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  1. Glythe

    To Pete

    To be honest I think a lot of people would not want to see another Dying Light game with pvp like this again. At the end of the day pvp as BtZ feels like the survivors hold all the cards due to duped inventories, cheated level 250s, and the general feeling that the monster is about as tough as a wet paper bag. On top of all this you created a PVP game where the survivors hunt down the monster; needless to say you got that part backwards as the humans should not be looking to engage it in a fight as the primary way to win. It's so strange that player inventories are in no way limited as to what they can carry while the zombie has a limited number of spits. It seems strange that the monster must choose to make sacrifices but the player does not. When a zombie mutates he loses all of his powers. Do players ever temporarily lose some of their assets for pvp? See how unfair that seems? In theory the zombie has 4 spits but he can only use 2 at a time due to their linked nature. Let's transfer that weakness over to the player a bit. Imagine if the medkit was on a shared timer with the flare. That's a bit extreme but I think you get the idea. Overall BtZ feels like it was an afterthought in terms of balance. Crane has the priority as he is the single player game. Overall this translates to an unfair feeling when playing BtZ as you feel like an afterthought because as far as I can tell you are. Where's the zombie single player? You could have made a zombie campaign (not to late..... wtb that DLC). You could let hunters invade a zombie during his campaign and have the shoe be on the other foot for a new style of invasion mission. Where are the legendary hunter levels designed to What kind of PVP would I like to see? Well for one as you have personally admitted playing 1 vs 4 as the game is right now is not balanced (and probably never well be). I think it would be a lot more interesting if there were 2 zombie slots vs 4 survivors. But given that you can't change that for this game I think it would be interesting if there were more than 1 type of zombie (you could implement that if you wanted). Overall the current monster is pretty much 100% stealth - the joke being that he can be detected by players at all times. I think you guys dropped the ball here in that there could have been a power monster, an agility monster and a hybrid monster. The power monster would focus less on spits (read as take longer to regenerate them & have less... or it might have non damaging ones like perhaps a snare/root on shared timer and a blind/DoT on shared timer). It would lose the ability to pounce but wouldn't need it because it will easily kill a survivor in 1:1 combat. It would still have a sneak up on you grab of sorts but that would pretty much just be a you get pummeled or smashed into some object. And because he's slower/larger/more powerful shining the light would do much less overall and probably wouldn't interrupt the smash attack (because it uses up so little stamina). You pretty much have the stealth model but he's missing the stealth part. This goes a long way to make the current PVP game ridiculous on some levels. The easiest way to win is to chase down the monster kill it and then have free time to kill the nest while he takes forever to respawn half way across the map. But back to the current game imbalance we have Crane who makes no noise when he uses sonar but the monster screams. Solution.... crane should not have sonar unless he sacrifices a gadget slot for it (read as you can either have a batman sonar helmet or a grappling hook). This would make the monster sneaky and hard to detect (something it most certainly is not right now). Interestingly enough the hybrid model would be a lot like the monster you have now. It's noisy when it runs and can be detected without using sonar (but is easy to detect when using sonar). It would need a bit of love in the areas of durability but otherwise I think it's fine. This again is the joke in case you missed it.... you designed a monster that's meant to be a sneaky infiltrator that can be detected at all times without using sonar (but can be detected at all times with sonar anyway). Long story short I bought a 4 pack of this game and gave the extra copies away to friends. None of them really have continued BtZ after getting the feeling that it feels rigged in favor of the survivor. I feel like I got my money's worth but not a single person has asked me if you guys have plans for a Dying Light sequel. I think that speaks volumes about the current state of PVP in your game.
  2. Glythe

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    Right and what I'm saying is that if you're level 250 legendary you shouldn't be able to play normal mode in pvp. The game should say oh hey you're not some noob... loading max difficulty level.
  3. Post a video tutorial? Could you possibly invade a friend and have him be your combat dummy?
  4. Glythe

    Please Save The Hunters Before They Are Gone...

    This entire thread and moreover the entire forum is wrong; the NH is perfectly balanced with the human survivor. - The Tobacco Industry
  5. Glythe

    So This Is What It Is, Huh?

