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  1. 12:59 AM 2/17/2016 Whats up Prince Harry? The people in the USA are trying to find a vaccine for the PTSD vets? A lot of those guys are total shitbags trying to make a living. We weeded them out by IQ (ASVAB) that's why we offered the intelligent ones that scored high more complicated type jobs. I don't even think PTSD is real to be honest. Those guys have issues in life is whats wrong with some of these guys like Gary Hurst in my old unit in Charlie Company in the other platoon. He doesn't have PTSD he needs to talk to a marriage counselor. I didn't know that was him talking chupacabra on me. I was laughing at him making fun of him back. When I found out that was SSG. Hurst he wasn't like that back in the day. His life changed when he got a divorce then making him a celebrity image as a heroe made it worse because it was probably overwhelming and he didn't want drama in his life on tv (welcome to my world). Im not a psychiatrist so don't talk to me about this but that's just from what I noticed okay. I have nothing against Gary Hurst Im sure hes okay he just has exwife issues. I might of scored low on the ASVAB but you cant grade me if I didn't read the book (some might say I guessed on the ASVAB because it was that easy to get into infantry). I can fly a jet better than these guys who scored higher than me on the ASVAB. How do I know? I will say thanks to the gaming corporations. Overtime growing up as a kid the gaming corporations did aptitude testing on me and with this brain implant in me they knew where I was at with "TESTING". Reading a book then being quizzed on it the next day is a memory test. You cant grade someone and get honest results with those who didn't read the book. So where am I going with this? Those who have the "PERSONALITY" for the US military keep them in. You will have to do a personality test on all those soldiers. Everyone is different with personality but theres a way to weed out who has which personality and it sounds like these people were already doing it in the military. If they offered me a slot in 160th SOARs as a pilot and I was still infantry I would actually take it. I didn't have to retake the ASVAB it was my personality they went off and they knew me well enough (E6) to know that Im smart enough to fly. Yeah Tom Carpenter and Harold Schyberg and Tom Vitagliano all had the same personality about military with me Im pretty sure Harold Schyberg is the same way. What do all 3 have in common other than being former Marines? They came back into the military. Yes I would of went back into the military too. Im not sure but is Harold Schyberg a Marine too? I forgot what website it was but there was some website talking about Bill Gates was in on something like this with videogames doing stuff like this in the Govt. and Oprah Winfrey was going to get her own network and was doing something behind closed doors too (it was weird watching Lindsay Lohan on Letterman talking on the phone to Oprah for some reason) and someone else but I forgot who. They were talking about how theres a movie made by Tom Hanks made for one person on this planet and he needs to watch this movie to figure out whats really going on. I came across your website and yes I read that chupacabra it was back in like 2008 or 2007. Its 2016 now and look what I found out about myself!!! I never met him but I emailed Creative Assembly to put Jack Welch the former CEO of General Electric into one of these games part of the tutorial or AI (like Halo Spartan Assault story with AI infinity) to teach you in the game as you progress through the game. Jack Welch is a businessman not only is he skilled in business but he works for the Govt. or use to and teaches Leadership to Central Intelligence Agency. Jack Welch was teaching me in a RTS game about management and Leadership in synonyms/metaphors and no one knew. I will say whats up to Jack Welch. I never met the guy but reading his biography online sounds like he was going through exwife issues too. I look at Jack Welch as the old guy (Q?) in the James Bond movie Golden Eye who was teaching him about technology at MI6 with the explosive pen.
  2. 12:14 AM 2/17/2016 Are they talking about video games now? Are you guys dropping into my games online? Im not familiar with Dying Light online as human and still trying to beat it on nightmare so feel free to join it. Yes I will own all of you who are using controllers in FPS shooter games like Counter Strike Global Offensive on PC I use a keyboard and mouse. Im not making it up you are going to get destroyed. Is it a bunch of combat vets out of the US military bragging? LOL okay... yeah you guys are going to get owned by all these guys who are civilians non military type in the gaming community. I can play against both of you and hold my own. What did you think of Arena Total War? You guys suck. I knew there was a bunch of war vets playing. I took a break from Arena Total War and playing other games. A bunch of updates came out too I noticed. I was the most feared barbarian in ATW as Arminius. That youtube homo named Prince of Macedon was playing against me all the time right? Is he even good? Show the replays of me owning him and his team as light cavalry. They don't like playing against me because I don't cheat and I know Im better. That's not luck if that keeps happening that's called SKILL something you don't have so you need to find another job I mean play a different game. Don't even talk about Sniper Elite games or Sniper Elite V2 with marksmanship because none of these guys know what marksmanship is. None of them can make those shots and I made those shots over and over with different rifles on the realistic settings and on hardest difficulty. No one wants to brag? I have nothing to brag about this came natural to own all of you in this. Does the guy whos doing the hiring for whatever job want me on the team or not? Im older now and I don't play FPS games like that anymore. Ever since I switched over to 47inch HDTV its been harder on the eyes to shoot and move around and play that's why I been playing RTS over FPS now these days. Im too old to be playing a lot of these new FPS games. I will try some of these milsims like ARMA 3 but its not the same for me in arcade games like Counter Strike and Battlefield series. We already know Im better than you at Arma 3 flying. Is there anything you are good at other than sucking my chupacabra? Yes that was me in the Littlebird and A-10 as CAS playing with all of you and tking each other in the sky. You were learning from me how to fly in a milsim. Jealous? I can do the whole SOARs (160th) with the Littlebird as transport into a hot LZ or CAS. Yes that was me flying that. We already know all of you suck you guys aint chupacabra compared to me. No I don't cheat. Is there a battle amonst the retards happening again? USMC war vets pogs versus US Army war vets pogs? I was in US Army but Im playing for US Govt. (Central Intelligence Agency). Somehow I still have a social life too and I don't care for my friends. Just laugh at all this. Yeah we already know youre a loser f a g g o t compared to me.
