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  1. TheRedShift

    Bow Needs Some Fixing.

    Thanks for your input. I didn't buy bozak, looks like I'm just stuck with the damn thing.
  2. TheRedShift

    Bow Needs Some Fixing.

    So, my feedback is on how extremely weak the bows are. I bought the vendor blue Bow and made some arrows and starting testing the effectiveness. Coming from someone who actually fires a 45LB double recurve IRL, I was seriously disappointed. The dropoff is ridiculous, you can literally throw flares farther than this bow can shoot. The range needs to be increased, or make arrows throwable, (atlatl?). Second is the arrows don't do chupacabra for damage, even on headshots. I know I am playing on hard, but I'd appreciate it if the old concept of total brain destruction by steel shaft would still remain viable. I have video of zombies with multiple arrows in their heads still walking around. Let me know what you think. I'll check this thread again soon.