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  1. If you keep shooting during the reload you keep exploding zombies like it's your 6th shot. And here's a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOiNxpaA7WM&feature=youtu.be
  2. Jamato

    The Latest Patch Issues

    I have recipe for electric arrows but not the achievements for them. I don't know whether it's a problem of the patch or not. Also in level 20 in Bozak one of the virals went through the floor and rotated there furiously, according to my survivor sense. Obviously I experience disconnects while playing with friends.
  3. Jamato

    !spoilers! Ezgi Suggestion

    But she doesn't need it.
  4. I dropped several of them from the very end of the crack in the Harran bridge. They were definitely alive before falling. But it didn't count as drowning them. Had to go to fishing footbridges and drown one there. Which took surprising amount of effort because the chupacabra wouldn't drown while being 99% submerged.
  5. I have completed every quest in both the vanilla game and DLC so I'm talking about post-game here. I know this would require quite a lot of work (some voice recording and some programming), but it would be awesome to actually meet Ezgi in tower after you tell her father she's in there. Right now the original game and The Following are only connected in one direction. For example, Tolga and Fatim travel through the game chronologically. But there doesn't seem to be any way in which events of The Following can influence Harran. I understand why they are presented as separate gaming experiences, but IMHO connecting them in that particular or any other similar way would be awesome. Since we aren't prohibited to come back to Harran anyway. On the side note: 1. Scaling Demolishers in size to make superzombies makes no sense. Their helmets are as big a beach ball -___-" 2. Souvenirs in Crane's room are amazing.
  6. Jamato

    The Following Lighthouse... Bug?

    Now that I've finished the game I understand WHY the lighthouse door wasn't working from both sides. Because it's a part of the story. But's uh... it's not a very nice solution. Closing it before the story send you to the lighthouse would have been much better. I mean, people love exploring, right? I assume a lot of players went to the lighthouse early and found what I did.
  7. I want to address 3 things in one topic if that's okay. 1) Lighthouse safe zone has physical bounty board but it's not interactive. Is that how it should be? not sure. 2) Lighthouse upper red door is not interactive for me from both sides. Had to use the hook. (also the very top has an invisible wall, why?) 3) Mansion safe zone (on a peninsula way way below lighthouse) is showing a message about powering it up way before the corresponding quest starts. It totally confused me into thinking there is a normal safe zone somewhere there,
  8. Jamato

    Run For Your Life [Mission Bug]

    It was fixed, yay!
  9. Me and several other people can't talk to Bahram for the 4th time. Reloading doesn't help. Day or night - no matter.
  10. Jamato

    Bozak Volatile Challenge Bug

    Okay, thanks for that info. Well, then there is some kind of disbalanse, I guess? Because I was getting a lot of Night Hunters on some tries and practically no Night Hunters in other tries. They are just annoying and useless, while being as strong as our targets. That makes the challenge a lot more luck-based than skill based. Completable, but still. I took me about 15 tries on normal and I'm legendary level 6. I wasn't dying most of those tries, I was just running out of targets in the area, meeting more and more hunters.
  11. Basically, new type of spiky volatiles doesn't count towards the completion of Kill 10 volatiles challenge. That's an obvious bug,
  12. Good day, love the game, have been playing for quite some time. But there are two (3?) issues I would like to address. 1)I've recently unlocked Bozak Bow and have experienced such parts in the game where no arrows are left stuck in enemies at all. I was doing the escort salesman quest and all of the arrows that hit the zombies just vanished. They disappear throughout the entire game on regular basis, just not THAT often. 2) The entirety of my firearms ammo disappeared after going to Bozak. And it's not the firs time it's doing it. The same happened before I started doing Bozak too. I've been doing some challenges, yes. So ammo for that weapon type could have been wasted, But pistol ammo disappears too. Really annoying. 3) On PC arrow inventory doesn't always come up when you hold R. Same goes for quick arrow change. It's really inconsistent. Also how the heck are we supposed to get electric arrows from Bozak? I get one regular arrow pack spawn per 10 runs. Sorry if this is a double, I searched "arrows" first.