  3. 4:20 AM 2/16/2016 Taking a break from Dying Light waiting for 5AM to come around. You talking politics now? All of you still up talking (USA)? Someone is talking politics about securing the borders. Yeah Im all for securing the borders too but I encourage migration into the USA. We don't need to spend that much money on a border like that. All of these others at the top in the US Govt. (not military unless your an advisor in the Pentagon for the military) are probably the same way about this but we look at managing the USA as a giant business (sweatshop samething). I look at the USA as a war machine. We don't really need a border between Mexico and USA. Are you worried about immigrants taking your job? You need to blame the people who do the hiring process or employers. They need to do a better job only letting people who have a citizenship (social security card) or greencard work for them. Why? We are taking taxes out of their (your) paycheck. If you are from outside of the USA working under the table we aren't getting taxes out of those people. People with greencards probably get taxed too just like those who have citizenships with social security cards. You need to quit separating the USA from these countries around the world because Im not. Im all for expanding the USA like taking over Canada and Mexico just joking but yeah you need to quit separating the USA and making it look like a giant prison when its not. I don't look at the USA as a prison its more of a sweatshop than a prison. Theres about 321 million (estimation) people living in the USA not sure what it is now. How many of those people do you think work? I don't know what the amount is but from each person who works we need a certain amount of money from every person each year paying taxes. We take the money out of your paycheck and the IRS needs a certain amount Im not sure what the amount is. You will only get money back if you pay too much in. If you don't pay enough at the end of the year don't trip out about it you will be okay. The IRS will contact you and let you know if its that bad. I just want you to know if you fall behind on your taxes and owe a lot and then you win the lottery we (US Govt./IRS) will take it out of your lottery ticket. Yes we see everything. You have to pay taxes wherever you go. All these countries around the world have some sort of tax system setup. The USA is probably more organized than others with taxing. I can think of a lot of reasons why we need a wall between Canada and Mexico but not a wall to separate society like that with culture too. I was joking around about this but I was all for combining Mexico and Canada with the US Constitution. We would of expanded Walmart into Mexico/Canada and other corporations/businesses too. We already expanded Walmart into China no really China has Walmart there. If Mexico was part of the USA split into states we wouldn't need a border in Mexico to separate it from South America. We would just go off the Panama Canal and use the US Coast Guard as the border patrol in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. This will be easier to manage North America with the United States Constitution. Canada still be a Commonwealth realm or did the Royal House of Windsor just hand it over to the US Constitution? Europe and South America created their own little councils too. All these councils on earth came together as a ONE WORLD GOVT. which will happen in the future no matter what but that's way down the road so don't even think about this yet.
  4. 1:32 AM 2/16/2016 Im sitting here listening to music Dada Life "kick out the epic chupacabra". Is that Col. Justin Gubler my old Battalion Commander talking? He thought it was one of you guys I use to hangout with that did something? Gubler just caught Cpt. Lewis and Cpt. Babauta trying to blackmail me or throw me in prison. Im sure its easy to see if this is on national tv. What wrong? You do realize attacking me or blackmailing me is like blackmailing and attacking the US Constitution right? Are you going to take me to court or not? You aren't in control of me so what are you doing? Yes we can see all of you who are under oath in uniform. You are below the US Constitution. IM READY TO GET THIS OVER WITH. IM TALKING TO CHRISTIAN LEWIS AND FREDERICK BABAUTA. ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME TO COURT OR NOT? Better me than you right?
  5. 11:31 PM 2/15/2016 I just woke up and yes I heard them talking. Richard Hammond did that? What did he do exactly I kept hearing all of you say that. Richard Hammond isn't in control of Congress to chupacabra with me about Govt. type chupacabra. What does Richard think he controls in Congress and what did Queen Elizabeth II say about this with me? Richard Hammond was chupacabra with my military disability rating to label me crazy or what? UK is a Constitutional MONARCHY and Im pretty sure Richard Hammond isnt Royalty to be making decisions like this. Did he convince Harry or Wiliam about anything with me? Okay.... WHAT DID GRANDMA WINDSOR SAY ABOUT THIS? She called him a moron too right? Okay... paper, rock, collars Grandma Windsor Queen Elizabeth II wins against William, Harry and Charles combined. No I don't have to work because people like Richard Hammond labeled me crazy. I get about $4,500.00 a month with all of this combined. You labeled me crazy you can suffer the consequences. I was actually trying to live life and work until I found out you (American people) are chupacabra retarded and blackmailed me behind my back chupacabra with me. Theres a reason why a lot of this happened and Prince William and Prince Harry had questions about life. I answered most of this for them. I was ready to take PTSD off the record with everything else but still got labeled for physical injuries from Iraq. I was ready to get a Royal Pension instead. What does Grandma Windsor Queen Elizabeth II think of me receiving a Royal Pension from UK coming out of the US Treasury? Like $100,000.00 a month in British pounds but in US currency tax free? I like that idea. Yeah I didn't even want the 100% military rating. I got put at 90% for PTSD when it should of been for physical injuries. I said the samething that I don't have PTSD and everyone was saying it to me online too I knew in the old unit (1-503rd in 2nd ID). I didn't put in for it right away because I was actually embarrassed about a lot of this not anymore. When I found out there was a brain implant in me I had no problem taking my money from the tax payers including the US military. I found out Im Royalty and Im taking whats mine and this is a start. People thought I was crazy for sure including those guys in the US military. Im not and this is reality and yes Im a high ranking Prince in blood to the US Constitution and no one said anything. I know I don't have PTSD so you don't have to say anything. Did you know the US Govt. will label people with PTSD to cover up stuff that happened especially the US military? How many of you remember the Philadelphia Project during the 1940s? Something happened on a destroyer and the US military was doing an experiment with radar or something I don't know and an explosion happened I don't know you would have to read the book. Well anyways those guys that took part in this experiment on the destroyer that survived all got labeled with PTSD. They got brainwashed with PTSD to cover up what was really going on. This was back in the 1940s. This is 2016 and Im walking around telling people Im a descendant of jesus christ and a Prince related to the Royal House of Windsor and we control the planet. What do you think is going on? Im going to help change christian culture in the USA no matter what. What did you think brainwashing was like? Are you watching these combat war vets in my old unit and those who are still in the military on tv? Yeah that's called BRAINWASHING. I will label all of