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    Dying Light Bugs

    Some problems i found today: - when you switch to Windows, graphics card load jumps to 100% (around 50% on GTX2060 when in-game) - if you die wielding a bow/ propably a crossbow too, grappling hook doesn't work after respawn, no reaction to action button untill you switch a weapon to something else (i remember this behavior back in the 2 years ago and it's still here). I'm not sure if it's happening every time, i was playing on Old Town and it happened two times - Robin Hood Theory achievement doesn't work, i have 4 kills and it's stuck, killing Rais men with arrows in the head doesn't count
  2. sanjyuubi

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Recently i saw hunter doing intant tackles 5 times in a row without stamina.
  3. sanjyuubi

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Are you not aware what are you saying? Instant tackle can be done in the moment hunter hit something or stay at place, it doesn't need any wall. You can perform instant tackles in all cases when hunter was in motion when entering animation which involves: - standard dodge - pounce interrupt - being dropkicked while running (can tackle other human in vicinity) - having human in range after first succesfull tackle (double tackle) For some reason, the game doesn't cancel momentum values at the moment hunter enters animation, which can be proven by the fact that that one day when hunter was forced momentum reset when turning too fast around, backward instant tackles weren't working while other like double tackle could been still perform.
  4. sanjyuubi


    OK, since the game starts to litterally dying out and there's unavoidable increasing flood of delusional players resorting to all glitches/exploits there is, just anything to win, why not to post instruction of the cheapest move for hunter here for everybody? The most skilled players succumbed to their delusions and self-justified "morals" of gameplay, trying to stick a tag of a PRO technique that only PROs know (and keeping it in secret). Instant tackle will allow you to tackle opponent after dodge even if your stamina is depleted! You can also perform double tackle if human hit something and is still in tackle range. If you're always crying over OP humans, it's something Techland prepared for you in secret. It's not hard to find if you can use a google, but it seems that many can't, so here's one of the tutorials: Have fun!
  5. sanjyuubi


    The GP spit as it was on Knockback B was not bad, i liked how it is not 100% guaranteed to hit as oppose to not upgraded GP (spits were often shot above the player). The variability of the surface made GP+spit on knockback B sometimes even more challenging because human was shoved further, weak GP made him stay near hunter making an easy stick. there is something similar with weak tackle, if you spit after, it will land near human making it harder for human to escape it's range (since the time to spit burst is already counted) if hunter decide to lock him with another tackle.
  6. sanjyuubi

    The worst patch to have ever hit Dying Light

    I don't wan't to break some delusions here, but circling in spot wasn't going to initiate tackle from itself right? It's used to discourage humans to jump for dfa and he can see that i'm circling so isn't it all about if human decides to fall in trap? It's like you're always telling that hunters should be aware of the people above where people are asking for something to counter DFA and this is what actually counters it in some situation or more like prevent it by making human to think, but it's not like you will circling in one spot blocking a human from advancing isn't it? He can always go other way. Circling in spot isn't safe as well, you are open to crossbow and arrow attacks as well for flashlights and flares from other players. Tell me where did you hear about circling in spot as abuse, there was always resent about GP+spit and instant tackles, but who told you about this? It's really the first time i heard that someone complain about. I think that circling hunters is a good topic for a Monty Python episode.
  7. sanjyuubi

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    It was good as it was before, if you can't provide fixes without modyfying the code, do not tease people with that tuner or we end up in a viscious circle.
  8. sanjyuubi


    Lol? Why do i feel that that future is closer to eternity than a matter of month or twoo. Instant spit stick have to be fixed only for weak GP, fully upgraded GPs doesn't allow you to do a stick at 99% ratio, it's more like 60-70% unless human hits something. Some people are saying that GP+spit and Instant tackles were intended be devs from the begining. Is that true (it's kind of a bone of contention between people)? It would clarify a lot and end up some wars if you stated what was intended or not.
  9. sanjyuubi

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    If hunter falls under the map, the game will crash when he reach the bottom. Had this two times when i fell under the map while dfa animation and today i got under the map on slums and died at the bottom, screen went black and game crashed.
  10. sanjyuubi


    You can heal via uv healing or hide and wait if you are afraid, it's as dangerous as impact bolts. I never had issue with that, you should propably be angry more with the gangbang you can receive in 3 and more players game. If it comes to instant recovery after hitting the wall, it sometimes makes me feel depressed too, not necessary after GP, but more after tackle where hunter is locked in animation but human is operable instantly when hitting wall. Also, what should be dealt with human is removing repair cancels, people are programming macros with that and destroying nests fast. To be honest, repairing shouldn't work in invasions since weapons won't degrade.
  11. sanjyuubi


