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  1. jacobjtec

    Nightmare Mode.....whats Wrong With You?

    Eh i don't know they seem pretty rotten, it's just the higher ups who are evolved and way stronger, even the virals are pretty weak they just do a ton of damage.
  2. Well actually i don't think she can communicate regularly when you actually talk with her her mouth is moving and making sounds but it's just groaning she is talking telepathically, or something else.
  3. So i've done all three endings, so i have to ask could there be more sentient volatiles? Does kyle crane restart the infection, when he comes out there are children playing and there's a bus being driven. Also i really think you guys should add a volatile costume with the volatile's claws that crane uses vs the mother.
  4. jacobjtec

    Nightmare Mode.....whats Wrong With You?

    Dead bodies become stiff but they also become very brittle and rotten, which the zombies are far past that.
  5. This is just not true, you are playing with a friend you should be able to do whatever you want with them, you also can turn vac off and you won't get banned.
  6. We just wanna have some fun but i don't want to get banned.
  7. jacobjtec

    How To Make Mods Work Again

    You probably don't want to do that you could get vac banned it seems.
  8. jacobjtec

    What Is The Postprocess?

    It doesn't do anything it's just a filter you can turn on or off.
  9. jacobjtec

    Drink For Dlc

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic but this sounds pretty funny.
  10. jacobjtec

    Collectible Outfits?

    So i've found 2, the tree hugger one which i don't know how i got and the "nothing has happened" outfit, have you found anymore?
  11. Will we keep our inventory and level from the main game in the following?
  12. it's almost midnight here and i hope i can play it.
  13. Kinda sucks that you got no answer.
  14. jacobjtec

    I'm Worried About The Following

    Ok, thank you for taking the time to reply to me, glad parkour isn't put off!
  15. To me it looks like you guys are putting the parkour off for the car, i love dying light and one of the main reasons is because of the parkour.