them with PTSD no matter what because they are going to have a hard time fitting into society as a celebrity. I dont fit into society not because I got diagnosed with PTSD its because Im famous and popular on tv as a celebrity and its happening behind my back. So much for a normal life. I wanted to meet up with Vincent Archiebuche (Colorado), Eddie Hernandez (San Diego, California), Joey Nace (???) and Wes Fine (Kansas?). I was going to say whats up to everyone. I dont talk to you guys anymore but I had no problem talking to you outside of Las Vegas in the desert about whats going on and whats going to happen. Yeah I dont hangout with you guys anymore but something crazy happened behind our backs when we were hanging out. I didn't know Im a Prince and we got setup and put on tv without knowing about it. Im not against you guys at all. If your pissed at me how I turned out after the US Army I dont care Im not against any of you. I would of told you to just take the money (military pension) and leave the USA. I had no problem coming down to South America on the beach (BBQ at Naces house? ) or Canada drinking a beer and saying whats up. I was going to stay in the USA and try and do this myself with the other Royal families overwatching this. The USA is like a giant tv stage to me now but when I hangout with you guys in South America or Canada or in Europe or Middle East (Dubai) Im off work and its not the same. Soon as I step foot into the USA its like being on tv. Its not the same outside of the USA until I typed this out just now. I dont know what happened you guys but I knew Joe Hallet my old Platoon Leader and Frederick Babauta Dog Companys CO was trying to chupacabra us all over. Christian Lewis Charlie Companys CO is in here too doing stuff. You saw this? Im not against them but they need to chill out about politics. They figure chupacabra me over to get their foot in the door will work its not. Prince William doesn't like the US military and neither does Prince Harry because of this chupacabra that happened to me behind my back. Only reason why Babauta isn't in prison is because of me. I have nothing against Babauta but he needs to chill out about politics he got screwed over by all these other officers in the old 503rd unit who are living up north and he stayed in Phoenix Arizona. Prince William doesn't care for Frederick Babauta one bit I bet. Babauta and Hallet got in an argument about politics awhile back I dont know what they are pissed off at each other about now. Ltc. Resty of Ft. Carson Colorado she was my therapist for rehabilitation on my leg after I got wounded in Iraq and her husband is the Garrison Commander. She came across my comments online talking politics. Im not against her about politics but Dennis Bergman and Justin Gubler were and all these officers got in a fight about politics behind our backs who cares right? Im not against Ltc. Resty or her husband about politics. She screwed me over too. Ltc. Restys husband is Garrison Commander of Ft. Carson Colorado. I didn't know about this till later on when I was stationed there. They didn't want 2BCT (1-503rd, 1-506th, 1-9 and everyone else) at Ft. Carson because they didn't have the money for it or housing. I knew this but didn't care. When I had to see Ltc. Resty she told me to get an x-ray of my leg at the hospital. You guys were still in Iraq during this time. When I was getting an x-ray the x-ray tech was attacking me in a way when he found out I was 1-503rd 2nd Infantry Division part of 2BCT. He was talking about how Ft. Carson doesn't have the money to treat me or the technology and just kind of chewing me out and talking chupacabra on me about politics (spending budget type stuff). I didn't care I had nothing against any of these people like that. This was back in 2005 and Ltc. Resty was talking about this awhile back. Being Garrison Commander is kind of like city council for a town/city its probably no different its just amongst all these high ranking officers. I dont know what they were talking about but it was politics in Col. Gubler (Justin Gubler) in a fight about politics with these other high ranking officers how 1-503rd should never of came to Ft. Carson Colorado and they should of sent us back to South Korea or something I dont know. I didn't care I was just proud to be in 503rd Air Assault. Im not against Ltc. Resty about politics and I just wanted her to know I didn't need the US Army to help me find a job or fit into society. Those other soldiers were upset about this with her? I wasn't I have nothing against her. I forgot what they call it but they have something to help all of those soldiers who ETS fill out resume's like theres a class for this if they wanted to go do that. I didn't need to goto that class and yes Im infantry. I don't talk to my adoption aunt Mary Karst anymore but shes talking to Ltc. Resty of Ft. Carson Colorado? Did Mary make fun of my other adoption aunt aunt Shannon Karst (Brungardt)? Shannon thought I was a loser is why. Shes hanging out with Gina Nace? Yeah Gina my adoption family didn't know about who I hangout with after school type stuff. That's probably why all of those guys are laughing at this because my adoption family thought I was a loser and it didn't bother me. Yeah Mary found out about it and started making fun of Shannon because Shannon humiliated herself or something I don't know. My adoption aunt Mary is a stuck up chupacabra I know. Was Shannon trying to hangout with all of these older women in Colorado like Angela and Jamie? Angela and Jamie are making fun of Shannon. I have nothing against Angela and Jamie. Angela found out Im Prince of the Samoans. Shes in love with Dwayne Johnson. I know Angela and Jamie from the club in Colorado. Shannon isn't good enough to hangout with Angela and Jamie. Jamie is a cougar like when I knew her she was 40 probably (I don't want to talk about age so I wont) and its 10 years later now. I don't do anything anymore or hangout with anyone. Im a loser and a bum. Linda was actually trying to stick up for me? Linda you don't have to. Linda I was trying to be a nice guy to these people down south. Do you still talk to Parker? Parker lost his virginity to you probably and hes upset at me because I was talking about it. Linda said Im too good to hangout with these people down south. We know they were doing something behind my back with Prince William and Prince Harry since they never had normal lives. I had two different lives Linda. Up north Im known for hanging out with a lot of you people downtown just living the dream and getting into all kinds of drama but down south people think Im from Mexico and a loser and a homo and I just laugh at this. I don't like being a celebrity either but it happened when people found out about me from being up north. Linda was like a 40 year old cougar back I 2006 and its 10 years later now so yeah. Parker just turned 18 or something or 21 back in 2006 and hes hanging out with Linda all the time so I was talking to Parker about Linda one time about you think you are going to actually marry her and have kids and he didn't care I guess I don't know he doesn't like talking about it. All of those women at the club probably remember this. Yes I use to be friends with SSG. Joey Nace, Sgt. Eddie Hernandez, Sgt. Vincent Archiebuche, and Cpt. Wes Fine back in 2006. They saw us at the clubs or bars downtown all the time. I have nothing against these women in Colorado. It was just after work type stuff hanging out. I didn't know Joey Nace knows my adoption aunt Shannon Karst or it was Gina. I don't talk to my adoption family anymore I knew something fucked up happened behind my back and Nace probably knows all about it. Do you think Nace would tell me what happened if we were standing outside of Las Vegas in the desert? Yeah I don't do anything anymore or hangout with anyone after this happened. I woke up to reality.
