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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f73it7S_-wo I am the worst with horror games. This was no different, especially with flashbacks of PT memories coming back to me as I wandered through the house. Have you guys played it? What did you think? Did you manage to make it to the end?
  2. loghandi

    Looking For Tips.

    In the top left of your weapon area on the bottom right of your screen, it has a number showing how many times you can repair that specific weapon using metal parts
  3. Let me know if you guys have any questions or want me to make any other guide / gameplay video!
  4. Here is a short location guide on how to obtain the Origami 101 Gold Tier blueprint! Hope this helps anyone! https://youtu.be/988uWk3-Jfg
  5. I feel like this game is so underrated, because I constantly came back to this game even before the Following DLC, and now with this content out, there is just so much fun to have in this game. I never saw this being my favorite game on the PS4 but it definitely is.
  6. I totally agree with you. If they just kept expanding to even more areas around it, they could definitely keep plenty of people satisfied with more and more DLC. Also, I know they said they would continue to support this game for another year after the release of the following, so who knows exactly what that could mean!
  7. loghandi

    Link Master Sword Gold Tier Blueprint!

    I totally agree! There are so many to just stumble upon in this open map, and who knows if there are even more I didn't recognize! Techland really shows how much they care about this game, and how much fun they can have. I found this room with a dead body hiding something. It was a booklet that said "New Game GDD" . I'm wondering if this will be a sequel or a new IP?! Here is the video where I found it.
  8. Definitely my favorite blueprint so far! We finally can play with Link's toy sword! Enjoy guys!! https://youtu.be/6-zT1rLMv24
  9. loghandi

    Tolga's Folly Blueprint Location

    It's one of the best parts about the new DLC! It gives me a great feeling every time I happen upon a group of those cans
  10. Here is a quick guide on how to find this mysterious blueprint called Tolga's Folly!
  11. I found this secret easter egg, where 4 extra paint jobs can be found! Also Something called a "New Game GDD"... This Easter Egg is Amazing! Also, if you haven't yet found Tolga's Folly: Goodnight and Good Luck!
  12. loghandi

    How To Start Drink 4 Dlc Quest

    I definitely agree! It's so awesome how the devs came up with this funny DLC to poke fun at red bull and destiny, and it ended up being a fun and free DLC for all of us to enjoy! I think the 2 that you already found are the only ones! As far as I know, I believe Techland announced 2 challenges for this DLC so those should be the only ones
  13. loghandi

    How To Start Drink 4 Dlc Quest

    Right! I did make the note of getting the blueprint from the same guy, but I didn't specify where both the bottles were. Thanks for the info!
  14. In case anyone else is wondering about how to start the Drink 4 DLC Questline, here is a quick video explaining the main parts of it! Don't forget that it is in the main campaign and not the following. Good Night and Good Luck!
  15. I am streaming at twitch right now if anyone wants to join! twitch.tv/loghandi Be the zombie and challenge me and my friends! Or just hang and have a good time! See you in there!