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  1. flamesofwar81

    The Following Map Hole

    The Following DLC : Quest: The Thrill Of The Chase: Sea From Way Up High" You are to look for a cave under the lighthouse and I came across an hole in the map. didn't affect my game and was able to leave the map and return to normal and hooking out. I have uploaded the detailed video from the PS4 Version on youtube. is there going to be a fix?
  2. flamesofwar81

    More Trophys For The Following

    Hi guys! Frist of all great game!, love the free roam and the following is hugh! i do have a problem with lack of trophys in this DLC, I already have 100% trophys for the game. if possiable in next update add 13+ more please, the game is almost finished and i still have to upgrade the perks 0/25 entrys and that will take along time to upgrade.