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    Current state of BTZ PVP

    I've come back to this game about about 7 months of not playing to find out it's still horrid state for zombies and only gotten worse. And I'm not inexperienced, I have nearly 100 hours on my main night hunter save which is a rank 57 apex predator. There are some real problems like - Automatic crossbows (Still exists after recent patch) - Automatic shotguns - Survivors have Infinite ammo - Rank 250 players with less than 100 hours on the game - Infinite UV lights - 4 Humans with infinite flares trading off around the nest + Above item - Infinite medkits (I know they're easy to kill, but 99+ medkits in one round of BTZ? wtf.) You guys really need to consider looking into the scripted/cheated weapons and disabling them, it really ruins the game. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BadKarmasCommunity (This screenshot is from their group page) This is a group on steam where any person can join for free scripted items. They give out everything in the above screenshot to anyone who asks and this basically gives anyone who plays dying light on steam free access to cheated weapons like the damn automatic crossbows and infinite UV lights. Please consider taking groups like this down for the sanctity of the game and it's players. BTZ is an awesome gamemode that I love playing but it's just damn hard to love it much anymore because of all this madness..
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    Team Noob Hacking On Vac Secure Game!

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    Mind Games As The Night Hunter

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