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  1. Jmeboy

    Too Much Blur

    I made a post yesterday about the chromatic aberration issue, but I guess like, no one saw it But enough people making a fuss will help get the devs to acknowledge the issue.
  2. I'm glad more people feel the same way! We just need to get the devs to acknowledge the issue, and hope it's an easy enough thing to sort out.
  3. So I was under the impression that this option was coming with the new DLC/Update, but unfortunately it appears that I'm wrong. In my opinion, the chromatic aberration effect is simply annoying. After all, in real life chromatic aberration is an effect caused by an error where the camera lens fails to focus all colours to the same convergence point. Quite simply put... I don't want my GPU wasting effort trying to render a graphical error that I think looks hideous anyway. I did look into a mod that disables it, but it requires motion-blur to be turned on... which Is an effect that I also dislike. For anyone that doesn't know what chromatic aberration looks like :