  6. 7:58 AM 2/15/2016 What was I complaining about in the US Army at the range with the AR-15s? We had the M68s at the time by Aimpoint but I was using a front sight post one time to aim at targets and I was talking about how are we suppose to hit the targets 300 meters out with the front sight post? Have you ever tried to shoot at a target 300 meters out with the regular front sight post? They might of changed it now but I hated using it. Its not like it would matter anyways since we are using M68s but still lets say I broke my M68 red dot optic and had to use the front sight post. What was wrong with the front sight post? MAKE IT SKINNIER OR TIPPED AT THE TOP LIKE A NEEDLE. I was complaining about this back in 2004/2005. They might of had different front sight posts back in the day but I didn't know about it. I don't like shooting 300 meters out with the regular front sight post to the AR-15s. Yes I shoot 300 meters and was actually trying to hit the furthest target out there which is 300 meters but using the front sight post isn't what you wanted to use if youre picky like me about aiming and knowing where the bullet is going to hit. Yes I was the one who was on the M-249 and dropped it (tripped and tried to stop) and was complaining about why we have to use this piece of chupacabra no offense to FN in Belgium. I was talking about how the US Army should just modify an M4 with auto and turn it into a support weapon with bipod and 100 round drum mag. Its like the military heard me talking about it along with the US Govt. and corporate sector but the USMC is the only one who bought it. Im glad the USMC likes the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. The IAR is suppose to have a 100 round mag and to replace the M-249. Not everyone needs to be equipped with the IAR. Yes I was talking chupacabra about this back in 2004 in Ar Ramadi Iraq. The M27 isn't the same as the M4. The M27 is actually a modified version of H&Ks 416 (Heckler & Koch, German) with a different gas system using a piston not direct impingement like Colts (USA firearm company) M4 and AR15s. The M4 (later on M27) with a 100 round drum mag is more reliable wont jam as much especially in a desert enviornment like the M249 which is belt fed and I bet cheaper and on upkeep too. Its more accurate and ligher too. I can sell this idea too because I know it beats the M249 but does the military want to replace it? This is what they do in the Military Industrial Complex. The USA is learning from Europe mainly Germany. When I took time to think about the US Army with the infantry (fire team) we are not just focusing on technology but EVERYTHING especially spending budget. USA is learning from H&K and how Germany managed their military. Germany uses the G-36 family for all their roles which is a carbine, rifle, designated marksman rifle, grenadier, and even the support weapon as light machine gun. USA goes all out and has all the corporates compete against one another and takes the pick of the litter which is nothing wrong with that but that M4 design with the M16 family will work for the USA. USA doesn't use the G-36 they use AR15s and M4s for all their roles except for the marksman and support. Modify the M4 to a support weapon is all they had to do and they did this later on after I got out of the US Army. I hope the newer generation likes the new support weapon if they are using it now in the US military. As for the marksman rifle the snipers in Special Forces been using the M-110 which is a 7.62 not a bolt action its pretty much the 7.62 of a M4. Use the M-110 for designated marksman rifle in the fire teams. Not all units have access to M14s in the US Army. Most infantry units use M14s if they have access to it in their units. Not all units had M14s back in the day I bet. Yeah I knew about the XM8 it was a no go. H&K took part in that and I think they are the ones that made it. The USA was going off of spending budget that's why they wanted it but it didn't pass the tests to be used in the US military. Something with the XM8 didn't pass in performance I don't know.
  7. 7:28 AM 2/15/2016 We used AR-15s some used M-16s and M-4s in other units (Special Operations?). No I don't hold my breath when I shoot at targets 300 meters out. Yes it matters how you pull the trigger shooting. You use the tip of your finger to pull the trigger I will have to draw you a picture for this. You don't use the middle part of your finger. Why? It still matters 300 meters out but when you shoot long range like 1600 meters out you are twitching or jerking the rifle a little. An angle off at aiming due to a jerk or twitch on the rifle from trigger pull will chupacabra you up on hitting a target that far out. Yes I use to shoot 300 meters out all the time when we went to the range. Its part of qualifying too as infantry. The last records we have of me shooting I think is a 35/40 when I was 20 years old in South Korea and I never shot a rifle before and was still learning how to do this. This is basic training type chupacabra what I just typed out. You will notice a difference holding your breath shooting with a sniper rifle 1600 meters out. When you zero your rifle which is pretty easy. Make sure you put your cheek on the stock. Some use their chin I guess it varies (shooters preference?) been awhile since I held a rifle but its your cheek. Not all the time you can tuck the stock into your shoulder (wearing IBA? body armour?). Just make sure your cheek is on the stock when you shoot and its the same spot on the stock when you zeroed. Its that easy. When you stand, kneel or even prone make sure your cheek is on the same part of the stock and same eye distance from the optic all the time when you shoot. This is easier than what you think. Ive seen some people shoot weird trying to shoot M4s and AR-15s and you guys have no clue what youre doing so just laugh at yourself. No Im not the instructor type like these guys in Special Forces. Yes I can teach stuff like this or whatever it is (my personality of chupacabra Im into?) but Im not the teacher type just wanted everyone to know that. It was people in Central Intelligence Agency like me and maybe 5th Group Special Forces that got selected to go train the Mujahideen and form a terrorist group called Alqaeda to attack the Soviet Union during the Cold War. No I don't work for Central Intelligence Agency.
