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  1. MinogueMinion2

    Theory for how the virus got out

    So the devs have already stated that both ending in the following (nuke or mother fight) are indeed canon and are based on the players individual choice. With this we can confirm that the virus didnt get out because crane turned into a zombie and infected ppl outside the quarantine so there is really only 1 exanation that i can think of, and i think that Bad Blood cold contain the reason. I havent heard anyone else talk about this theory either which im kind of surprised about. So in the Bad Blood trailer the dude in the helicopter announces that anyone who give him the samples he can garuntee their escape from the quarantine. So the player who give them the samples is ekther a GRE agent or some other person who wants to weaponise and sell the virus. Obviously the virus gets out (or purposfully released) and infects the rest of the outside world. Thats really the theory and again im surprised no one (that ive seen in the forums or talked to) has talked about this and its very unlikely that we'll ever know so its fun to come up with these types of theories
  2. MinogueMinion2

    Idea for one of the 10 DLCs

    There has been talk about the community being able to give some ideas for the next dlcs so heres mine A full customisable character screen with sliders in everything like in skyrim or follout 4. This would bring more variaty in the game and i wont have to stare at cranes face in co-op and question how many clones does he have? Also the outfits dont have to be removed just give us tje option to change cranes face and his build as well (just make the clothes adapt to the build). With thjs idea i think this would make dying light also give us more laughs because who wouldnt want to see a fat guys do parkour and climb I think this would be awesome and maby have it for the hunter aswell? My last idea is human vs human pvp. I know thjs is on master race but us console olayer want to slap eacother once in a while and it would be fun addition.
  3. MinogueMinion2

    Awnswer Me This Techland Plz.

    then why do me AND my friends always take 55 damage. we also play on new characters with no skill points on the skill trees what so ever (not counting the dodge in the agility tree) because most hunters are idiots but when we meet a spammer there is no chance because we get hit it a ground pound twice. and my main issue is not the ground pound it's self it's the fact that you let night hunters spam humans with it until they die and with the new 15 seconds until humans bleed to death it's quite hard just to attempt not losing a live because the hunter can slap the player while being revived
  4. MinogueMinion2

    So This Is What It Is, Huh?

    I understand how this is frustrating but the question is do you spam the ground pound? if you do then it's a non-fun match with someone who ends up dying because they do the same thing over and over again. but if you don't then train with 4 friends and perfect your skills and get better. I think the game are perfectly balanced (except for the ground pounds) and I used to be a badass hunter but ever since I maxed out I never playin and lost most of my skill. I love the night hunter but it makes me mad when hunters say humans are OP but the can literally 2 shot a human with 100 health and that's not fair for those people now is it?
  5. MinogueMinion2

    Awnswer Me This Techland Plz.

    Why are the night hunters ground pound buffed? it now inspiring new spammer and it's just getting annoying. at first it was meant to get the humans off of you. I mean have spamming just lower the damage or put a limiter on it. I'm not kidding at all there is NO apex predators that don't spam besides me and my friend and it's just soooo annoying because I want a real match with out a ground pounding chupacabra, but in all seriousness it does 55 damage that's unfair when new players play because the get 2 shoted.
  6. GT: MinogueMinion2 I should have gold next week
  7. MinogueMinion2

    Cant Get All The Rocks

    Well I had this problem but I did new game plus on my MAIN campaign and it fixed the problem but you will have to get the 13 rock you all ready found. I hope this helps
  8. they said the following would be the last dlc released for season pass holders
  9. MinogueMinion2

    Night-Walkers In Daytime? [Bug]

    I don't see what the big deal is let the night walkers beg for their lives. they may be tired of dying. have u thought about their feeling into consideration? I just think its a little funny thing as well that can be an inside joke for people who experience this
  10. MinogueMinion2

    Bring Death Match To Consoles!

    I totally agree but right now it's just a mod for PC
  11. there are outfits think of them as different zombie winnabie versions. just u go to make a fresh character
  12. ya just 2 new costumes
  13. MinogueMinion2

    Questions About The Next Update For The Hunter

    i don't mean to be rude or anything but u do realize this post was made before the update
  14. MinogueMinion2

    Questions About The Next Update For The Hunter

    thx for agreeing with me
  15. u guys do see the tendril attached to the building right? and the NH being launched is just the normal game mechanics doing it's job