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  1. Secondwind

    Incredibly Long Matchmaking Times.

    I'm on PC, with the new update it's very annoying to find a match. I have to toggle VAC Secure on / off constantly then search to find a game. There's more people to invade when i have VAC Secure off, but then i encounter Cheaters more often. Tonight is Saturday, and I played only 3 matches in 2 hours!! 1 is a group of Cheaters. The rest of the time i spent searching for a game, which comes up No Matches Found. This is sad, i really like BTZ mode and I can't find a match.
  2. Secondwind

    This Question Is Killing Me

    I been Ultimate Survivor 3 times due to a "Bug" that resets your multiplayer rank if you finish the story. I'm also an Apex Predator. I have more WTH moments as a Hunter than a survivor. -I can't pounce someone that just jumped on a ledge and is hanging on it, instant uv counter? -I get jump spammed when i attempt not so obvious tackles. *I like the new update where you can spiderman>tackle if you do it right, but jump spammers still can dodge it easily* -Survivors that use modded grappling hooks that can use 8 times and do freezing damage to my goones. -Getting blown up by my own horde when survivors shoot them. -Toxic 4 & freezing weapons that are not suppose to be in game. -Survivors sometime spawning right next to the nest near last 2 nests. -Ground pound losing to Dropkick. -Survivors able to connect a drop kick when i clearly jumped above their head level. -1 shot headshot nest kill bug on nigthmare mode. *It's nightmare not easy mode* *reported it to dev pete, which says they will fix in next patch* -Item duping Enhanced Zaid flares and now Military Medkits and OP modded weapons -Item duplication still existing... so players spam medkits and flares like they are free -My biggest complaint..more annoyance is Max level or High rank survivors that play on NORMAL mode???? ****wtf seriously people with 200+hours should not be playing on normal mode At the end of the day, I will still win 80+ % of my games as hunter, with the occasional Normal mode lost. Or play as Survivor and win about 99% of the time 1 v 1 or win 50-90% of the time group with randoms. Normal mode is like Easy. Hard should be Normal. Nightmare should be Hard. Wish they added a filter to find only Hard & up games.