  8. 6:31 AM 2/15/2016 Whats up? Richard Hammond bragging about military chupacabra again? You and Harry even care for any of this or does he want me to brag? From what Ive seen below .50 cal UK has a good rifles in .338 with the L115A3 (Counter Strike players know it as the AWP). Are the people bragging about snipers again in society/military? I know this is annoying to those of us who are actually combat MOS types. Im pretty sure Prince William and Prince Harry know more than enough about firearms considering the two probably stay active hunting on a basis every morning. Fox hunting is banned in UK now? USA is working on the M-2010 I don't know but they were experimenting with this. I don't own firearms so I don't say anything. That M-2010 is a 7.62 (.300 cartridge) with a max effective range of 1200 meters out? Your L115A3 in 7.62 is 1100 meters for max effective range but the .338 for it is 1500 meters out. M-2010 I don't know if its in a .338 it might be. I don't know if the US military still uses the M-24 (US Army) and M-40 (USMC). Britiains L115A3 beat both in max effective range in both 7.62 and .338. M-24 and M-40 are both pretty much the same rifle modified from the 700 Model from Remington. I like the short barrel Model 700s or the .308 custom short barrels. I don't know if the USA plans on replacing the M-24 and M-40 with the M-2010 this is still in the works. So those who want to brag Britains L115A3 is beating USAs M24 and M40 but the M-2010 which is only in 7.62 (300 cartridge) is beating Britains L115A3 in 7.62 by 100 meters in max effective range. This is a big deal when you are shooting for distance dealing with bullet drop. Im not a sniper and I don't own any firearms but yes I can talk about this. I don't goto the range or shoot rifles but if I did yes I was shooting mile out too. People shoot mile out all the time theres nothing special about this. Do you talk to Kelly Sorensen? Yeah does he still make rifles? How far out does he shoot? I don't care at all for distance I was the one shooting the moving targets. Pretty easy to shoot for range if you know how to do this. When shooting past the max effective range dealing with windage yeah I know its a pain in the chupacabra trying to hit a soda can further than a mile out with a 7.62. I never shoot rifles but I know its like that. If those guys I use to know in the military goto the range yeah shooting a mile out should be easy especially for Sorensen if hes into firearms. Max effective range for the M-24 is 800 meters out with the 7.62. Shooting a mile is 1600 meters out (1609 to be exact). I didn't change the zero I only changed the magnification and was familiar with two settings in magnification. Depends on what we were shooting at like how big the target is. If its a pop can yeah this is going to be a pain in the chupacabra shooting a mile out with a 7.62. I cant say this because Im not familiar with rifles with magnifications. That's what I was going off of. I didn't have time to change the zero I used the elevation lines (I made my own optic crosshair its in my STEAM pictures). Im not familiar with zeroing a sniper rifle but if you were shooting at a target to zero at 200 meters you would only change the elevation nob right? So if I wanted to shoot 400 meters I turn the elevation nob certain amount of turns right? So Im shooting 1600 meters out. I don't know what its like changing the elevation on the scope its probably easier zeroing it than chupacabra with the magnification. But if I zeroed it at 200 meters how many turns on the elevation nob do I have to turn to get 1600 meters? Easy day is tomorrow? The thing about me is if I was shooting at a target 1600 meters out I didn't change the zero to 1600 meters. Lets say it was zeroed at 1000 meters out and I was using two magnifications. Im not familiar with magnification zooms but I knew where to aim for the 2nd zoom at 1600 meters. Im using the elevation lines. If Im not zoomed in enough I might be able to use the bottom elevation lines I don't know I cant say this like I said before I don't mess around with rifles and scopes. Everyone else was changing their zero and magnification at the range except me. Lets say this was a real deal and we made contact at targets 1000 meters out and I took them out but these others 1600 meters out showed up out of no where spraying at our location with 50 cal MGs. I didn't stop and adjust the scope settings I was able to pick them off with the settings already made on the rifle. There shouldn't really be any bullet drop because we aren't shooting past max effective range. Its the zero that's throwing it off. When you shoot past the max effective range zeroed at 1600 meters you will need to use the elevation lines below the center (center mass) of the crosshair. That's if we were shooting with a .338 (theres rifles out there that can shoot 1600 meters out). Im using a 7.62 that can only shoot 800 meters out. Who cares right? I actually don't and this came natural to talk about this and I don't own a firearm. Yes Im into the military and firearms. I had no reason to own a firearm other than hanging it in the backroom on the wall collecting dust. Can I shoot a mile out with a 7.62 yes. Like a red pop up target or dummy yes but at a pop can 1600 meters out probably not. Trying to hit a pop can 1600 meters out with a M24 (7.62 max effective range is 800 meters) isn't easy due to the windage. No Im not a sniper yes Im former military. Prince Harry and Prince William don't care for any of this either? Yeah Im the same way. Are these guys pogs who are talking? No wonder why just laugh at all of them what a joke and waste of time. Just make fun of them telling them they are heroes downtown. I don't want to listen to their chupacabra either. Im a nice guy but wow Im out of the US Army now and don't care for military. You wont see me with military stickers on my truck or hiding behind the war veteran discount or the war veteran free meal at Montana Mikes. I don't tell people Im former military but they found out due to me being a celebrity. You wont see me wearing military clothing either. Yeah I snuck in unnoticed while on national tv and didn't get caught and left with money.
