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  1. Insurrection211

    Just How Bad Is The Original Btz

    I played when the game first came out and had a lot of fun because people didn't know the best tactics against the night hunter (or have a million meds, flares and gold weapons). That was the first week or so the game was released but that's all I played btz. I'm personally not even going to buy the following unless they fix be the zombie. I'm bored of playing as the survivor.
  2. Insurrection211

    The Many "whys" Of Btz

    They've got a lot of tweaking to do then. This game mode is just a joke now. Everyone is either constantly drop kicking, spamming flares or using a shield to negate a spits effects, making it extremely frustrating to play.
  3. Insurrection211

    So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

    Just having fun doesn't justify cheating or exploiting glitches. I think they should make everyone do a complete reset when starting the following. Gold weapons are just a joke now. Everyone who's played online probably has at least 20.
  4. Insurrection211

    The Zombie And Survivor Balance

    I agree that the regular zombies have a too much health. I think there should be more zombies that spawn in general AND when noise is made but with much less health, unless the zombies health scales with the survivors weapons attack that is. Too bad techland probably wont make any of the changes here even though most are reasonable even from more experienced players (not myself). I love to play both sides as well.
  5. Insurrection211

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Not entirely sure if it qualifies for this exact topic but I've played against a few kids who like to hang out in the glitch spot at the tower. You climb a cabinet in there and you climb into the ceiling and they can shoot/swing their weapons but you cant hurt them. I could make a video if necessary but I think its a well known bug at this point.