    There's a real simple solution that fixes duped inventories as well as not requiring people item farm to play BtZ. Remember the siblings mission where you lose all your normal items temporarily? Do that for BtZ but give each player pre-set inventories rather than letting players walk into PVP with 99^99 items in their pocket. Afterall it's not like we play the PVP game on the normal map anyway (although I think that would be a lot more fair given that most people still playing pvp cheat). Give lone players more items than teams of players but give the human a reasonable amount of medkits/flares per life along with a handful of random items (maybe 30) with the chance to spawn rare parts like bolter tissue/putrid liver. Suddenly you have a scenario where players might have 10 medkits and 5 flares per life (think about a team of 4 people). They can forage for more gear (ever notice the maps have locked chests?) but they have to watch out for the NH. They might spawn with 1-2 strings so they need to think very carefully how to use it. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter how good you are as the NH because you will lose to a team of 4 players (that cheated to be level 250 with max inventories) who methodically and systematically move together to the objectives moving from flare to flare whenever you get close. It will take them a while to win but you'll never be able to touch them. The truth of the matter is that the handicap system should account for how much stuff you are carrying AND it should factor in your legendary level. So if you go into PVP with hundreds of thousands of items AND you're legendary level 250 the NH handicap boosts should be active the moment the game starts. Do you understand how not fun the game is when playing as the NH when 4 players spam items as quickly as possible off cooldown? There is no way to beat 4 players working together on voice comms who cheated their level to be 250 with unlimited inventories. You can play the NH for about 10 hours, watch a video or two and you can win every time as the humans unless you make a huge mistake (or someone D/Cs a few times). Missing a DFA leaves you vulnerable for a very limited time but missing a ground pound (which includes "missing" a pound but hitting a flare) gives you about 4 seconds for an easy kill on the hunter. The margin of error for the Human is gigantic when compared to that of the Zombie. If you have honestly given playing the NH a real shot and go back to playing as Crane it becomes quite clear that the game is designed to favor the human (rather than balance the two). As such until things change the PVP doesn't matter.
  6. Glythe

    Improving The Ranking System For Nh's

    That's never going to happen on PC. Know why? The saves are local. Essentially every item (that isnt part of a blueprint) needs to stack to 100 and the rest should get eaten unless they are in your bag. Certain items like camouflage potions should be maxed around 2 per player. 1. Copy your save file (might want to backup the original) 2. Rename the save file with +1 number than the original. 3. Complete one story quest (so you know which is which without a doubt) 4. Copy the copy and rename it with a +1 number. 5. Repeat 5-8 times. 6. Find a friend to host the game. 7. Go in with all the dupes and drop everything. 8. Go in with the last copy and pick up everything you want then change your uniform 9. Delete all copies with wrong uniform 10. Goto 1 (change uniform in step 3 instead of complete quest) Now then if you want to improve the zombie ranking system.... how about legendary zombie levels?
  7. Glythe

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    Legendary players should play on Nightmare mode in pvp. Or you could give the hunter legendary levels....
  8. Glythe

    This Combo Needs To Be Nerfed.

    Humans have a counter already.... it's called dodge spam.
  9. Glythe

    Techland Please Balance 'be The Zombie' Mode!

