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    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: Kinda balanced #1 thing that bugs me: DK is easy to land and therefore chains, telebombers, backslide exploits and slides. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: Balanced in all modes #1 thing that bugs me: pretty much nothing DO NOT change anything OVERALL #1 thing I want: At least 1 more mutation level for 1 or 2 more extra skills (because there's no point to accually level the hunter past 50), DO not change anything besides what i mentioned for Survivor. Some new PVP mode would be good for BTZ too...except being a daddy to hatching volatiles
  2. XeNoN

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    The only thing about this update is survivor sense while every balancing is welcomed the survivor sense update is kinda buggy because humans can now just spam sense and have constantly nh on the radar idk if that was intentional from the dev's or not but personally its like the update was never realeased that's related to survivor sense.
  3. XeNoN

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    The best balancing update that has ever hit the DL imo. I know i speak for all other good players that they think the same way. NH is now much more playable and the game and balance itself are on place. The only thing dear dev's what's left is bug fixes. Again thanks for the update MUCH appreciated and please dont pay attention to players who cry (complain). NH should've and NEEDS to be hard to deal with not ping pong ball which you can kill with a thumb... Thanks
  4. XeNoN

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Not bad but still toxic spit is situational still while Sense Supressor spit is still useless doesnt matter if you increase duration or not since most skilled players DONT use HUD in game... Anyways i would consider you to check my idea i posted just a suggestion although nice effort to improve the game. Thanks.
  5. XeNoN

    For Devs

    Ok since Pete mentioned something about changing Toxic and Sense Supressor spits and Uv Heal to become more viable (i very rarely use them tbh except uv heal ofc) is this: Toxic Spit change name to Plague Spit Instead of Exploding in a puddle it could be done like this: Sticks to survivor or objects then after a delay explodes in a gas type of formation and infects any survivors that pass through, the humans can transmit "disease" to others which deals same damage as Toxic spit. If it sticks to human after a delay its "ready" to spread to other humans and deals damage ofc Sense Supressor: Instead of removing the Surv Sense why not blind and mute the sounds? Because most of the players play without a hud? Uv Heal: There are multiple options: 1. Use 1 Uv Block point: (HOLD) - Heals over time but allows you to move and attack over like 5-10 seconds rapid healing 2. Use 2 Uv Block Point: (TAP) - Adds uv block over 5-10 secs after healing 3. Use old Uv Heal
  6. XeNoN


    You forgot repair glitch for humans
  7. XeNoN

    Ground Pound Nerf

    What are you talking about??? Tackle's and GP's have same damage regardless if theyre upgraded or not...the difference is only knockback distance with either tackle and gp...for GP upgrade then it has larger radius and stronger knockback. For spits you need to always upgrade them...idk how you are able to play if you cant land spit sticks which are easy btw...there are few tactics: 1. Kamikaze Tactic: just run into human and quickly press spit it will always stick 2. Visceral's GP+Spit: Non Upgraded Gp works the BEST with it and it always sticks 3. Flyby Stick: When youre tendriling just aim abit below the vaistline of a human spit should always stick.
  8. XeNoN

    Ground Pound Nerf

    Dont upgrade gp it was always that way if you upgrade it...
  9. XeNoN

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    That's called lag, happened to me as NH as when a friend was nh.
  10. XeNoN

    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    Are you serious? Claw can take 50 % HP of human if you use claw+tendril animation trick...
  11. XeNoN

    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    Go cry somewhere else...what are you suggest we kill you with? Angry look? Smile? Get a grip...
  12. XeNoN

    Highest Lvl For Nh Post Your Lvl Here

    ...Useless topic but ok: x7 lv 60 Apex Predators ( 1 is Mutation 1 lv 60) - obviously i deleted some saves to start over to level and ofc most recent one is mutation 3 lv 23 so technically my 8th NH
  13. XeNoN

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    New NH gameplay 1v1 intense game vs MODELIZMA
  14. XeNoN

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    *Posted in wrong section sorry
  15. XeNoN

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    Techland i never get the stats for the event no tackle etc but i can use all skills etc, and when i use all spits and uv it doesnt regenerate and i basically reset when i die and on respawn again all my skills are available... Also happened one time i accually had only uv block, gp and pounce according to this event... Please fix -.-
  16. XeNoN

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    NH without tackle: Dead NH without Spit: Even more dead Great job Nobalanceland
  17. Ok today multiple times this has been fixed then reapplied...jesus techland make up your mind because it's costing me games... First of damage: On 4v1: 1 shot with Impact bolt 90 % hp or insta kill 2handed weapons 1 swing 60-70 % hp ... I dont want to talk about uv heal, its worthless now takes 3 second's to complete and that is what usually chupacabra's my game's dont tell me get better etc because im not only one here...
  18. Hey dev's may we know what's new in this update ?
  19. XeNoN

    Give Us A Reason.

    I was accually suggested simmilar thing not long ago think was May or April this year so yea...
  20. XeNoN

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    True, but people keep forgetting one game that accually brought cooperative play vs zombies: Left 4 Dead series...its concept of mulltiplayer is simple yet so diverse, in my 3-4 years of playing it since 2008 up to 2010-11 or so i was accually never bored. If you remember when Valve was said and mentioned AI Director which set's the game difficulty when you play spawns more horde, tanks, bosses...that one little thing including diversity of zombies people could play, sure before Rotoblin was introduced by third party CEVO tournaments were played and most of the time favour was for survivor's...and that was accually minor imbalance issue. So there, what's kept me in L4D for so long is that every time was different, sure there were like 4 main maps and 2-3 more from dlc's but because of AI Director and diversity of zombies player's could play you always see new tactic's and challanges especially during tank fight's or double spawn of horde. So what about Dying Light? For me DL Pvp was always cool and fun, but it didnt lasted like L4D one did We all know that during zombie apocalypse from movies and games there are tons of zombies in the world and in BTZ only...a few? Come on...what always has bothered me in DL is that we have one OP glass cannon with balerina health pool...if Techland was accually "copying" and let's be real NH is alot simmilar to alot of zombie bosses from L4D: Smoker, Hunter, Spitter, Boomer (horde spit) etc...why we didn't seen that diversity in DL with teamwork like human side has? Don't get me wrong i liked playing BTZ but same thing over and over again really is monotonic and boring, the destroy the nests kinda feels like that this PVP mode has always been in alpha/beta stage? When i've seen a trailer for BTZ i thought it will be a huge challenge where human side needs to cover each other and survive, like renew a safe area with diverse resources like nails, planks etc during the night where are also volatiles, evolved vol's and other bosses incl NH and horde that would be so much challenging and not to mention that survival/apocalypse mode would be more fun... So there you go..
  21. XeNoN

    2016-09-05 Update

    Look guys imo balancing is good since the last few updates, NH's and humans wont need anymore fixes/tweaks but there's a problem which always was in the mode: -Duped items and hacks And that's it...not to mention NH needs abit more skills for high rank NH's other than that its just pure practice, get better etc... Complaining in most situations will get you nowhere its on dev's who decide...
  22. XeNoN

    2016-09-05 Update

    Because you arent very good, quitting the games and bitching in games isnt the right way to learn man...
  23. Been like 10 years since i edited shader's... mainly for PS one emulator...did you tried to open it in Notepad ++ i was usually worked there and just dump it in DL folder, most games have feature that when you copy/paste same file name with original one it loads that one ergo modding. Try that. Srry i cant be any more help to you but 10 years is loooong time xD.