  9. 12:59 AM 2/15/2016 So I was looking up who the voice actor was for Jade in Dying Light. Shes actually Indian (India) not Hispanic. I thought she might of been an actor from South America or maybe even Mexico. I think her name was Nazneen Contractor. They kind of tried to match her video game image on Jade to her actual appearance a little but it turns out different trying to copy face images. I was watching a video how they do this and I bet they did it to her too in this game. Anyways Jade is also an actor in a lot of movies like the tv series SCORPION. Is it a good tv show? Might be worth watching I don't know I don't watch tv or news now these days for my own reasons. Those of you that watch it Im glad you like it. I only looked it up online and scanned through the plot. Theres another game coming out that's Open World like Dying Light everyone might like its called The Division by UBISFOT. This is the next generation Im the next generation Generation Y. We are replacing Generation X that's why they are upset because Gen X is getting chupacabra on. I look at myself Gen X - Y more Gen X and raised with Gen X but birthday falls into the Gen Y category. I was thinking that the tv show Scorpion and the game The Division have something similar in the stories. What do you think it is? Theres a book I was thinking of I posted it in the STEAM forums about 4 guys in the US Govt. that were doing all of this for the US Constitution behind closed doors. What was that book called? The Extraordinary Men or something and they were in Central Intelligence Agency doing all of this chupacabra around the world with politics and everything with warfare I don't know I didn't read the book. What was the book called? This isn't UBISOFT "The Division" or the tv series Scorpion. This is the real deal. This is a live fire exercise. You guys like Brad Pitt movies better instead okay... World War Z? No I don't work for the United Nations but I will say hi to Council on Foreign Relations and Prince Hussein of Jordan and everyone else that's in on this. Yeah I emailed you guys in CFR giving you heads up whats going on with me. If I ever come to New York City I will definitely stop by the CFR building to see what this is about. I just wanted all of you to know we are living in different times and we don't have the same current events as Generation X did. That's why things might seem a little weird with Generation Y. I was raised with Gen. X that's why I didn't turn out like all of these others younger than me. We have different issues compared to Gen X. Gen X. not sure how far back they go but they had issues with the Soviet Union (Cold War ended in 1991). Baby Boomers who were before Gen. X had to put up with chupacabra Germany. Im trying to tell Gen. Y we aren't at war with the Middle East but it sells on tv like that. Im going to try and bring the USA together with everyone else around the world by changing christian culture in the USA. Im not against the American people about politics. No Im not running for office and Im not a politician either okay? Id rather have you look at me as the leader of The Avengers or something Nick Fury (sorry I had to) or the guy that's behind closed doors working with OTHERS at the top and doing management in the Govt. internationally too. You guys like X-Com trailers? I hate the new X-Com games doesn't have same management and gameplay its like comparing Rome Total War to Rome 2 Total War. What did you think of the guy in the spotlight talking about X-Com? Welcome back Commander? I wasn't in tears when I watched the X-Com 2 trailer. I was watching one of the X-Com 2 trailers and it was obvious. Its me... he was talking about the brain implant and I was looking at it how I should use the brain implant to manage the empire and worst case scenarios. I was ready to get this over with. Yeah Im doing okay. Prince William saw me pull Excalibur out of the stone? What did he say? He knew I found the Spear of Destiny. I was the one who created Cpt. Americas shield and I was the one who can actually throw it.
  10. 2:24 PM 2/14/2016 Taking a break right now. I died at level 29 about to get level 30 on nightmare (jumped off the bridge at night trying to get to a air drop) and have to start over. Yeah... need to take a break. Since Im in here and I can hear all of you talking I never read the bible only looked up certain things on internet like bible passages. The bible isnt true its false. Ive never read the bible but what do I think the bible is about? Its false.... if I could pick any story or anything in the bible to make it false what would it be? Sumer isnt the first civilization. What is the bible about? Stories of Royals in a fallen empire that the historians/archeologist named ATLANTIS in synonyms/metaphors (just a wild guess). Sons of God? The Middle East Royals still practice polygyny.
  11. 7:28 AM 2/14/2016 Taking a break from Dying Light in Nightmare setting. Yeah I can hear you talking about "ARYAN". What I meant by that is we were more disciplined and didn't need religion and recognized the Emperor as GOD or RULER of the empire. chupacabra Germany copied off this culture and used it for their culture (the picture of the N-A-Z-I Socialist whos disciplined vs white trash racist who thinks hes a N-A-Z-I). USA has their own and so does Imperial Japan (Samurai). We aren't Samurai but that warrior society with the whole "how to live life" code of conduct was culture and some look at it as a religion all of that culture with warrior ethos (no different from the Samurai Code and warrior society) is the same how the Samoans were and with the history of Atlantis. The American soldiers are having a hard time figuring out what the Warrior Ethos is. The infantry types whether they were in the USMC or the US Army know what Im talking about. That stuff they teach in basic training isn't the warrior ethos. See how its more strict amongst the combat MOS types and how they are more disciplined? Thats pretty much the warrior ethos and training soldiers and infantry culture (part of raising/training soldiers). Those guys that go through that in the infantry want nothing to do with the US military and I don't blame them because Im the same way but Im into the military. We try to teach (don't really have to the media and culture does it for us) the soldiers to be loyal to the US Constitution and defend the US Constitution as if its GOD and be proud American with the culture in the USA. It turns out weird because of politics with a DEMOCRACY where people have choices and we sell it on tv by saying people (civilians) have freedom. The USA isn't a Monarchy with a King or Emperor at the top. That picture with the proud N A Z I Socialist whos disciplined versus the white trash racist thinking hes a N A Z I which one am I? Im not part of the N A Z I Socialist Party.
  12. 12:08 AM 2/14/2016 People are so dumb in the USA. I know Prince William is watching this with Princess Catherine Middleton. Yeah the people were trying to chupacabra with me so they can find out how we (Govt.) do this. I had no problem posting the answers online so easy for them to read. We were reading your emails, text messages, cell phone conversations and even watching you from the sky. Theres technology and tactics (or what do you want to call it?) we do to keep an eye on all of you. We didn't care you cheated on your husband. We were catching all of you who robbed a bank, murder or plan on killing someone. We didn't care for your personal lives. We already have a database on all of you in the USA with your social security number and records that are up to date with where you live and what you do. No we don't go off of this chupacabra that's online to look people up these people in the Govt. have their ways on getting information and no Im not a police officer or law enforcement officer to arrest you. People that want to know about this type of stuff in the Govt. are usually the ones guilty of committing one of these crimes I named above including FORGERY and FRAUD. It was my idea to put all of you on tv and maybe turn this into an episode on COPs.
