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  1. Moved it to this section, not sure where it should go. Update on it. I did Recall buggy so it has full tank of fuel. Still same results. But now I can actually go up to 60mph instead of 40 top speed. But still no Nitro, even changed the config button it was assigned to. I always hit the white van outside the valve building with 10sec left. Not enough time to get in to the building. Any help on this???? I was watching someone else's game play walkthru & they screwed around & left the base with 2min left & still manage to get there with a minute left on the clock. I drive straight thru without hitting 1 zombie with timer at 2:42 & I only have 10 sec left on the clock. What gives
  2. First off, buggy keeps spitting & sputtering like its out of fuel even though the fuel gauge was almost 1/2 so it doesnt go very fast at all. Is there Nitro on this thing because it wasnt working if there is. I have tried 4 times trying to reach this main valve & this buggy keeps driving at slow speeds(On main road with no Zombies in the way) So now Im out of fuel. How the heck do I get out of this timer????? Kind of stupid having a timer. I guess its back to playing a different game since I cant do anything with this buggy Also, their mouths keep moving way after their speech stops