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  1. smc

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    Thanks Pete, sneaking in a few BTZ updates there autocrossbow fix looks interesting might do some hunting again.
  2. smc

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I think the new way of playing is a fresh hunter versus maxed and/or cheating players (VAC banned i show no mercy also), with only speed and tendril locomotion unlocked... Makes for some hilarious footage.
  3. smc

    2016-09-05 Update

    Exciting, need more info!
  4. smc

    Think This Needs To Be Patched

    Ahhhhh so that's how their doing it.
  5. smc

    Help Getting This "guide" And Group Removed.

    Yeah fairly ridiculous, how this is allowed or not picked up by steam or admins in some way is just retarded. Old mate badkarma, easy to upset, didn't think he had a community of noobs with him lol, good way to find, join and troll players thanks for the link
  6. smc

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Most of the time i've found the mod and hack users are the easiest prey of all to the point where i search out games with VAC bans and 250 legend noobs to troll. Makes some great vids >8) We kinda already knew BTZ was an experiment added to the game late in development, they got the feedback a long time ago they needed/wanted and i feel they have been looking at the next games for quite some time. Just got to hope they bring out BTZ2. I'm hoping for standalone with bozak or similar trials to gain xp or items. Sarcasm bro so no offense taken >< can't deny we are still playing because we still enjoy it, even if there's 1 person still playing by himself (probs will be me lol). Exactly >8)
  7. smc

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    True fans will never let anything die, we got the taste of a great game here and can't help but want more as we can't find it anywhere else lol
  8. smc

    Pete/// And Hunters Please Read

    Its the smoke bombs that you can only obtain via mods i think you're talking about, mainly used by noobs as haven't seen too much of them about.
  9. smc

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    Survivors should have an energy bar yeah like in campaign survival mode, i always believed in that and the hunter should need to feed to regain health that's a good idea, maybe on a zombie that only resides at the nests so forfeiting the amount of zombies protecting nests.
  10. smc

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    Lol what about poor old hunter booster?
  11. Good stuff there, this one i cant get my head around tho: - Tendril Locamotion can be clipped with claw allowing you to use tendril again quicker. Useful for circling or escaping. I tried this and from what i can tell, as you need to hold tendril button anyways it seemed the same as just letting go of tendril button? Might be my button configuration and the fact i haven't played in a long while.
  12. smc

    To Pete

  13. smc

    To Pete

    Player run dedicated servers pls even if you provide the rental, with more game modes = what ever you produce will last for yrs to come and guarantee more sold copies because of this.