender-locked, because of story elements.    What can you tell us about co-op mechanics? A lot of co-op balancing is a work in progress. So far we have two main factors – the individual strength of enemies and their numbers. Those change according to the number of players, and serve as basic data for difficulty level calculations.   Is the game going to be different in terms of gameplay / difficulty etc. when played cooperatively, in comparison to single player? We believe any game is better when played with friends, so the co-op experience will most likely be very different from single-player.