    Look at the big picture, the most crying hunters from this forum paradoxally have apex predator rank (same thing also applies to Ultimate Survivors), why are they crying you may ask, maybe they just need to change a diaper? You shouldn't feel offended unless you feel some guilt The thing with the human exploits is that they require at least some skill to perform, you need a quickfingers to put a sequence (not talking about macro users) in contrast to just hold a button and turn around. The thing that should be removed is auto crossbow. BTW, 80% of my time spent in this game is night hunter mode, but that would be propably hard to believe for you guys since i'm against instackles. If you want instackles that bad, then human should have ability to dodge in air all the time.
  12. sanjyuubi

    Infinity Motolov Need Fix :(

    Normal game. BTW, what are you expecting? Techland didn't fix bugs and glitches from The Following (only some of them) in the whole 2016 (they claimed support to the end of 2016), why they should now?
  13. sanjyuubi

    Highest Lvl For Nh Post Your Lvl Here

    3rd Mutation Level 60 - Walker
  14. sanjyuubi

    How Is This Done?

    The tutorials of how to do instant tackle are on YT now, search for yourself if you are interested in exploiting unintended game mechanics.
  15. sanjyuubi

    ZOMBIEFEST #3!!!

    I saw those "serious" players having fun. Most of them switched to "not serious" mode, that's all. Being serious about a computer game is sad thing.
  16. sanjyuubi

    Ground Pound Nerf

    I'm calling it a Techland Paradox. It's the first game i see where upgrading skills puts you in disadvantage.
  17. sanjyuubi

    This Zombiefest was bull.

    You people are just sad. Of course zombiefest was hyper unbalanced and the worst was the GP range, but all in all, it was timed event and we had fun with impossible physics. The fun of defeating a hunter was even more satisfactionary. You shouldn't take seriously the remarks of kids with dementia during that period, it was clear as day, that hunter was OP to the bone. It was their last chance to heal complexes.
  18. The one final patch is needed, unfair glitches and exploits should be addressed, but we are now beyond the support time so why would techland work on fixing bugs they weren't during support period? P.S Somebody is spreading info that some fixes (instant tackles) and nerfs are coming like no GP+SPIT and delays to prevent DFA after pounce or smth like that. I found it rather not credible, but PETE, could you confirm if anything is coming at all? "live tuning" - does that mean that we will return to old rules when steam is offline and i'll try to play LAN game (if LAN is possible with offline steam of course)?
  19. sanjyuubi

    How Is This Done?

    It doesn't matter how one reffers to. The fact remains that you're (and your ex-worshippers who are removing you from friend lists recently) exploiting flaws in game mechanics. It's not an good option, if anything, you should be able to escape or to push human away, not to deal most times undodgeable attack you, It's like rewarding your failure, but since you're trying so hard even with double instant tackles in a wall-lock on the noobs (and even instant tackles while having 0 stamina), i don't know if this conversation have an point. So the game sense is all about when to switch to glitches and exploits? That is rather shamefull for high caliber players, but here you are with your skill but still trying hard to win like you're life depend on. Invent something to counter failed GP and the movest will be complete. Have fun.
  20. sanjyuubi

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    - hunter is able to tackle survivor after dodge as soon as he touch the ground, even if stamina is depleted (pointed out in the topic "how it is done")
  21. sanjyuubi

    How Is This Done?

    Well done! Now that you are spreading how to to that glitched tackle, everybody are starting to use it. Some kids are even claiming that it is a technique that only PROs know.
  22. sanjyuubi

    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    What else are you proposing to do? Unless you have ultra perfect aim for spits, what else works? BTW, tackles are dodgeable.
  23. sanjyuubi

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I wasn't alking about hirarchy, but rather about stupid mechanics, bugs and decicions that haunts us for almost a year or over. This is valid for both sides.
  24. sanjyuubi

    Tona Błędów W Btz, Balans.

    Trochę przesadzasz, jest trudno, ale nie tak beznadziejnie jak to opisujesz. Jeśli nie możesz trafić w człowieka, to trzeba go zmusić, aby pozostał w zasięgu szlamu, np. poprzez taran, a po udanym taranowaniu można też trafić nim łatwo człowieka używając ładowania strzału. W grach z profesjonalistami jest bardzo ciężko po obu stronach obozu. Podejrzewam, że gdybym ci pokazał kilku graczy, którzy dobrze ogarniają łowce, to pomyślałbyś, że oszukują (to może nie dotyczyć Ciebie, ale tez z kolei miałem parę razy sytuacje, gdy byłem wyzywany od oszustów).
  25. sanjyuubi

    [Bug] Hunter Nie Ma Jak Wyjść Z Budynku

    Temat był poruszony już na samym początku wprowadzenia dodatku "The Following", podobno miał być dodany jakiś licznik czasu, który by łowcę teleportował na zewnątrz, gdyby tam utknął. Sam fakt, że tego nie zrobiono, oznacza, że Techland ma wszystkich w d.... już przynajmniej od roku.