  13. 9:35 PM 2/13/2016 Yes I can hear you talking. Do I know the stories about a fallen Empire called Atlantis? Im going to take a wild guess on this one too because its OBVIOUS. Am I traced to the Scorpion King or something? Whats the history behind the Scorpion King? Im traced to the Emperors of Atlantis who took over the Middle East. The Samoans are the REAL Aryan race (genetics) not the Greeks in Europe. We invaded Europe and they found fossils and culture in Europe to prove this. Im one of the highest ranking Royals in blood on the planet and I never knew. All of us Royals are traced to Atlantis that are part of this family. Atlantis isn't real and the real name wasn't called Atlantis and earth didn't look like it does now back in the day. Atlantis sank to the bottom of the ocean and destroyed itself (new Superman movie Man of Steel isn't real)? Australia is ripped at the top. Its not in the Atlantic its in the Pacific. Australia is whats left of Atlantis but the people who use to live on Australia were not the people that live there now or the aborigines it was the Polynesians like the Samoans. The Samoans are different in genetics. This is just a hunch a wild guess and I bet Im right. The Samoans use to live on Australia and Australia is Atlantis with rest of the Far East (Asia). We took over Africa and invaded into Europe (Aryan Invasion). Aryans don't come from India or Middle East it was a culture thing traced to the Pacific Ocean. Aryans were bred for warfare (Emperors bodyguards, soldiers, bounty hunters) and was a race of people. Germans were not Aryan during WW2 that was German propaganda (Greek propaganda to me because Greeks were at war with the Aryans and said the samething about themselves). Long time ago before 9000 BC we bred certain race of humans for certain tasks in life because of your genetics. Yes we knew about genetics that far back in time and no ones going to believe it. Even the Vatican City has records of this I bet in the Vatican Secret Archives. The Aryans created a race of Africans to work in the mines (movie Congo?). We were the ones that did this to the entire planet a long time ago creating different races or people for different tasks. The Master Race was the people who use to live on Australia and the Samoans use to live on Australia that far back in time. Its the Samoans. Tonga is the same race as the Samoans just different Govt. type with a different Royal family at the top. Samoa and Tonga don't get along at times I don't know what their deal is in the Pacific. Everytime you hear the word Samoa or Samoan I want you to think of the word Aryan because the two words are pretty much the same how people are proud Samoan (warrior society) and proud Aryan in Middle East. Its the whole reputation behind the two words are pretty much the same meaning. Everytime you hear the word Aryan I want you to think of Samoa or Samoan. How many of you liked HBO Rome? That was so yesterday. When everyone got into the Roman times I was already into Atlantis. If you liked HBO Rome you would probably like HBO Atlantis. It wasn't Gaius Julius Caesars side of the family the historians and archeologists are making a big deal about its Queen Cleopatra of Egypts side of the family that's traced to Atlantis not Caesar. Everyone found out about the REAL STORIES OF JESUS CHRIST? That's why they never made a Season 3 to HBO ROME. Do you know how many upset christians in USA there would of been? If you want to talk about this chupacabra I have no problem talking about it. No Im not into UFOs or Aliens (remember it was Aryan Invasion not Alien Invasion that wasn't a UFO that was a blimp/zeppelin) in Sumer. Im going to take a break.
  14. 8:50 PM 2/13/2015 Information in the United States on psychic research in some foreign counties was sketchy and poorly detailed, based mostly on rumor or innuendo from second-hand or tertiary reporting, attributed to both reliable and unreliable disinformation sources from the Soviet Union. The CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency decided they should investigate and know as much about it as possible. Various programs were approved yearly and refunded accordingly. Reviews were made and semi-annually at the Senate and House select committee level. Work results were reviewed, and remote viewing was attempted with the results being kept secret from the "Viewer". It was thought that if the viewer was shown they were incorrect it would damage the viewers confidence and skill. This was standard procedure throughout the years of military and domestic remote viewing programs. Feedback to the remote viewer of any kind was rare; it was kept classified and secret. Remote Viewing attempts to sense the unknown information about places or events. Normally it is performed to detect current events, but during the military domestic intelligence applications viewers claimed to sense things in the future, experiencing precognition. - STARGATE PROJECT wikipedia No Im not psychic and I don't look at that as precognition. This isn't precognition that I know the United States of Europe is in the process of being created. I didn't need to see the Death Star plans I knew they were making it on that side of the Universe. A class at Yale University teaches this what Im talking about and what I do its called Game Theory. Like I said before no I don't look at myself as a spy . I was so good at doing this we did it on national tv and the people didn't know what this is or what was going on. I don't know what was said or done on the other side of the USA with this drama going on behind my back so how could of I possibly known what was said or happened? Sensing information right... remote viewing? Hows my driving? Highspeed? Play that audio from Thunderstrike 2 again I thought that was cool. "Roger that Firestorm you have a green light for a go go go". Yeah I got the message. It works and Im doing okay trying to say that to those psychiatrists in Europe since they know more about Monarchy Govt. culture and they recognize me as a Prince. The USA is still clueless. You guys want to know whats going to happen those of you that I use to work with in the US military and trying to be all professional? Im going from Seal Team 6 to MI6 James Bond 009 to a Rockstar (celebrity as a Prince) and you cant do anything about it. Central Intelligence Agency doesn't recognize me as an employee do they? They denied everything with me? Yeah that was going to happen. How many of you think I work for Central Intelligence Agency in Special Activities Division? I think its pretty cool. Who are the best of the best? They are all in Central Intelligence Agency. No I don't work for GRE and no I don't work for Central Intelligence Agency in SAD (Special Activities Division).
