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  1. An idea which would either work in this game, or for a Dying Light 2. In this game there are certain "loot houses", which always have a few fixed items you can grab every so often. Why not add this feature into some quarantine zones as well? That could give an added incentive for people to play multiple different quarantine zones, instead of say, just farming the first three packages in Stuffed Turtle, leaving and repeating. These special items would probably be best placed deep into the location to encourage people to actually complete the zones, and where possible, should be thematically consistent with the location. I am not suggesting adding a lot of these fixed items, only 3-5 at most. Anything less than three would not make a difference, anything more than 5 would probably be too much. Some examples: The locked room in back of the Stuffed Turtle could have, say, 3x Household Supplies and/or 3x Tin Cans. You'd be forced to deal with the zombie horde and the zombies which pop out to unlock the back room each time, but it might be worth it if you really wanted those items. Chemical Storage could have 3-5 Chemical ingredients scattered in various places around the room. Sunny Apartments could have Aerosol cans, one each in 3-5 of the apartments. Striped Dragon Hotel would be a good source for cellphone,s TV's and laptops, so Electronics, one each, in 3-4 rooms would work there. Underground Parking Garage (Slums) was meant to be a place for survivors to hole up, so Batteries would seem to be the right item there. Three in the Elevator sounds about right. Maybe Plastic in the (Old Town) Parking Lot, since that was under construction. Nails, String, Gauze, Duct Tape and Power Cables already have a good, reliable sources for them. Blades seem to drop like candy as well, so those are not likely in need of a boost either. It would be a small thing, but it would encourage players to play other quarantine zones. Even if this idea doesn't make it into Dying Light 1, it could work for a Dying Light 2, assuming that one has quarantine zones and crafting, of course.
  2. Stabbey

    Bozak Horde Difficulty

    Well yes, do the propane tank thing first to weaken it, but after that, throwing your melee weapons into its head works well.
  3. Stabbey

    Bozak Horde Difficulty

    Just in case anyone else is struggling, I've found the best way to kill the Demolisher at the end is by using the "Throw Melee Weapon" perk and throwing a weapon right into its head. The same goes for the earlier goons, in fact. But on second playthroughs, it's easier to collect arrow bundles from virals and use those on the goon and Demolisher.
  4. Stabbey

    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Thanks for the info. I got Guru (solo) on my third try on Hard difficulty. My first try ended in the room of Volatiles, my second run I got lost and lost time. I can confirm that the time limit has been increased from the initial release. It's actually really fun to try racing through.
  5. I have a save where the game is finished, but I started a new profile and want to use that save file. I find it more fun to play with new toys when there's story still to do. It holds my interest better. All the other content drop bounties AFTER Content Drop #1 are available for those players who haven't finished the game yet, so I know that it's possible to have bounties doable before the main story is finished. So Techland, could you please change the Bloodlust, Rise of the Phoenix, Ace in the Hole bounties so, like the other Content Drops, they are available to attempt before the game is finished?
  6. The Bozak Horde used to be doable in solo. Then the Enhanced Edition came along and it buffed the health of the Goons there and now it's basically impossible to kill the two goons within the time limit. I bet the Demolisher's health has also been buffed, and if that is the case, that should also be reverted to pre-EE levels. REVERT THE STUPID HEALTH BUFF.
  7. That would be to balance out the tons of extra HP the enemies get and the complete loss of all your earned XP if you die.
  8. I agree with this. But it probably makes more sense if SMG's can spawn in the city. If they can't, that might be one reason why the ammo doesn't appear in city stores. Of course if SMG's can spawn in the city, then ammo should be available too.
  9. Stabbey

    Semi-Auto Shotguns Insta-Kill Demolishers.

    I was able to kill one in six shots to the head from the treasure-hunt Six Shooter. I'm not sure that it's really a bug.
  10. Stabbey

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    Gee Golly, Thanks a Lot, Mister! Except that I don't know what the ***l is going on with mods these days what with lots of people getting VAC-Banned, so I'm not going to try any. And also this is something that some people wanted to bring to the developers attention. I don't want easy mode, I just want the spawn rate of volatiles lowered to compensate for them being much more difficult to hide from and evade from. They spawn at what seems to be the same rate as they spawn in the city, the city where you can hide better and parkour or run away when caught. Volatiles would still be just as dangerous as they are now, but it would lower the consequences of "certain death" to "very likely death".
  11. Oh, it takes 1250 XP to go from the second-last level to the last level. That's less than what I'd have it need to go from Trust rank 2 to Trust rank 3. I have barely explored anywhere because I've been feeling so rushed, and I WANTED to explore. But Trust levels up so fast that I don't have much of a choice. EDIT: I did one quest and got 350 Survivor XP. Out of 1250. One quest is enough to get you one-quarter of the way from penultimate to max level alone. That should not be the case. I guess on my next playthrough, I won't turn in any drops or do any more quests other than the mandatory ones until I'm at max trust level, so then I can have almost all the quests open at once.
  12. In the Following, you need to do quests, deliver drops, and rescue survivors to get Trust XP. But the amount of XP you need to gain more trust is 1000 for each level. That's just way too low. It seems to assume that you don't do any sidequests at all. I'm gaining Trust XP so fast, mostly from just roaming around and getting random events that I can do maybe one or two sidequests before I reach enough XP to get the next main plot beat. Meanwhile my quests are just piling up and piling up. I could just do sidequests, but then I'd get two or more trust levels at once, and that would make the pacing even worse. It doesn't seem to make sense to me that I'd gain two ranks so fast. I'm feeling a bit rushed to get to max trust level so I can go back to sidequesting. Please add an XP curve to the amount of XP needed to rank up Trust so there's a better balance between sidequesting and rushing through the main quest.
  13. Stabbey

    Finally - Gold Weapons In Police Vans

    Do you mean 50 van searches each, or are you really so bad at the lockpicking with a max level character that you still needed to break about 50 lockpicks each time to get into each van? Because it has to be the former.
  14. Yeah, I mean it's been a whole six hours! Why haven't they fixed the game yet?
  15. Have you tried the speed-runner's method? That is to pick up the nearby propane container, whack it at the right time, then toss it so it explodes on the Goons as they emerge? Even if it doesn't kill them, it might damage them enough to die in a couple hits. But I don't know if that will work on Hard + though.