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  1. I thought they were both awful. I'm miserable, so let's nuke everything so I don't have to be miserable. Could just let me kill you, it would save a lot of lives. Also the other ending makes even less sense. If the mother is capable of rational thought, and can communicate telepathically (as long as she is in the light... never mind every volatile is supposed incapable of dealing with light for a second), shouldn't Crane be too? So when he gets out of the sewer, he goes from talking and rational to presumably killing while in light because... ??? Worse ending than Dead Island, Techland really dropped the ball with the expansions mechanics/ending imo.
  2. zer0das

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    I understand night is supposed to be difficult, but there's a difference between fair difficulty and artificial difficulty, and in my opinion they crossed that line. Having volatiles with pinpoint accuracy on spit from extreme distances on moving targets makes no sense. They already had their speed mega-buffed, along with their health. Then you take away safehouses being nearby, and also make decrease parkour's usefulness in getting away... so volatiles had 3 major buffs while survivors lost 2 major advantages. Even just buffing their speed probably would have been enough to keep them a real threat given how open the country side is. Legendary levels offset the loss of human advantages eventually, but until you get them you have close to no incentive to be outside at night. The only reason for that is for invasions, but those are separate from the single player experience.
  3. I picked this device up, but it doesn't let me open the boxes. Pretty sure it is just a bug.
  4. zer0das

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    I agree that virals aren't much of a problem by themselves, the problem is they agro so easily and from such long distances. Doing even the most basic task tends to draw them, even if you're quiet. It is most problematic at night, since virals will almost inevitably start triggering volatiles from the noise you make dealing with them.
  5. The Following has wide open areas, but the balance around this is a bit lacking. The spawn rate of volatiles is comparable to inside Harran, but line of sights are much larger in The Following due to a lack of buildings to obscure vision. Additionally, safe zones are extremely far apart. There's nothing inherently wrong with either of these things, but both volatiles and virals have been lifting weights and are even more dangerous than they used to be. Chiefly: 1. They both can keep up with the buggy without nitro (and even with nitro, at least for the first few levels). 2. Volatiles can spit on you from extremely far distances. It also seems like they do not miss unless there is something blocking their line of sight. 3. It is almost impossible to deagro volatiles once you are detected by them, short of reaching a safe zone. There's simply not enough buildings to juke them unless you happen to be near a more urban area. 4. The slightest bit of noise seems to trigger virals from impossibly long distances. It takes far more noise to kill them, which in turn tends to attract even more virals. Things are much more spread out in the countryside, so it makes sense the agro range for virals is much larger. However, if you do almost anything, a swarm of 5 virals will attack. And then many more, when you make even more noise dealing with the mess. For example, I was killing a single lone zombie near a police van. I did so fairly quietly (a few melee hits), and then I start picking a lock. There are no zombies within 100 meters of me. Next thing I know, 5 virals are attacking me, seemingly from the noise generated from the lock picking. And they inevitably drag more zombies to them. While on foot, I was evading volatiles at night (can't really do that with the buggy). I was doing so fairly successfully, but somehow one of them went off. No matter, I'll just use the hills and ridge to lose them. I clear a ridge and have a decent amount of distance between me and the volatiles (50 meters, at least). And then they both spit on me and I die anyways. Never mind the fact I'm moving on foot and very quickly, then both hit me with laser accuracy. This is probably the best case escape scenario you can get in the countryside on foot, and it is essentially rigged in favor of the volatiles. So to sum things up: Techland way overbuffed volatiles, and to a lesser degree the virals. There's almost no incentive to be outside at night on legendary, where even if you do manage to outrun them, you're probably going to die anyways because the odds are stacked so far in their favor. I typically die in less than a minute if I get spotted in the countryside, and the nearest safe zone is usually at least 10 minutes on foot and 2-3 minutes with driving. And safe zones are effectively the only reliable way to get away from volatiles since there are not enough ways to escape volatiles with parkour.