  15. 7:32 AM 2/13/2016 Are you watching this? Prince William Christian Lewis (Cpt. Lewis) and Frederick Babauta (Cpt. Babauta) and Joe Hallet (Cpt. Hallet) chupacabra me over behind my back again about what happened in Ar Ramadi Iraq? No one gives a kurczak and I don't care either. If people wanted to talk about it okay I had no problem telling them that my squadleader SSG. Vitagliano (Thomas Vitagliano) was Special Operations and trained regular army infantry as Special Operations light infantry like I said no one cares and Im not bragging about this. What would I do if they take PTSD and everything else off the record for that military pension? I already proved I don't have it. Are the lawyers reading this? I need a lawyer that's skilled in certain fields. We might be up against Federal Lawyers we might not. I have nothing against the US Constitution and those Federal Lawyers already know what I found out about myself. We can start with an x-ray of my head. These hospitals in the USA are owned by these companies and I have nothing against these companies. Im only here for an x-ray that's it and these people that work in hospitals are against me for getting an x-ray (due to politics or personal issues or RELIGION). If they quit their job I don't give a chupacabra. We can start iwith an x-ray of my head and go from there. I know more than enough and I know what to say to these others in the Govt. I just need a lawyer that can do the paperwork and knows the field. I was ready to meet Grandma Windsor Queen Elizabeth II in court or her representatives or however this was setup. King me? I don't know what would happen if they would fight back or sided with me but I was ready for anything to happen and see how this turns out. Next thing you know those Federal Lawyers gave us the win and I got a key and needed to sign some papers and talk to a bank accountant. The key is to Uncle Marios Chateau in Italy and the paperwork was for the Royal Inheritance/pension ($4,000,000.00 in bank to start out with plus $200,000.00 a month for rest of my life) and the bank accountant was there to talk about the bank the money is in and going to or transfer over to the bank I use now. Theres a brain implant inside me and I didn't know till I got older (after the military in Feb. 2007). Even Diana Napolis knows what it is probably and is upset I sided with the US Constitution? Im a heroe to Diana Napolis because she knows I went through chupacabra and almost died a bunch of times but she didn't know enough about me I bet. I didn't find out about this chupacabra till later on. Diana Napolis got labeled crazy for harassing the celebrities haha because a lot of these celebrities have one in them too. Yeah Im still here and Im still alive. I sided with Mike (Michael Aquino) no matter what Diana. Im proof this is really going on and its sad to see me turn out like this. I never met Michael Aquino but I know hes a good guy and most likely an atheist (non believer in religion) even if hes the highest ranking satanic priest on the planet. He works for the US Govt. and hes helped out the Govt. with a lot of things. Atheists can be good people too. Good deeds get you into heaven. I don't know whats wrong with Diana Napolis but sounds like she knows all about this brain implant that's inside me. I wasn't for sure what it can do until I started seeing dejavu in the media when I got older. I thought maybe it was a coincidence but its not. Im glad I inspired everyone or made you laugh because I wasn't trying to. Im glad everyone likes Dying Light. After I found out there was a brain implant in me I started to pickup on coincidences not just in the movies, tv shows, video games and music but also stuff I was born with like my birthday. My birthday isn't real. March 25th is the Annunciation of jesus christ and I never knew this till I got older. Im walking around telling people Im a descendant of jesus christ and my birthday is March 25!!!!!!! No that's not a coincidence that's called being setup your entire life. So if I was to get a lawyer this lawyer now has a general idea what I want to do and what direction I want to go with this chupacabra with me. They don't want me to talk about MK ULTRA or Project Stargate? MK ULTRA is more like getting people to do stuff and its part of mind warfare. Like even bribing someone is considered MK ULTRA not just through propaganda and influence. That's what MK ULTRA was I don't know what they call it now. Stay away from those conspiracies because they exaggerate it in the conspiracies. Project Starage works with MK ULTRA. Project Stargate started out as that group in the US Army trying to become psychics but this kind of started the whole Govt. experiments for MK ULTRA too. These guys were brainwashed thinking they were psychics and they got used by the Govt. to do experiments like to get them to go do stuff and they didn't know what was really going on as far as they know they can talk to dead people or they think they can walk through walls and do Jedi mind tricks on each other. No Im really a Prince I even thought I was part of that MK ULTRA experiment but the US Govt. wasted so much money to set me up like this and put that satellite in orbit to watch me haha just laugh at this. Why would you go out of your way to keep an eye on me as if Im like the President of the USA? That's telling me Im a VIP compared to society. Im Royalty and a Prince that has to be it. That was also part of MK ULTRA was to talk to individuals in society in a way without talking to others and the individuals would know whats going on while others in society had no clue for example media. The Govt. has tricks to talk to people or individuals without making direct contact. They do this on a mass scale too a good example is 9/11. Alqaeda did 9/11 not the Middle East people. I never said 9/11 was an inside job I said the American people were psyched up to deploy overseas because of this. Yeah that's part of mind warfare. No Im not a remote viewer so if you know someone whos a Remote Viewer and think hes Jedi or can talk to dead people tell them to stay away from me because Im not like that. We know more than enough about MK ULTRA we (Govt) would do this to VIPs in society not regular people in society. No Im not one of those loonies to talk about aliens and UFOs like Rosewell New Mexico? That wasn't an alien and UFO really yes I know what it was I will take a guess and it upsets these guys who try to be professional in the US who are former military because they couldn't put the puzzle together. I bet it was the Horten 229 that crashed in New Mexico. What was the year? When did WW2 end? Yeah... I didn't know what year that UFO incident happened either back in the day till I got older but Im a WW2 junky type and into military history too it came natural to know this since its part of my personality. That wasn't an alien UFO that was a protype of a stealth jet (design copied from chupacabra Germany) or the stealth jet made by chupacabra Germany called the Horten 229. It will be okay. Living the dream? I woke up in the hospital in Las Vegas on my 27th birthday with some black guy on tv on American Idol I think singing happy birthday and Im surrounded by zombies with the song "Princes of the Universe" by Queen playing in my head for some reason (I woke up in ICU with a woman pulling staples out of my neck with that song playing I must be Kurgan from Highlander). All these zombie movies have something like that in it like Resident Evil with Alice in Raccon City or 28 Days Later Im sure theres others out there to watch. I woke up to reality in Las Vegas Nevada. If this is hell I hope Im the one on throne. - HRH Prince Nicholas Samoan Prince of England