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    My Opinion On "be The Zombie" Balance, Difficulty, Team Work.

    Can you define what you mean by climbing? Because I'm still able to climb over fences and on top of things like cars when my energy is drained.
  2. Knight Raime

    Survivor Point Of View

    1) I see there is no getting through to you. The way it works right now is intended. I've tried explaining why it's possible. If you don't like it then you don't like it. I was just merely trying to point out that it's working as intended. 2) I explained this already in the thing you quoted. because humans have numbers on their side the hunter has to be stronger then the individual. That doesn't mean it's impossible for survivors to win a 1v1 situation. In fact there are plenty of videos on youtube showing a single survivor completely outplaying a night hunter despite the night hunter's advantages. All it really means is in a situation where both players are of similar skill the hunter is supposed to win. Again as with my first point you don't have to like it. I was just pointing out that it's by design. 3) I was not complaining about your complaint. Merely asking. I'm clearly not flaming you. I've stayed respectful and calm this entire time. But if you have to write me off as flaming to move forward with your day then by all means. Sorry it's so difficult for you to handle someone disagreeing with your opinion.
  3. Knight Raime

    Handicapping The Losing Side Isn't The Right Way To Balance

    I realize this post is a few days old. But in my testing when the hunter recieves debuffs for stomping the survivors too hard the debuffs stick for the whole match. I let my friend kill all of my nests save one and kill me 10 times in a row and my spawn time was still 20 seconds instead of 10 and my spits were coming back in at 1 minute and 30 seconds rather then the default 1 minute. Also you forgot to include nests in the things that get buffed. If the hunter is getting stomped pretty hard an extra volatile has to be killed in the next nest. Not to mention the big guy with a rebar club will be at each nest. Also the amount of special zombies that are normally on the map get doubled during the buff. I noticed this when testing on the slums on a section of one of the highway bridge things. 2 rebar guys and spit guys instead of just one. It's nice to hear these values are going to get re adjusted though.
  4. Knight Raime

    Survivor Point Of View

    1) Yeah he was sprinting after it. The animation is clearly there. In fact the only reason why he's flying back and forth like that is BECAUSE he's sprinting to cause the momentum to sling himself back and forth. The patch specifically allows a hunter to tackle instantly right out of a tendril as long as you had already sprinted into the tendril for the momentum and touch a surface briefly. 2) I guess what I said flew right over your head. the hunter is supposed to be more powerful in a 1v1 situation. So no. If I string together a situation in which the survivor can't do a thing about it then it's legit. If you want to call it "unfair" then go ahead. But it's meant to be this way by design. And it's not like the human is incapable of making situations that the hunter can't do anything about either. 3) complaining about complainers is just as un productive as the original complaint if it's unfounded.
  5. Knight Raime

    Is The Be The Zombie Mode What You Expected?

    Well I watched actual footage of it after a trailer. so I knew what I was getting. It's not exactly what I expected. like not 100% but it's pretty close. Really the only things that make it a little weird is sometimes some people get overly aggressive and hunt the hunter and that it's a little too easy to stave off a hunter in lobbies with 3 survivors. But I don't have an actual issue with either.
  6. Knight Raime

    Bug: Unwinnable Match In Countryside !

    It's a glitch and is being fixed in the next BTZ patch.
  7. Knight Raime

    Survivor Point Of View

    1) uhm. You can't instant tackle. You have to be sprinting. the video you linked the guy was sprinting and that's very appearent. The enhanced edition patch let night hunters keep their momentum in tendril. and you can both sprint into and out of it. So he's already sprinting in that video. However the back and forth thing he was doing is supposedly a glitch and is getting patched. But his tackle was legit and he was sprinting. 2) I actually got into an argument with my friend about this situation last night. He the survivor I the hunter. I baited him into a UV spit which disabled his flashlight. He dropped a flare I activated my UV block mid air and GPed it. the GP connected with him and destroyed the flare which let me auto pounce him. I bascially forced him into a situation he could not do anything to counter. And he didn't believe that was fair. I did. Because I had to nail everything perfectly there and expend 2 of my abilities. In a game mode where it's always 1 versus multiple others the 1 player has to be stronger then an individual on the other side. Meaning even if both players in that situation did everything right the 1 should always win by design in that situation. 3) So if DFA is fine with you right now then why make a point about it? 4) The best you can do is simply report and move on. in 1v1 match spits and UV block are both on one minute cool downs. However if the survivor is completely destroying the hunter the hunter will get buffs. one of those gives him faster cooldowns. up to 30 seconds.
  8. Knight Raime

    Bug: Hunter Has 0 Hp

    The only time i've ever seen a hunter have 0 health and is still alive is if he was mid grapple state. For instance you can pounce someone into a safe zone and have 0 health but still kill him and then die.
  9. Knight Raime

