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  1. I'd done the main game 100% once,but i restart it to get the 2 nightmare mode outfits: DOA and Brainsss. However,this time i have missed out something. i have done all side quests,all challenges,all quarantine zones,but im still 99% completion. does Qurantine zones even count towards the 100%? what about those little protect side quests? does anyone have a checklist? i remember there was a 100% checklist,but i cant find it anymore. thx,guys.
  2. LoneylS

    Main Campaign 99% Completion

    chupacabra,cannot quote. there should be no way i miss a side quest,must be something less important. I completely cleared all ! mark on the Slums map before moving to old town..Then all before the final mission.
  3. 1.no 2.main quests,but if u restart a quest before old town,ur progress in old town are likely lost. 3.u can only return to the endgame quest Extraction,and also see 2 above 4.i guess u already know,unlock old town all over again. tip - Quest: The Saviors
  4. LoneylS

    The Following 98% Completion Bug

    I've done all racings but still 98%. the only thing i havnt finished is the Racing Trophies,but i dont think that would count towards completion.
  5. LoneylS

    For Those Who Want To Get 100 % Completion Total

    I've finished all that i can except the Racing Trophies,but still 98%. so im pretty sure its bugged.
  6. LoneylS

    Gold Buggy Paint Job

    u got the Little Rising Sun paintjob for now,probably testing the paintjob distribution system?
  7. Hmmmm could it be a word game...? They used 'the' instead of "a": win the gold buggy paintjob,which means thats not for everyone.
  8. LoneylS

    Be The Zombie Hacker (Proof)

    one hacker here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202171349 jezz he can outrun me/Night Hunter in a BTZ match. run+teleports as far as i can see. really recommend VAC a must in the PVP matches.
  9. LoneylS

    Moderate Nat?

    ok,thx for the info,its just not finding other games to join drives me mad,but ppl can join me etc,so its ok.
  10. LoneylS

    Moderate Nat?

    Recently I found that at the bottom of the Main Menu shows Moderate NAT. Never had this problem before,and i am unable to find any games to join,but still i can join my friends. Whats wrong? It never happened before.Need help.
  11. LoneylS

    Are You Even Planning To Fix This Game?

    hmmmmm,i guess the DL team must be too jealous D:
  12. LoneylS

    Community Bounty: Who's Taking Part?

    saw it in-game already,5 million lol
  13. LoneylS

    Are You Even Planning To Fix This Game?

    OMG u are the king of bug lol never met most of ur problems. as for freezing problems,my screen froze on main menu quite often,but when i turned down the graphics,it never happened again. i think its more a spec problem,when ur system is not that overloaded,less bugs. but yes there a annoying bugs. No flashlight in the countryside,OMG,and i won a round of PVP with friends(same problem occurs to everyone in the same session).] buggy add-on/equipments become unusable,E/R and also Shift/nitro.
  14. LoneylS

    Community Bounty: Who's Taking Part?

    Yah,same here. The count shouldnt be a problem,i think u got the road kill number registered in ur mission tab as well as ur save file. And as long as u take part,aint that hard to detect that u've taken part,right? Im wondering if those not taking part in the event will get the paintjob or not.
  15. Found a racing trophy here: https://dyinglightmap.de/c/#3/28.84/-47.37/w=40.647,-71.631&m=47.547,-121.948 and i think the one marked down the train track was misplaced or i have already colected it.
  16. LoneylS

    For Those Who Want To Get 100 % Completion Total

    in this case im not even sure about those collectibles now.
  17. LoneylS

    For Those Who Want To Get 100 % Completion Total

    Side quests are easy to find,all mark on the map, Missing persons are also marked as pins on the map,so no worries. Bounties are not related,just means to get some points. Random events not related. Collectibles not related,not sure about letters tho. Races are related i think. im at 98%,missing 1 letter and havnt done races,i think when im done with them,it should be 100%.
  18. LoneylS

    How To Start Drink 4 Dlc Quest

    oh,those 2 are quite ez compared to previous ones.
  19. LoneylS

    How To Start Drink 4 Dlc Quest

    can u tell me how many bottles there are,i found 2. cant access Youtube from my country.
  20. LoneylS

    Season Pass Problem

    it has already include all the DLC content so far. Season pass are for previously-purchased main game editions.
  21. LoneylS

    The Following Difficulty Bump Ruins The Game

    The Following was meant for experienced players graduated from the mian campaign as they mentioned before. The game gets more challenging like starting over again,or why else they would invent lengendary skill tree? All the fun conquering the game all over again.
  22. LoneylS

    Thank You Techland

    the Enhanced Edition totally breathe new life into the game with all the new stuff. Thank you Techland too!
  23. Dirty Color Painjob marker misplaced.should be https://dyinglightmap.de/c/#4/-71.57/-48.03/w=-78.189,-38.145 Dirty Tool(maybe,i cant remember)Blueprint https://dyinglightmap.de/c/#4/-50.82/-15.42/w=-46.195,-28.652 that part of the map looks twisted here,so the marker might be misplaced,but look for a yellow 112 ambulance and near it 2 corpses by the roadside bushes. As for the Supernova,found it today in the corrected location,its in one of those carts. its not hard to find,enter the right cart and u can see it easily. sadly,imgur.com is not accessible i guess. xDDD btw http://dev.dyinglightmap.de says preparing documents but nothing else happens.
  24. wow! Nice update mate,tho i cant access youtube in my country,but i have figure it out. xD I can see Supernova is in a diffrent spot from another map i found,in which it was in the previous spot of yours. i'll check it out and let u know then. Sorry about the misplaced marker of the Frostbite,nice job finding it tho. xDD
  25. https://dyinglightmap.de/c/#4/-57.59/-137.50/w=-58.814,-166.553 its in the chest if i remember it right,u can check. the other one is by the road,but i cant remember the exact location.. so the Supernova is like in the cart lying on the floor or in a box/chest? any tip? and the Arrow Blueprints in the gas station. what are they,like those from bozak or something else? and that A Mysterious Blueprint,i click the preview button,but i get a 404 Not Found. anytip?