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  1. ToxicTropex

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I stopped playing dying light for like 2 months to see if the constant crashes are going to get fixed. Nope. Was playing be the zombie yesterday on ps4 and it crashed like 2 times. And whenever i invade more than 1 person on the countryside the FPS is unbearable. Fix this chupacabra techland.
  2. ToxicTropex

    I Can't Find Any Matches

    In be the zombie (ON PS4), whenever i go to search for games the result will always be : No matches found. No matter how hard i try i can't find anyone on my level 50 mutation 3 apex predator hunter. I even tried to make a new zombie and find matches but that didn't work either. Oh and my NAT type is 2. Please fix this Techland. And when i quick join the game finds a match just for it to say unable to connect over and over again. This is absolutely ridiculous!
  3. ToxicTropex

    Exit A Buggy, Crash A Game

    That's exactly what's been happening to me too on the PS4. And now recently the game started crashing whenever i try to quit to main menu! Please fix this Techland!
  4. ToxicTropex

    Dying Light Ps4 Performance

    When i play with 2 or more people (ON THE PS4) and then a night hunter invades me, the game then plays at a jaw-dropping 8FPS! What the actual kurczak? Console performance improvement my chupacabra! Please fix this.
  5. ToxicTropex

    Getting Xp For Legend Levels

    Doesn't the camo have shorter duration on nightmare?
  6. ToxicTropex

    Getting Xp For Legend Levels

    In my opinion the best way to get relief packages is from the bright mountain tunnel. You can just go in get all 4 packages get out and repeat. I farmed the tunnel on normal and when i was done i simply set on nightmare difficulty and delivered the to a quartermaster.
  7. ToxicTropex

    Prolem Z Wspinaniem

    Ja też żadnych problemów ze wspinaniem nie zauważyłem. U mnie wspinanie i cały parkour działa jak powinien.
  8. ToxicTropex

    Got A Question About The Online Function

    Go ahead and join your friend, you won't lose anything.
  9. I can't seem to find any new gold weapons. All i get is some chupacabra tribal knives from the BtZ mode in the countryside on nightmare. Are they even in the game yet?
  10. ToxicTropex


    I've noticed that after i rebuilded my database (2 times) on ps4, my game started crashing more often. It crashes sometimes when i try to get out of the buggy. And sometimes when i try to invade multiple people as a night hunter.
  11. ToxicTropex

    The Following Difficulty Bump Ruins The Game

    Techland chupacabra said that the following was hard and was supposed to be scaled towads a bit more experienced players. I personally like that the following is hard because i like a challenge and besides when a game is too easy it becomes boring.
  12. ToxicTropex

    Quarantine Zones Bugged

  13. ToxicTropex

    Sound Bug Please Fix

    I reported a missing sound effects bug during night time and sent a ticket, the guy that responded said that i should clear my ps4's cashe by rebuilding the database. And when i did, it didn't fix the bug! I even deleted the game and reinstalled it but that didn't help either. Please fix this Techland! It's annoying!
  14. ToxicTropex


  15. ToxicTropex

    Quarantine Zones Bugged

    Whenever i enter any quarantine zone where i need to get packages, I automatically complete it, Even though i haven't gotten any packages. This is a glitch that prevents people from getting any good amounts of disaster relief on-site packages. This should get fixed!