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  1. Well, I hope techland isnt listening to the wrong voices Framerate is sweet, no lags, no drops, no input lags whatsoever (perhaps icecream in your controller?) And pleeeease techland, give us MORE fast runners! We want a challenge!
  2. icre8

    Sick Of Assists! Nightmare Mode Ruined!

    Agree 100% Techland seems like good guys, but this makes me wonder...
  3. Since reading the posts in the forum with suggestions and wishes from the community it's pretty obvious that a majority wish to see a more challenging and more "realistic" approach on the game. And with challenging I don't think people mean more shooting and bashing. I wonder if this has been implemented in the enhanced version of the game? What new parkour moves can we expect, and has there been any consideration taken to all players who wish to play DL more "realistic"? (stealth/sneaky rather than guns blazing)