    To Everyone Saying Nh Doesn't Need Any Buffs

    IMO the only hunters that needed a buff were hunters who just mutated and have little or no skills in the tree or brand new hunters. And they sort of were buffed VIA the buffs that happen when the night hunter gets stomped. To me regardless of how many players there are it's always about who's more skilled. But in a 1v1 the favor is in the hunters side. 2v1 it's a fair fight. 3v1 it's the humans advantage. The hunter as far as sheer power goes is stronger then the individual human. The only real thing humans ever get over a night hunter is numbers. And just like the humans you can cover your slip ups. if you fail a tackle you can spit the ground and cover someone in spit. If you get drop kicked you can perfectly line up a spit stick as they rush you. If you rush too hazardly and lose your energy you can UV block. If you get real hurt and almost lose all stamina you can UV heal and get it all back in about 2 seconds. etc. The hunter has a counter to match pretty much anything that doesn't involve 2 or more humans working together. The only way a hunter can win there is by causing chaos to grab a multi pounce or to split the group to pick off a loner.
  10. I'm going to preface this with the fact that my friend was a max level survivor and a 250 legend rank. So in the big patch we got with the enhanced edition one of the changes to be the zombie was that humans and hunters get buffs when one side is clearly winning. However this isn't entirely correct. I'm going to go over in detail what happens exactly. this was a 1v1 testing. You see survivors never get a buff. well sort of. When a hunter is absolutely destroying the humans the hunter gets debuffed. The survivor's cool downs are the same. spawn time is the same. run speed, damage, health, etc are all the same. BUT the hunter ends up getting a longer cooldown on his spit. and a longer spawn timer. Normally in a 1v1 spits come back in about a minute. with full tilt active where the survivor has 4 lives or less and not a single nest has been destroyed my spits take a minute and 30 seconds. and my death which lets me spawn in 10 seconds now takes 20 seconds. Further testing shows that even if the survivor kills me a bunch and destroys most of my nests my debuff is still active. We didn't spend forever killing me. But after 10 deaths and all but one nest destroyed my timers seemed to stay the same. Meaning even If A hunter makes a big come back one death or an over commitment may chupacabra the hunter over. Now lets revers the situation. What if the hunter has yet to secure a single kill but most nests are destroyed and the hunter has been killed a handful of times? My spits come back sooner. I spawn in sooner. and the humans respawn timer is increased. By how much? Well the max results are...hunter spawn time is now 3 seconds. the humans is now 14 seconds. and my spits go from being a minute cool down to around 30 seconds. But that's not the only changes. nests get some too. You don't get extra zombies. well unless your in an area where a special zombie is. Like on the bridge in the slums normally there is a big dude with a crowbar and one spitter. But in this case there was 2 of each. On top of that now each nest has 3 volatiles to destroy and there is one big guy with a crow bar at each one. However. unlike the debuffs for the hunter when the hunter stomps the human these buffs the hunter get will reverse. it takes about a 4-5 kills on the survivor for the spit to return to normal charge times and the nests to go back to only having 2 targets and the big guys are gone. However the spit cool down timer can and will change during nests. But the nest changes will not occur till the survivor moves to the next next progression wise. Now for the buggy. I've heard a lot of complaints about the buggy being "op." And i'm going to tell you that they are not. With a maxed out buggy going really fast with turbo active you can't one hit the hunter when he has full health. nor can you one hit a volatile target. (it is however possible to get the buggy stuck on top of a volatile which causes continual damage.) the flame thrower can't even kill a night hunter at full health. the full duration leaves the hunter at 40 health. Nor can the flame thrower kill a volatile. The electric cage does minimal damage to both and doesn't even shake the hunter off. Well that was a long post. So I'll wrap it up in bullet points. HUNTER DEBUFFS (AKA survivor buffs): ~longer spawn in time ~longer spit recharge ~debuffs last the whole match. HUNTER BUFFS: ~short spawn time ~shorter spit cool down ~survivors longer spawn time. ~additional volatile in nests ~big crowbar guy in each nest ~"special" zombies that exist on the map by default get doubled. ~buffs can be lost. BUGGY'S CAN'T: ~one hit a volatile ~one hit a hunter ~can't kill a hunter with full flamethrower ~can't kill a volatile with full flamethrower ~can't shake or kill a hunter with electric cage Hopefully this was informative!
  11. Knight Raime

    Join The Nh Strike

    ~nests being OHK outside of a propane tank or car ram is a bug and is in the process of being fixed. ~That is not a balance problem but a connection problem. What they see happening on their screen is different then what you see. That's not a problem easily fixed. ~The grapple hook got it's damage lowered even more and it costs a lot more now. Previously a survivor max rank could use it 4 times before a cool down. Now it's only twice. And "dodge spam" just sounds like blatent whining to me. Because if someone really is spamming the button all other actions are interupted and they can't do anything. Leaving you open to do anything to them. ~Yeah it's called balance. those things will instant kill you or instant down you. ~UV flashlight has a limited range. and you can counter it and flares pretty easily. But considering the tone in your post it's more whining then actual problems. ~See my second (~) ~Blatent lie. If you activated yours first then you would have won. Either you're whining again or there was lag in the match. The new patch guarentees that a hunter will win any grapple state if activated at the same time or before a survivor. ~Use the spit that disables survivor sense. it lasts for a whole minute. I'll pass on the strike. pvp is pretty fair right now. I think your skill is the issue here.
  12. Knight Raime

    Night Hunter Health

    I think the amount of health is fine right now. Heavy weapons are a lot harder to hit with because they are slower. and while the combo of a tackle and hit is extremely effective it's not particularly easy to land on a night hunter that's playing very smart and is keeping very mobile. The NH is supposed to be a glass cannon after all.
  13. Knight Raime

    Nightmare Mode Isn't Reasonable.

    It's completely fair. IMO the only mistake they did with nightmare mode is that the zombies just feel tankier. I'm not the most observant person But I don't see many differences in nightmare mode. except more frequent virals and tougher versions of volatiles/virals. I don't really notice the improved AI either. Though maybe the subtle changes nightmare mode brings will take awhile to be seen.
  14. Knight Raime

    Handicapping The Losing Side Isn't The Right Way To Balance

    What are said buffs?