    Nice video. First let me point out the lag kill at 5:00 where you are way out of the survivor's reach and the game hoses you saying he hit you with a 2H swing. This is one of the symptoms of the cause in that essentially I can only assume the human is the host and therefore his pov trumps all other perspectives in the game. It looks like you have an A+ melee game but you often slam when you shouldn't because it's not a sure thing. Also you don't tackle for the first 5 minutes of the game and you never go for the tackle when a survivor is standing in the flare. Swinging into the tackle is a great move and you don't ever do that from what I saw. You do quite a bit of tackling later but I saw a couple of places where you did something else when you should have tackled. Pretty Much BTZ is never going to be balanced. Why is that? The zombie is a side game and the human is the main game. I could probably stop there but where are there no legendary hunter levels? PVP would be remotely fair if survivors did not have: infinite run/combat stamina/unlimited duped inventories. Healing for the player should be like nightmare mode were they have to heal over time and any damage should interrupt the heal effect (read as wasted). Moreover why don't weapons break in PVP? You can kill the zombie in 3 hits so why don't weapons need repairs in that mode after about 20 swings (not hits...swings). The reason why is because the human is supposed to win. BTZ will always be unbalanced as long as dodge spam and item spam are a thing. Fix everything else and these two factors will still make it easy for the survivor to win. "Well said Op and everyone affirming the obvious imbalancing of BtZ. Last year I posted a challenge to Techland Devs to post a video of a Dev playing as NH against inventory-loaded and skilled survivors to show us complaining n00bs how it's really played.... That never happened, they never posted anything, and I wasn't surprised." You should be careful about statements like that because forum mods don't usually take kindly to that type of challenge. Even though you've probably done nothing wrong it can raise a lot of ire. In my experience 99% of devs are never as good as random people who play their games. The 1% that are better are usually only better because they have inside information about mechanics that are not released to the public. In a sense gives those devs a HUGE unfair advantage making them play far beyond their capabilities. As for spits in old town, I found a few places where the horde literally cannot path to the survivor as they explode before impact. The devs said it looked like the mob was running to the player (player had spit stuck on him and no zombies ever appeared before him) and completely ignored the issue. After that I stopped trying and I've pretty much given up on PVP.
  10. Glythe

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    The real problem is that the game is designed to favor the player when it comes to who is doing what. Essentially the DFA there should not have been a thing. The problem is that this happens all the time but there usually isn't a 3rd person to see just how ridiculous the action is when you see that the hunter should have missed and the game says oh what the heck let's give it to him anyway.
  11. Glythe

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    Some really good points here. I feel like flares are not limited enough (along with healthkits). I still like my idea to give the NH buffs as a function of human item use. Let them use as many as they want.... but if they use a silly amount the NH would be buffed to crazy proportions. Grappling and switching to UV light is super cheese...... especially if they abuse the wall hang maneuver (they can shine light indefinitely and you can't even see him turned around and the light wont drain...... automatic pounce cancel). Missing a dodge should very simply take away half of the survivor's stamina (even if he ignores stamina). If he misses a dodge again he should be de-winded and have to wait a stamina rest cycle. That would still be twice as generous as the penalty for ground pound. Also I hate to say it but the only reason the zombie has the mutation and skill reset is to always (in theory) have someone for the player to be invaded by so that a constant pvp environment can exist. That being said the balance mechanism for that system sucks. You get matches vs players who have all the skills when you're missing half the tree and that's not right.
  12. Glythe

    Vac Secured Flaw

    People said the same thing about a lot of games on Xbox. There were still cheaters because at its core it is still a computer and can be hacked. And actually cheaters are dealt with a lot less often on consoles because it is expected to be harder to hack the game.
  13. The best time to spit on the survivor is when he can't easily dodge it. Interestingly enough this occurs right after he dropkicks you. I see a lot of survivors who love to dropkick and it's really easy to hit them with a horde or UV spit right after you allow them to dropkick you. It's not quite 100% because sometimes the terrain prevents it but in most circumstances getting hit by a dropkick gives you room for a free spit. Just be sure to jump and tendril immediately so he can't follow up with a killing hit. Most of the time the horde spit is kinda junky but for some reason a lot of people get panicked when you hit them with it and back off a bit. There is some natural inclination to run 2-3 seconds too long before looking around with the light. The same thing goes for a groundpound. You can usually hit with a free spit if you land the pound on street level. The full combo is something like pound, spit tackle, claw (2x).
  14. Glythe

    Vac Secured Flaw

    Would you guys at techland do a very minor update and have VAC secured be the default option? Is there some reason that the game doesn't have that enabled by default? In order for it not to take 30+ minutes to find an appropriate match you have to turn VAC off. Some of the people with VAC off didn't turn it on by default and some of the people in that pool turn it off so they can cheat.
  15. Glythe


    Really what you need to be worried about is someone editing their save to be mutant level 3 with all the skills and low rank. When that save file starts getting traded around you need to be worried. I hate to be that guy but duping items is roughly equivalent to trading save files for the NH.