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  1. Cabozzl

    Register for Global Playtest!

    I just received the activation e-mail and it was located in my junk folder indeed. It's all working fine now. Thanks for resolving the issue!
  2. Cabozzl

    Register for Global Playtest!

    I'd like to participate in the Global Playtest, but unfortunately my Techland account doesn't work at Signing in at is without any problems. I've created a new account for signing up the Playtest. However, after a couple of hours I still haven't received the activation mail. Hopefully issues will be resolved soon!
  3. Cabozzl

    Volatile nest

    I've made a short tutorial about this last year: ^ Click on the title to view the post.
  4. Cabozzl

    AI Spawners Disappearing?

    It's not a bug. Just enable the Helpers:
  5. Cabozzl

    Rewind Time

    In the quest script, time can be changed with this phase: ,set_day_time _ -day_time=0.00 -interpolate_time=0.0 -day_time is the time you like to set (0.00 is midnight, 21.00 is the beginning of in-game night time). -interpolate_time is the duration of the fade effect between the actual time and the time to set. For example: interpolate_time=5.0 means it will take 5 seconds to change to the given time. When using triggers, this phase can be placed right after the trigger to take effect. For example: ,use _ PhysicalSwitchDI Trigger1 -state=on -show=true ,set_day_time _ -day_time=10.44 -interpolate_time=1.0 ,use _ PhysicalSwitchDI Trigger2 -state=on -show=true ,set_day_time _ -day_time=22.25 -interpolate_time=1.0
  6. Cabozzl

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    Strange to hear that it doesn't work on your map. I've tested it myself on a new map without issues. Which AI Preset did you use? Some AI Presets may interfere with hives. Especially presets starting with "BTZ_". These are used in Be The Zombie mode and will transform into Nightwalkers as soon as the player starts attacking the hive. Try to change the AI Preset to a standard Biter and test if it works. If not, you could debug the issue by placing a single AISpawnBoxNumber in a seperate area of your map (without hive). Test it with either "Neutral" or "Neutral Touchable" to see if it won't attack the player. CrowdSpawner file can be found in the Data0.pak which is located in the DW folder of the core game: data > scripts > common_crowd.scr AI Presets can be modified in the HumanAI.pre file which is located in your workshop project: data > presets > HumanAI.pre
  7. Cabozzl

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    The CrowdSpawner system uses AI Presets which you can edit. However, these modifications will affect all of the CrowdSpawners used in your map. For example: when you modify the ConflictSide of these presets to "Neutral", every zombie used in CrowdSpawners won't attack. I recommend using AISpawnBoxNumber or similar AI Spawn classes for this and keeping the CrowdSpawner system untouched. As for hiding the hive from the mini-map, I'll have to dig into that.
  8. Cabozzl

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    Place AISpawnBoxNumber on the map and select an AI Preset. In the Fields tab set m_ConflictSide to: - Neutral: Enemy won't attack and doesn't show hit reactions (invincible to melee weapons and firearms). - Neutral Touchable: Enemy won't attack but can react to damage. Can also be killed.
  9. Cabozzl

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    Hives can't fight back. They are in fact newborn Volatiles and are supposed to be stuck in the nest. But you can simulate that the nest is "guarded" by spawning Volatiles around it, and they will attack the player.
  10. Cabozzl

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    Hey Doomguy, To create a hive: 1) In the Assets window, go to the Data folder and type in hive 2) Place hive.df2 on the map 3) Select the hive and press 2 to open the Attributes window 4) Make sure the Type is set to Default 5) Change the ConflictSide to CounterPlayer Of course the hive can't attack the player, but it's essential for spawning 6) Select the difficulty (Easy, Medium or Hard) 7) Check the box IsTutorial 8) Set the hive health in the TutorialHealth field. Test it in-game for balancing the health. I usually start with 1000 and then scale it up. There a various hive-related classes, but most of them seem not to work or are used for Btz mode. This is the only way I found to make it functional as stand-alone hive.
  11. Cabozzl

    Ai Cover Point

    Hey Doomguy, AI Cover Points work for enemies with firearms (shooters). Rais's Thugs with rifles for example. These points don't need any special configuration, except for the cover type (crouching, standing, etc.) But make sure: - The NavMesh is set correctly - AI has enough room around the cover points - The AI is a shooter type When the player attacks, the AI will run to these points to take cover. Shooters armed with grenades can also throw grenades from these points.
  12. Cabozzl

    Controlling Camera While In Game

    You can set the player's position at the end of a movie with a SpawnPoint. 1) Place a SpawnPoint at the exact location of the final frame of the camera. 2) Best way to do this is first set the SpawnPoint and then set the final frame, so you'll have a reference point. 3) In the movie editor, click on the movie properties and at the right side you'll see a green bar with Spawn. 4) Select the SpawnPoint in the m_AfterMoviePlace list. 5) Or when you have a lot of objects in your map: click m_AfterMoviePlace and hold the CTRL key while right-clicking on the SpawnPoint on the map. 6) And select "Set attribute m_AfterMoviePlace to [name of your SpawnPoint] The SpawnPoint is now attached and the player will spawn at this position at the end of movie.
  13. Cabozzl

    Controlling Camera While In Game

    Hey Speeedo, For the movie types: cutscene and ingame 1) Go to your movie and click on the square icon in the top left corner (show movie properties). 2) A list with movie properties will popup at the right side of the screen. 3) Click on the small plus (+) icon in front of Type. 4) At the bottom, uncheck both m_FadeOnStart and m_FadeOnEnd. For the movie type: none 1) Go to your movie and click on the square icon in the top left corner (show movie properties). 2) A list with movie properties will popup at the right side of the screen. 3) Find Questmovie which is highlighted in a green bar and uncheck both m_FadeOnStart and m_FadeOnEnd. These movie properties can also be found by locating your movie in the Object List (icon with the 3 boxes). Right click on it and select Show Attributes to edit the settings. Note: I would suggest setting the movie type to cutscene when using (player) cameras.
  14. Cabozzl

    ,pvp <<Pvp Phase>> Not Working?

    Yoko and me solved this problem 2 days ago as there were some side-issues with corrupted quest files. A brand new quest was created and the PvP is working.
  15. Cabozzl

    ,pvp <<Pvp Phase>> Not Working?

    That's weird. It seems like the ,pvp phase gets deactivated as soon as the ,semaphore phase activates. But fortunately there's a way to bypass this. If you don't have any missions planned for the near future, you can set a timer for how long the PvP needs to remain active. Try this: QuestsDefinitions -level=map_01 quest Quest1 -final=true -- Comment to Second Block ,BLOCK _ -obj=&Quest1_Kill& ,wait _ 5 ,pvp <<PvP Phase>> ,wait _ 3600 ,semaphore <<Block Game>> In this script the timer is set to an hour (3600 seconds). Of course you can change this amount to your own liking.