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    b1sh0p reacted to sanjyuubi in Dying Light : Grab A Skin Of Your Choice, Only 4 Sign Up Places !   
    WOW! You're rampaging again. That person just stated that there is problem because his GFX card broke, so he can't obviously play tournament, but you had to start insults like you did earlier. Looks like you have a problem with yourself you can't solve with your money.
    He was asking about friends invitation he received, it's not his fault that he got respond hours later.
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    b1sh0p reacted to Visceral in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    Spinoza is probably one of the best night hunters out there and he lost to sokojik in a 1v1 post nerf with 5 lives remaining. It's still possible to win, people. Just adapt.
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    b1sh0p reacted to jonnyallen3 in Please, Show Me What I'm Doing Wrong!   
    My YouTube channel: jonnyallen3. I'm the best Night Hunter in Dying Light, so you can definitely learn a thing or two.
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from xevilxGodlike in The Underground Tournaments : Arena Wx-42 <> Tournament : Be The Zombie ! & Win 50 € !   
    Get the game on PC first, then talk.
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    b1sh0p reacted to Pete Donnelly in New 'tunables' Released For Btz   
    Hey Everyone!
    I'd like to share a couple of changes we just released yesterday.  These changes are based on feedback we've received and game stats that we've collected.
    1. BTZ matchmaking reduced to 2 pools again.
    2. 3v1 and 4v1 Damage Scaling.  (Survivors damage output is scaled to 2/3 damage in 3v1 and 4v1)
    3. Removed added headshot damage from arrows/bolt.  (This was never communicated clearly and added damage from special bolts/arrow allowed 1 hit kills)
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    b1sh0p reacted to tvdaXD in Choose How Do You Want To Continue Screen Bug   
    It has to stop. Please do something about it Techland.
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    b1sh0p reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete   
    We always take your feedback into consideration and have even made multiple changes based on community feedback.  There are also many suggestions and ideas we have tried implementing in the past but didn't work out for various reasons.  
    I personally would have loved to have had a lobby and multiple game types for BTZ but it wasn't in the cards this time around...
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    b1sh0p reacted to FaustoFimbres in Skins Rewards Are Killing The Comunity.   
    Ok Im gonna say this straight, Im sick tired of skins I mean the last dlcs maybe was a mkt strategy but this comunity event was like going to a party of people in coma with a bottle of beer full of water, the kill a chupacabra lotta of volatiles for an ugly shirt, was the dumbest idea to keep the comunity alive, rly? It took your team a whole month to create that event? If is hard to find out what you client wants I hope someone in techland reads this but gamers like myself want good stuff, what about a chainsaw? Or a descent weapon from a movie reference that wont break? But a shirt?!. Srly I dont know who is in charge to create ideas for the events but doesnt know chupacabra about fun and failure of this event proves that.
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    b1sh0p reacted to Chickeninja in Surviors   
    Sorry for the late answer: same name, same dumb profile picture. Hope to see you out there, even though I think we may have had some games in the past... then again, there might be many Bishops idk.
    Also, there should be thread or place for people to hook up with other folks to schedule some game time, as everybody dislikes not having a good survivor group to engage or not having any hunters invade.
    That way folks can take a more active hand in their matchmaking. This thread is a good example of that general need so I think it's good that this is brought up. Thx for that, man!
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from Chickeninja in Surviors   
    Im looking for some survivors to fight the night hunter together.  
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from Chickeninja in Surviors   
    What's your name on steam?
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    b1sh0p reacted to Sharkbait253 in Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here   
    Nests can be destroyed too fast with throwing stars
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from DaniloC.Q in To Pete   
    Maybe another gamemode involving the Night Hunter?
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    b1sh0p reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete   
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!  Some really cool ideas!  We do love to hear from you guys!
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    b1sh0p reacted to DoctorPurrington in To Pete   
    First question: Absolutely! You guys blew it out of the park with this game. In a sea of Microtransaction-riddled grind-fests, Dying Light was the lighthouse leading us to shore. And the Following was a wonderful, mysterious addition to the campaign. Y'all can quote me on that.
    Second question: A similar game-mode is fine (Being the Night Hunter is just too much fun!), but I would personally suggest it be a separate mode from Single player.
    Diving into player's games was a really innovative way to approach the PVP, but it left the mode open to exploits/glitches that would have been much less damaging in Single Player. I think the Single Player in DL really lends itself to the idea of acquiring/sharing weapons, so please don't change that, but that type of system is always going to let in item duplication. Which isn't a "good" thing overall, but it's not experience-deterring for the players until it leaks into PVP.
