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  1. RaceyStorm3124

    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    I think people got angry at you because of the irony in your comment that you complained we "tackle" or "ground pound" too much when those are the only few moves we can execute and actually do some good damage with. So seeing us do things like that shouldn't surprise you because this guy kind of wrapped it up: There's almost nothing else we can kill you with. Clawing is useful to some degree. But not too much I believe. I also think people got upset because the irony in your comment is that we spam two moves(which are practically our only two moves), but humans spam pretty much everything. Med kits, dodge, dropkick-loops, DFA, UV, pretty much everything at your disposal. While we only have basically spit, tackle, and ground pound at our disposal.
  2. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    I really need to know where the myth "young = immaturity" came from. Because fine, people are immature. But where the hell did you get young from?
  3. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    Eh, idk. I think complaining is just what makes the world go round.
  4. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    "0 Skill" is an exaggeration. My main point was that the skill gap in becoming a master hunter and a master human is waay too short. Give'em both a week and the human will already most likely be a pro while the hunter is still getting his timing, spit use, and evading down pack. I agree. If they make it so it's 50/50 and a Hunter actually has a nice chance of beating a 4 man team, and he does? He's OP.. if he beats 3 people, he's OP and humans come here whining for a fix. Right now, we can all agree this is in the humans' favor. Yet they're still here whining to a point they don't even want hunters to even have a chance. Take EMtrix for example. Wtf is he here for? The game is in his favor. All these immoral people loves imbalanced games in their favor. Make'em feel powerful. Personally I don't want to be given some sort of unfair enhancement but a lot of people do. And idk how it's fun to play a game that's too easy and removes competition.
  5. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    Lmao I say "spam UV" but for some reason the problem solving part of your brain didn't trigger to tell you "Oh, he means they just constantly use it". Maybe because you don't have that part in your brain. But it's all good. Spamming is all you need to win. Lmao, kid you act like spamming plays a small role in winning. XD Cheap @ss dupes and spams plays like 90% of the fight while the other 10% is just locating and getting to the NH. They made this mode a head-on-head mode(meaning instead of the NH actually being fearful, you're going against him like it's a damn boss battle) when it shouldn't be(it wasn't advertised as such). Damn right I got destroyed. I was good as a hunter at one point but my goodness it's much easier to be a human. Give a newbie hunter and a newbie human to go head to head for a week and watch who'll dominate the other. Can you guess? The human in case your brain just stopped functioning at this point. XD
  6. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    What kind of hole did you crawl from? If what you're saying is true, then i'm a f.....g hunter genius, because i'm winning 70-80% matches and i don't know if you're aware of that, but you just admitted, that you have problems with 0 skill humans. That is rather sad, because i'm just quitting when i see 0 skill humans who struggle to even use UV flashlight properly. I know, right? It's a damn shame a 0 skilled human can do that good in PVP. The bases for mastering both modes are different. Comparing the human master to NH master is like someone trying to master a bottle flip compared to trying to master like 15 different styles of martial arts. Humans have minor obstacles between becoming a pro and being an idiot that could easily be overcome with a bit of spamming with a sprinkle of dupes. Survivor have to be skilled in using his equipment (fast weapon/item switching according to situation), have good response times and keeping the track of hunter in sight. Hunter is all about timings, precision an environment awarness. Being good at handling controls helps in survivor mode (you have to press 4 keys to perform dropkick, very skilled players can execute dropkick almost instantly from the place they're standing), hunter controls are rather rough and prompt based. It's like a sun and day or... hunter and victim. You talk about situational awareness like a NH doesn't have to practice it more intensely since everything we do has to be perfected. I'm not 0 skill human, so that should make me omnipotent, but for some reason, i'm not. Maybe that makes me -10 skill human in reality? Nah, you're a level 3 human, at most. XD
  7. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    EMtriX, on 13 Sept 2016 - 03:29 AM, said: Raceystorm3124, Idiots like you are generally coming from consoles and have almost no skill as a hunter. First of all i would like to remind you i am talking about 1v1. In 1v1 every ground pound + uv spit equals death to human because of the GP + spit combo works every time. I'm sure they do work every time. But I don't use that combo. I'm tryna do new stuff. But I can't even experiment without at LEAST getting a chance to try the sh** Point is, it doesn't take much skill to be a human. Humans are literally BUILT on spams and glitches. Whether is dodge spam, UV spam, or dropkick spam. And you even have OHK's. In 1v1's Hunters can't spam SH*T besides GP. And when we utilize what works best for us, you complain about it. Combo is overpowered to the point where human have no options to defend against that. I agree that dropkick chains are unfair, but remember that telebombers are unfair too, Human cant execute dropkick chain in 1v1. Yeah, but my combo was about 2v2 and up. Telebombers are working in 1v1 and they are working like a charm many many times. So in 1v1 game bugs are working in hunters favor. I haven't played PvP in a long time. Except last week, played a few games, got pissed and bored and quit again. Next example is tackle trigger distance. Sometimes when human is on the roof and he falls from it hunter can tackle human from sth. like 10 metres away which is practically impossible to dodge. Human can run away from GP + spit combo but eventually he has to get on the ground just to be killed from GP + uv spit combo. Oh really? When a Hunter keeps you on your toes, it's a bad thing? You're really just bitching. As much as you keep us on our toes with your UV spam, chupacabra I instigate the hunters to do it. You are probably not playing as a human in 1v1, that is why your comment is so stupid. One more funny thing is that every time i am asking idiots like you "what would you do better" all i here is .... nothing, they have no ideas, they stay silent. They just dont know what they would do better, many times they say " i suck as a human or i dont play as a human". And you're the idiot who doesn't like a challenge. You don't like a coin with 1 head and 1 tails, you just want it to work 100% in your favor, and not have any Hunters giving you a problem or putting up a fight and keep a double-head coin. All you complained about was tactics and strategies Hunters used to try and debunk the sh*t you humans pull. I seriously hope they fix the game to make it 50/50, then I wanna see you in the forums complaining about how much of a fight we put up for you.
  8. RaceyStorm3124

