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  1. Jedster

    How To Do Flying Kick

    itechankit: first you have to unlock agility skill to do droppkick, then while sprinting, jump and press E... Inventory size is getting bigger as you level up your survival lvl, no skills needed as i remember... at second one i am not sure, i dint play it for a while.
  2. Jedster

    Please For God's Sake...

    Oh I get it now... I thought that you'r on PC too, well i was playing on hard and opend like 200 vans and didn't find any gold waepons, so i do not open them any more... maby they drop only on nightmare mode, dont know so chupacabra the gold weapons
  3. Jedster

    Please For God's Sake...

    I am playing on pc, and a have no problem with bomers ar virals... game would be sooooo boring without them during day time, just smash evrything in your way... I belive i am not the only one with this opinion. Lockpicking?? realy?? how easier it can be?? after hundreds of hours you should not have problem with that...
  4. I also played both endings and i was surprised by that one after boss fight when Kyle turn... not dissapointed just surprised. Other one was like: ok, I am gonna die, evryone is gonna die but virus too.... Hmmm, hmmm - ok... planet is saved... It was nothing special but it's an ending... In second ending i was realy surprised that kyle made it out of quarantine zone as a night hunter or whatever, and i think it supouse mean that if you chose not to sacryfice yourself and evryone in the quarantine, you will infect the rest of the world and it will be true zombie apocalipse. I kinda like it That may be start for another DLC or Sequel for another character... I must say that i didn't feel like evrything that I was doing was useless and for nothing, I realy enjoyed entire game and the ending was unexpected which i can't say about main story and that is big plus for me, no matter that it was bad or good ending. I LIKED IT!!! Good job Techland, keep going Edit: I didn't like how they change the faces (voices probably too) of twin brothers... they looks stupid in DLC In main game they were kinda funny, and in DLC they are just lame
  5. Jedster

    Invincible Demolishers?

    I come across one too on highway, I shoot him with shotgun like 50 times and nothing so i tryed meele waepons and didn't hit him eather... so i run away
  6. I had same problem, so i did not follow pipeline, just place marker on map at quest destination, and i drive there by the roads... it takes less time and you drive faster then on fields...i finish quest with 9 sec left but i made it hope it will help you....
  7. Jedster

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    I agree that at night is there too many volatiles but i kinda like it... its more challenging and more fun for me. You should be afraid of night in game like this... I think that is why there are hives to clear out, as i understand, more hives you clear, less volatiles at night... and i like this concept... During day it would be too easy without boomers and virals, just drive around and smash everithing in your way... I like it how it is.