    Borderlands is a perfect example of this, as it has no dedicated PVP, so unique item duplication is almost purely beneficial for players and practically a feature at this point, but is still restricted by level.
    Just my two cents! Whatever you end up doing, if you make a Dying Light 2, I'll be there Day 1.
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from DaniloC.Q in To Pete   
    Maybe another gamemode involving the Night Hunter?
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    b1sh0p reacted to jonnyallen3 in Be The Zombie Hacker (Proof)   
    You wanna know something? I commend this Night Hunter. You were being a cheating scumbag. He definitely didn't even the odds, he straight up made the game unwinnable for you. Which is what cheaters like you deserve.
    He didn't enter the game cheating. He was clearly playing fair. He noticed you cheating and POLITELY asked you to stop. You proceeded to continue cheating so he gave you what you deserve, punishment. Which is what cheaters like you deserve. Maybe if people who cheated like you got punished by being served an invincible Night Hunter, less people would cheat.
    The devs are taking a while to fix this game, so until then I strongly believe that players should provide justice to cheaters.
    I'm going to go on record and say that hacking or modding in an online game to give you an edge is wrong, but in this case he did it to punish you for being a cheating scumbag. Justice
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    b1sh0p reacted to Tochotto in Dziwna Złota Broń   
    To jest tzw. "Cep". Jest to broń modowana (zdobyta poprzez grę na modach lub cheatach). Ta broń nie może być zdobyta podczas gry "legalnie" - świadczy o tym Tier Gold (złota jakość) oraz zatrucie 4x, które nie jest możliwe do dodania do broni w sposób "legalny", ponieważ nie ma w grze takiego planu do broni białej.
    Tak trochu na temat: Jedyne bronie, które mogą posiadać 4 miejsca na ulepszenia typy Król/Clicker etc. to Maczeta Korka i Maczeta Korka V2.
    PS: Nie ma co panikować. Za jej posiadanie nie można otrzymać VAC'a, ponieważ VAC Secure System nie ma możliwości sprawdzenia postaci/ekwipunku/magazynku etc. Sprawdza on jedynie modyfikowane biblioteki ".dll" - ".exe" - ".pak"  oraz wszelkie programy działające w tle uważane przez system VAC Secure za cheaty.
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    b1sh0p reacted to Marta Kowalczyk in Devs Reading Threads..?   
    Hey guys! First of all - please don't worry - we wouldn't leave you on your own  Due to certain bugs that appeared recently we're running through this forum every day (as well as Facebook and Twitter comments & messages) collecting information and bug reports from you, so we can work on a fix. It would be really hard for us to reply to every comment or messege, considering that we sometimes don't know the solution yet. So, basically, FaustoFimbres - you pretty much nailed it in your 1st scenario  
    Anyway, I want to assure you that we're taking care of the issues you report and as soon as the we get some answers, we will let you guys know! 
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    b1sh0p reacted to ronniecen in The Latest Patch Issues   
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    b1sh0p reacted to Pete Donnelly in Btz Fixes In The Next Patch   
    Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know of some BTZ fixes that will be included in the next patch:
    1. Fixed issue where bombers deal less damage than they should
    2. Fixed issue of Hunter spawning in safe zone
    3. Fixed issue of Hunter being able to spawn a buggy
    4. Fixed issue of Bombers not spawning in certain areas
    5. Fixed issue where Volatile spawn is locked in a train car
    6. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly pounce after a spit
    7. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly cancel out of the start of UV Heal state
    8. Fixed issue allowing Nests to be killed in 1 shot
    9. Fixed issue causing Hunter to sometimes move backwards in tendril locomotion
    10. Reduced and fine tuned rubberbanding values across all settings from 1v1 to 4v1
    Thanks to everyone who helped bring some of these to our attention quickly! 
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    b1sh0p reacted to sanjyuubi in Survivors 1 Shotting Nests   
    Not the losing side, but falling behind side. If you manage to keep up with the ratio you won't get any buffs, for e.g. you are playing against humans exploiting that bug and you keep killing almost 2 of them per nest, in the last nest when you have to kill 2 humans, you are not rewarded with buffs, because the difference between losing/winning is too small (the odds are equal here). In the end, you lose because they managed to one shot nest before you killed the last one (if OHK nests wouldn't happen, then you could propably win in such situation with at least 2 nests untouched)
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from Miller23 in Rangi Ludzi W Dodatku Be The Zombie   
    Ranga człowieka czasami się resetuje po przejściu finału gry albo The Following.
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from Subii in Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition   
    Dostaniesz gre plus wszystkie dodatki wraz z The Following
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    b1sh0p got a reaction from morris14144 in The Following/season Pass   
    Yes you will get The Following if you buy season pass after it's release.