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    Yeah it was a good idea. But since this is Techlands' first time actually doing this, I guess we shouldn't have had our hopes up as high as they were. I like the idea OVERALL but the outcome was terrible. I think Dying Light PvP mode would have an even bigger honest audience rather than these current crappy players who want nothing but an easy win.
  9. RaceyStorm3124

    2016-09-05 Update

    The idiocy in your comment. Humans lack so much chupacabra skill. It takes 0 skill to be human. All you do is spam dodge, UV, and flares. And like you said, you're even one shotting us now. That chupacabra isn't even fair. Our spits take about an hour to explode, so you could literally wait a good while, THEN dodge and still get out of range fast enough. While Night Hunters gotta be SUPER precise with our attacks, we have to WAIT and calculate a good time to pounce, we have to time our attacks out perfectly in order for us to not be bombarded with UV and drop kicks and even being one shotted. We have to use speed which is completely useless if you're not in countryside. We basically have to calculate OUR EVERY MOVE while for humans, it's simple: Spam dodge, Spam UV, hit us 3-4 times and they're good. They can charge at us whenever tf they want. They don't need to play anything out. They just go in full force swinging swords and duping and spamming and...just like you, they LITERALLY want Night "Hunters"(ironic) to have 0 chance to win against a human. Or at least have a.. idk, 5% chance to win, IF they're generous. And honestly our only easy method to keep you chupacabra blood sucking leeches off of our backs is Ground Pound. And you even wanna take THAT chupacabra away from us. All you want is for you to win each and every game and not have a challenging Night Hunter to sit your @ss down. If they made an update today or tomorrow making this game balanced out 50/50, I bet you'd whine again. "OMFG WHY ARE U MAKING IT BALANCED? How dare you not favor us anymore?!".
  10. RaceyStorm3124

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    I don't think you saw it from our point of view.
  11. RaceyStorm3124

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Anyway, of course if TL fixes this there will be TONS of humans coming back like "NERF THE NH!! I CAN'T WIN ANYMORE!" because people don't like change, especially if that change means they can't do stuff as easily as they were able to. I don't understand how people can play games without a challenge.. and just because I say I like a challenge doesn't mean I should play lop-sided games because that's not a challenge, that's just cheating.
  12. RaceyStorm3124

    I Don't Think They're Gonna Fix It..

    Pretty clear Night Hunters will stay underdogs for the rest of eternity now. We know the mode is BS and how humans have a back door escape to every situation Night Hunters try and put'em in, only way for us to put them in a tight situation is if we work super fast and we have to execute our play PERFECTLY or else we're killed with a penalty or something.,the Dupes and humans having no penalties, the spams, pretty much everything. I saw so many posts complaining about the amount of BS in this game mode, and I agree with them. But it won't be fixed. They're working on a new game and this one's pretty much over. That's why I made a post about DL2. I'm sure techland got the message over and over about the BS in Dying Light and how only like 2 of their patches work. I want the game mode to be fixed to but it won't happen and the Night Zombie is anything but a Night Hunter. Stopped playing Dying Light like 3-4 months ago.
  13. RaceyStorm3124

    Any New Updates In Plan?

    bugfixes yeah, updates, prolly not
  14. RaceyStorm3124

    Has Dying Light Gotten Harder? Did I Miss Anything?

    The game should just naturally be hard.. It's a horror game, why isn't it living up to its genre or title? The game is supposed to naturally be hard not an easy hack'n'slash.
  15. RaceyStorm3124

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    1. So? 2. Nonsense? lol you can't even name 1 thing I said that wasn't truth. Balances first, then bugs but this isn't important right now. When a human gets tackled as soon as he lands he gets a very fast recovery super quick. When a Night Hunter gets dropkicked it takes him like .5 seconds longer(which is a long time if your enemies are just a few feet away from you).