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  1. perkele

    2016-09-05 Update

    I think that's what most people did. I sometimes play on weekends when I'm drunk and there are only the pros and cheaters left, not very fun to play against either. The game mode is pretty dead, it will never be truly balanced so better find a new game until DL2 comes (if it comes)!
  2. perkele

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Oh fine let it be an exploit then if that makes you happy. Nice job with the assuming, too.
  3. perkele

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    I'm just saying it is not an exploit. Exploiting means doing something that you're not meant to do like canceling hook to dodge midair for example. And I never picked that skill or tackle knockback (I picked it recently cause the normal tackle doesn't seem to detect spikes very well) anyway cause I didn't think it's useful to get the human that far away from me. You can stick a spit after tackling with spit charge when the human is in animation of getting up, is that an exploit too?
  4. perkele

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Exploiting? Hardly, you are given a choice if you want to upgrade your GP knockback or not, it's working as intended. Also, spit charge has nothing to do with it.
  5. perkele

    Help Getting This "guide" And Group Removed.

    I don't really see anything wrong with modding or cheating. It's Techland's and Valve's job to make sure they are not used in an online game because there will always be the people who wants to cheat online. The game has VAC but it doesn't detect anything in DL so it's kinda useless. And then there's the no VAC option, it's a playground for cheaters to play with other cheaters. Reminds me of GTA IV which had a separate servers for people who had any mods/trainers running, was more fun than the actual multiplayer.
  6. perkele

    How To Defend Nests

    Tackle/GP/Claw are your options. Or just die like most do, lose the nest but get your spits back.
  7. perkele

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    Two handed weapons are a bit too OP, have been for a while. (Missed tackle = free 120hp hit, sometimes even missed pounce. 360 spin 2v1 OP, rewarding 3v1+)
  8. perkele

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    And no, I don't even know him but I do know he's a pretty good 1v1 player which is pretty hard for the human with the flare nerf. I'm not biased, in my opinion it's not about who started the chupacabra talking, it's about who took the bait and continued it. This is the internet!
  9. perkele

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    Oh the Iron-E. You're supposed to combine that with jumps and fast movements. Maybe there's a reason for that, you aren't polite at all. And these ideas of yours wouldn't make the game any better. If I had to guess I'd say you're on a console, below average hunter and a bad human to suggest something like that.
  10. perkele

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    You know this happens on PC as well, stop using console as a shield There are not many hunters that can beat the top-tier humans on PC. The only full bar matching games I find on PC are the best guys with 500-1000+ hours in-game. If you die on console for simple mistakes, what do you think happens on PC?
  11. Oh, well that would be impossible to guess they just received a friend request and that's why they said "hi" first. +evil+Godlike's reply and then bishop@esea's reply to that is just hilarious. You could say that escalated quickly.
  12. So you say hi first, then they reply hours later and you ask what do they want. And that ending just cracked me up.
  13. perkele

    Your Keyboard/mouse Settings For Nh

    A good key for tackle could be an extra mouse button if you have those or MMB. Allows you to hold tackle while keeping all fingers on movement keys. I just use E for tackle cause I'm so used to it by now. Don't really need the strafe keys but some people like to have their fingers on them.
  14. perkele

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    Yeah I know and I do use it myself and get called out for it. The problem is when you're against a bunch of good survivors you're gonna need to land those spits if you want to win that game. Aiming every single spit manually wouldn't be efficient since it's very easy to miss with humans dodging around. Maybe if the spit had more velocity and would fly straight and explode on impact to humans, a good hunter wouldn't need to rely on this tactic. It just isn't worth it to flop those spits around since they are most likely gonna miss IMO. The spit+tackle or spit+pounce locks do not work that well either and it usually ends up with an axe to the back of my head, forcing me to flee and recover even if that spit did connect. And I did not imply at any point in my post that I'm a great night hunter or that my 60 hours of night hunter makes me good, I just used that to say I'm not a complete noob and almost every game I've played, the humans litter the nest area with flares. That wasn't a complaint, just an observation. Another thing I've noticed lately is that the humans use the grappling hook when I'm about to ground pound and it will miss once their feet leave the ground. Anyway I like your ideas. I think the humans should get the old flare cooldown back, or at least increase it to two flares before cooldown and the handicap system should go. Dodging a tackle should be improved since right now it is too easy to do and it feels a bit random. I don't play much as a human much but when I do, I notice sometimes I can dodge tackles I wasn't even preparing for and sometimes I couldn't even dodge a tackle I saw coming from a mile away. And then the wall recovery, if a human hits a wall after GP/tackle they will recover faster than the hunter and that results in a free hit/kill if the hunter is close enough.