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  1. nickmad92

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    Dude who are you to decide whether the mode is balanced at this moment? The devs can't even comprehend. This guy is totally correct and you are just shutting him down. Instant tackle is very difficult to do with a controller and using that glitch as justification for the existence of another is just ridiculous. Kornchits you are correct, your hunches will be found true and the people here are just trying to buff the survivor's side. Leave this place and never return!
  2. nickmad92


    So then nothing is to be done about grapple cancel exploit??? Tell me its out your hands and I will leave this godforsaken circle jerk. Better yet just ignore this like every other comment or suggestion I've made. It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal. Good day, sir!
  3. nickmad92


    Uh humans do have that retarded ability and besides two wrongs don't make a right. No veteran likes an easily spammable exploit. Only hope techland decide to make BtZ a stand alone as its got great potential.
  4. nickmad92


    Okay say what you like, but I have been dropkicked right after gp survivor into walls. Also DFA and 2 handed after sneaky gp wall nerf. By Vallon and the likes of. Techland cares about their image more than their veteran fan base. If you had a brain you could see that. Love how Hunter gets a good exploit and it must be dealt immediately. Meanwhile survivor has had grapple cancel exploit for ages but was swept under the rug. Just shows.
  5. nickmad92


    Lol don't forget instant dropkick. But I wouldn't bother anymore. Game is dead now. Too many exploiters chupacabra around.
  6. nickmad92


    Bet money that grapple-cancel air dodge stays. Poison bolt should be nerfed its a joke. Moment I get hit with one of those I bail.
  7. nickmad92

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I just got dropkicked by some dude directly after he slid downwards like a combo move. Also I'm getting instantly dropkicked after failed pounce.
  8. nickmad92

    Ground Pound Nerf

    Im not saying one move is weaker than the other, im saying ground pound into wall or other objects had reduced knockback and survivors soon began shooting in an upwards fashion as if sliding up the walls?? this has caused me numerous failures to instant dfa. the only reason this guy could 2 hand me was cause he was shot so high up in the air.. i always had upgraded spit, i recall when posts came here stating that not upgrading ur spits will give u faster spits and sticks easy after u get dk. thats what i was talking about. but i have to disagree, landing spits with a competent survivor is one of the most difficult tasks on BtZ. My aim is fine, its dodge spamming survivors who make it troublesome. my skill is not wats in question here, we all know i suck. the topic is if anyone else might know anything about the nerf i am trying to identify. thanks for the tips tho
  9. nickmad92

    This Is Example For My Idea

    Everything was wrong with that video, that grapple-hook range is like hunters tendril which is crazy unfair. Yep the game is not to be taken seriously anymore. In fact it was always obviously unbalanced. I mean Chickeninja just stated he thinks tackle may be under powered, maybe. If you play the game for a day you will understand it is very under powered. Chickeninja, just cause you can hurt yourself with what is a very well exploited item, that does not mean it is okay to use it like seen above, nor does it mean the devs care. So many posts and you still talking nonsense. No don't "give them a run for their money". Give it a run for YOUR money. Find more interesting and fair individuals, they out there and make a great game. Don't facilitate these loser's need to use unfair tactics. I got 400 hours and never passed 5% on story mode.
  10. nickmad92

    Ground Pound Nerf

    For God's sake, so its like when u have to not upgrade your spits so you get easy sticks, what a joke. How far do you have to upgrade for it to become weak?? curious
  11. nickmad92

    Ground Pound Nerf

    Okay so last night I start a game against some dudes, they on normal mode and are at my nest using ranger bow while camping on lamp polls. So naturally I slap the one guy and gp him off, I try tackle him so he can't use grapple to recover. Obviously he uses the exploit and dodges my tackle mid air. Then he falls next to a car where I immediately ground pound him. As I'm going for the second GP he comes with a 2 hand weapon mid air and cuts me down. A year back once you were gp into the wall you were mince meat, now it's hardly a death sentence as humans will fly over your head ready for a dfa or 2 hand slice. Zombie was designed to be a piñata.
  12. nickmad92

    How Is This Done?

    Jeez if shield had stayed I would have left a long time ago..I was worried reporting the grapple cancel airjump here would mean everyone would use it. But I was wrong, only a few tools like to indulge.. I don't know why Vallon should fear other players adopting this move if he let's his friends in on the other exploits around. I don't like playing his crowd as they ALL use these nasty tactics. Then claim cause it's possible that's it's okay. Anything is possible but that doesn't make it right, especially for a game most consider to be competitive in nature. It's funny cause Techland like to put it out there that they care about their fanbase. If they were here asking the Vets what's needed and wanted then I would imagine the next multiplayer to be legendary. But to me I feel BtZ/multiplayer was made just to encourage users/existing players to get their friends to also buy the game. But I don't think many like to play alone against 4 other people who talk trash and flash lights in your face. Especially with survivors being Godlike with infinite stamina the ability to heal instantly always and can cloak better than hunter! Nvm dfa, poison bolt and 2 handed. Good for you emtrix for not being a typical survivor. Respect.
  13. nickmad92

    How Is This Done?

    Yes well thing is many do in fact think they are super hardcore veterans who like to stroke each others shriveled ego by playing a game that handicaps one player against a possible 4. How can they give survivors infinite stamina? If they can easily see me, deplete my stamina and run around with no worry of other zombies, then it means hunter in a way has less dexterity than survivor even though he moves much faster. Coming here and stating you know moves others don't, while spreading those shady tactics to others in your circle begins a new game, instead of cat and mouse it becomes Liar's dice! Which is hard enough when playing a game so many hack and mod.
  14. nickmad92

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Every match i play a survivor will dk me directly after i gp them into the wall. GPing a survivor into a wall is now kinda dangerous seeing as they will bounce above you for an easy dfa. Hunter has no point arguing for balance, devs have made it clear that hunter will continue to be the underdog. No spits on the community event was an eye opener for the blind i would presume. The word is negligence.
  15. nickmad92

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    Well that just sucked. Most people would hide until you leave :/