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  1. IrishET123

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Made me chuckle !!! Benny Hill soundtrack is genius.
  2. IrishET123

    Uv Heal Good Or Rubbish.

    Interesting !! Are you able to upload video of these tricks in action?
  3. I'm not the best hunter and never will be - my reflexes have slowed with my advancing years - but I give it a good go and really enjoy PVP, except.....I'm really sick of being OHK'd. I make far too many mistakes, and against a human who has a OHK weapon, one mistake is all it takes. I thought OHKs were being patched out? Are OHK weapons actually intentionally left in the game? I played someone yesterday who was very good at avoiding my GPs - one swipe and I was toast. Please fix this Techland.
  4. IrishET123

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Absolutely - this is unlike anything else I've played before and I love the chess-like tactics - yes, it is unbalanced and there are tricks that that human can exploit, but it's still great fun.
  5. IrishET123

    Need Some Advice From Fellow Night Hunters.

    where's your respect man?
  6. Bit like pool - I always play better after a few pints - loosens me up !!!
  7. IrishET123

    Please Save The Hunters Before They Are Gone...

    Dr P is on the money here - you gotta play smart and use the surroundings to your advantage. I too face the same problems as skillfulstone (who started the thread) and I often come across players that are too damn slippery to kill / hit with a spit / spam dodge etc and find myself losing games easily. But there's no rules against spamming - and hey, if it works for you, why not use it? I totally understand why a survivor would throw a zillion flares (annoying as that is). It's frustrating, along with dodge spamming survivors, DFA and OHKs - but It's only when I try to adapt my play and play smarter that I find myself winning / doing better in games. I'm only a level 42 Apex Predator and sometimes I do well against Ultimate Survivors and their brethren, but only when I play smart.
  8. IrishET123

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    What he said +1
  9. IrishET123

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I thought this had been patched out but...I spawned in a safe area yesterday (right at the beginning of the game) an died on the spot - I'd heard that had been patched, but just so you know.
  10. IrishET123

    Join The Nh Strike

    You are correct - I am prone to a bit of whining, and my skills do need sharpening, but I think you've missed the humour in my post.
  11. IrishET123

    Join The Nh Strike

    Given the recent updates and the imbalance in PVP, the fact that my nests can be ohk, the fact that even though I jump 25 feet over a survivor he still manages to kill me with whatever little melee tool he has at his disposal, the fact that survivors can dodge spam and grapple hook spam with no penalty, the fact that they can avoid bombers by simply climbing the nearest lamp-post or building, that their UV light has an infinite battery and seemingly limitless range, that they chuck flares around like confetti, that they can seemingly lock on to DFA even when I'm no where near them, that they can still drop kick me even though I activated my GP first, that they know exactly where I am all the time, that they can cheat cheat cheat and the NH can't do anything about it, and I'm not even going to include the buggy issues, and that I wait bloody ages for a match...............I'm going on strike. No more NH from me until the matches are fair. All those who feel the same way can join the strike. Equal rights for the NH !!!!! (tongue firmly in cheek)!
  12. IrishET123

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    I played last night in slums and someone was shooting the nest and one bullet is all it took. I play on Xbox One and haven't downloaded The Following yet as it's not available until tomorrow. I don't know what firearm they were using - could have been a shotgun by the sound of it.
  13. IrishET123

    Has Anyone Played Btz As Nh Since New Updates?

    Maybe I was just over-excited during my match !!! It certainly seemed like spits were regenerating quicker. Also, I think spawn time has reduced
  14. IrishET123

    Has Anyone Played Btz As Nh Since New Updates?

    \spits are regenerating much quicker in 1v1 and the tackle from tendril sprint is great. BUT nests are being one shotted by a firearm
  15. IrishET123

    No New Skills Or Mutations In Btz Post Following

    That sounds really cool - can't wait to give it a go tonight. Go NH !!!!