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  1. A menu comes up "Choose how you want to play" and it takes our screens hostage, and we click it once and it doesn't go away, but it comes back and we need to keep clicking it for around a minute to get it off. I think this needs to be fixed.
  2. And me and my friend where insta-killing the nests... So will he get vac banned or will all of us get vac banned?
  3. I fire it over there and an explosion happens at my feet WTF!
  4. SnarlyTrain

    What Is A Volatile Hunter Sword?

    Or will it be in the next dlc?
  5. SnarlyTrain

    The Grapple Bounty

    I grapple them with grapple hook but the number at the side stays still, why?
  6. SnarlyTrain

    More Super Crane :d

    And he scales antennas and buildings liek SPIDERMON!!!!!
  7. SnarlyTrain

    Nighthunter Abilitys

    Cool! And i think it can only be one use item per game, as it sounds a bit OP
  8. SnarlyTrain

    I Need Some Help To Make My Friend Play This Game

    Gift him it. If that dont work then tough, people like different things i guess...
  9. SnarlyTrain

    How To Do Flying Kick

    You mean the dropkick? Press space then E. I dont think you can increase your inventory, you can store them in your player stash at a safehouse.
  10. SnarlyTrain

    What Is A Volatile Hunter Sword?

    I wonder how i would equip it.
  11. Is it a cut dlc content or something, and what can it do?