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  1. jonnyallen3

    2016-09-05 Update

    I find it funny that anybody thinks I was serious. I'm as good as I was. I joked about being the greatest. People take this game too seriously.
  2. jonnyallen3

    Ps4 Pro, 60 Fps?

    Hey Techland, when the PS4 Pro comes out, will you be one of the devs upgrading their games for the new system? We would love upgraded textures and 60 FPS.
  3. jonnyallen3

    2016-09-05 Update

    This is part of the reason I hardly play dl anymore. This community is so toxic. Instead of coming together, you guys want to bìtch and complain and insult each other. In game, I can't win or lose without ppl talking shìt. Simple "gg's" aren't even considered. I lose, "oh you suck bìtch blah blah blah". I win, "Oh you suck bìtch ground pound tackle spit spammer blah blah blah". Not to mention theres many shaming videos of me still on yt. But I'm not complaining I like the publicity and entertainment of the petty. Guys seriously, grow up. Maybe try a new game.
  4. Guys it's like me and Visceral have always been saying, adapt and overcome. It is very true that this game mode is extremely unbalanced, and greatly favors the human. But that's why I love playing as the Night Hunter. I love being outnumbered and outgunned. You wanna know something though? I still barely lost. As in I've lost 2 1v1's as the night hunter since this game has been out. I love when I beat up on a team of 2 or 3 or 4, then after the game usually talk shìt or cry spamming (which always makes me laugh, as if the Night Hunter as anything you can spam), and you can tell they aren't used to losing. Even though I hardly play Dying Light anymore, I still hop on occasionally to play on PC and PS4. It's still a blast to play.
  5. jonnyallen3

    Think This Needs To Be Patched

    Yeah grapple cancel rains are so cheap, please fix Techland. Make it impossible to rain after cancelling a grapple hook.
  6. jonnyallen3

    Help Getting This "guide" And Group Removed.

    Mods are what makes PC a PC. I like mods personally, it's just a damn shame that gamers don't have enough discipline to not cheat. Cheating is destroying pvp on PC.
  7. jonnyallen3

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Yeah cheating on PC is horrid. Vac secure games are non existent.
  8. jonnyallen3

    Why Is A Night Hunters Agility Nerfed On Console?

    Test it out. Sprint then jump and turn. It's not about PC being faster right now it's about features exclusive to PC. If you're not intelligent enough to know what I'm talking about please don't respond
  9. jonnyallen3

    Why Is A Night Hunters Agility Nerfed On Console?

    Everything isn't faster, it's literally a complete difference. You turn on a sprint in PC, you keep momentum. On PS4 you completely lose it. It needs to be fixed. Quit trying to turn this into a console war. There's a reason a play on both.
  10. Ever since I switched to PC, I noticed Night Hunters have much more agility. When you jump from a sprint and turn, on PC you keep momentum in the direction you turn. On console as soon as you turn you lose all momentum. Is there a reason for this? I remember before the following released, on PS4 at least you had great turning momentum and it allowed you to be evasive and it was something that especially distincted skilled Night Hunters. I feel like we gave that up for tendril sprint on PS4. Yet on PC the turning agility is still there. You guys should really consider giving that agility back to console Night Hunters. It's no wonder I felt so gimped after The Following released. Also, while we're on the subject. As a Night Hunter, can sprint sensitivity be the same as regular sensitivity? I hate how turning slows down when you sprint. That agility is crucial for a Night Hinter to be successful. Please fix this. I would love to come back to console one day and not feel gimped.
  11. jonnyallen3

    Your Keyboard/mouse Settings For Nh

    I use most of the NH attack binds on the mouse. As you said, so one hand can focus on movement, howl, and inventory management and the other can focus on attacking.
  12. Yeah I crash a lot on PS4, but not as much on PC. It's annoying when people message me talking chupacabra or try to post videos of me "aborting" even after I explained to them I crashed.
  13. Thank you. Most of the skilled Night Hunters are so good because we dealt with horridly overpowered Humans for most of the stint of this game. Just accept the changes and dont rely on flares so much.
  14. I really hate that you still try to talk down to people. If you're drained and you just sit there in the ground pound ready animation, then you're an idiot. Stop. Just stop. Accept that you're a lower tier player and just stop trying to talk down to people like you're special. You're not. You're not skilled. Like you run away from challenges. It's a joke.
  15. I just signed up. I want to compete on both PC and PS4. I've always had Steam, but please allow me to make a suggestion. There are amazing Xbox One and PS4 players out there who don't have Steam. It would be a good idea to set up a way to sign up using either each system or some 3rd party way. Just being able to sign up through Steam, you're limiting the amazing players exclusive to each system. I'm personally interested in just competing, not a cash award. But for payment to winners, why not just use PayPal? $50 towards games in Steam is not a good payout. Just send $50 to the winner through PayPal.