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  1. Jenilya

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Because of GDC? I imagine they will be there, so perhaps you are right.
  2. Jenilya

    Flails A Must Have

  3. Jenilya

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    You all have been dark for a while, do you have any news for us? I only peak in time to time now because it tends to be quiet.
  4. Jenilya

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I hope the large team means you guys can expand on some character customization. I recall before you said it would be limited, though with the bigger team I would love to see some basic type of character creation (at least). Gender, hair, faces (even pre-set), etc...
  5. Jenilya

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Happy and sad at the same time. Sad because we can't play early, But super happy you all have being so well. It makes me even more excited now, I cannot wait to hear more. *edit* I brought it up a few months back, but now that you are no longer doing an Early Access release. What is the odds of some sort of pre-order going up? I know before you said you didn't want to because it was going to be Early Access.
  6. Jenilya

    Visible Legs

    Immersion is always a plus.
  7. Jenilya

    Consequences Of Dying

    Good question, I'd like to know too.
  8. Jenilya

    Just A Few Screenshots From A New Arena In The Works.

    It looks wonderful!
  9. Jenilya

    Hellraid - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thanks for the response. I do hope you add one eventually. I know it is difficult because you have to redo all the weapons, armor, etc... to be compatible with a female character. So I understand not doing one initially, but hopefully after!
  10. Jenilya

    "founder's Program"? (Early Pre-Orders)

    Oh~ I know all about Early Access. I worked with 2 games that went up on there. I was just wondering if you had any intentions to put up some kind of Founder edition during the Early Access phase. It would cost a bit more, but you could offer something with it if you wanted to.
  11. Jenilya

    Livestream Of Hellraid On Ce6

    I didn't get home in time. I hope you put it on YouTube soon so I can check it out, I can't wait.
  12. Since I don't see it on the forums, I would like to propose the idea. What does the company, and community, think about this?
  13. Jenilya

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Really glad to see active PR here on the forums, you guys answered a lot of my questions in this forum. Thanks and keep up the good work! (From one CM to another, you guys are doing awesome )
  14. Jenilya

    Hellraid - Frequently Asked Questions

    The gender-locked comment confuses me a bit. Does that mean you will lock heroes from the start as male? Or, does that mean you can make a male or female, but cannot change once you do? I do hope you allow female characters, that is a big selling point for me with a RPG styled game like this. Well for any game really, just more so with this genre. My reason being I am a female, and I would like to play one. So please don't leave us ladies out.
  15. Jenilya

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I'll definitely try out some magic first, but if that doesn't work... Then I will probably smash stuff with a big hammer or axe.