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  1. Hertz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    So SS last longer then a minute and spit smash makes it last 30 secs longer GG.
  2. Hertz

    Btz Fixes In The Next Patch

    Just got the update on xbox it might be the patch.
  3. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    Lmfao? We could care less about a low ranking noob "Walker" he was going to lose the match from the jump. We play apex predators mostly and when they join it's clean. You chose to join when I'm on Crane? Making a complete mockery/fool out of his role as "Superman", laughing with my buddy's at how OP he is and how he takes no skill. But out if all my streams you chose to comment on my use as the survivor and ignore my elite skill as NH. What a cheap shot. As are as flare spamming that's false. My twitch stream is know for me playing on my NH like I said on recent post haha. I'm 95% NH 5% survivor. So your basic claims are miniscule in the matter. If you were witnessing my stream yesterday then I was on my UP LV 22 mutation 2 so if that makes you feel good that I might have struggled against LV 250s GG. My claims on the forum are always in favor of the NH. A survivor I could care less and if you paid attention instead of calling another SJW my buddy was recording the match to present the exploits. As far as 3v1 a man by the name of "Ancient Spade" joined mid game so I kicked him. Looks like HertZ hurt 3 people's feelings I guess my NH is just that insane. GG I keep hearing talk but when I'm 10 people deep in the party chat with 20+ people. Watching my apex you kids stay silent and start talking smack? Blowing up the chat box saying "HertZ remember you rage quit 3 months ago?" I guess HertZ will keep hurting the "Fatal Threeway" 😂👇 Psycho, BJO, NOVA GET GUD.
  4. Hertz

    Spam Jump To Success Couple Balance Changes

    Not even going to waste time. The entire Dodge animation stroke backward is a Dodge success. "Get gud"
  5. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    First of all layer your paragraphs. Reading your post is cancer. I'm on xbox if you want to see me rek.
  6. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    My main complaint is the fact that over a year of getting the skill to be a NH with the various updates was immediately removed with the Rubberbanding "Welfare Check" system. Had you not gone keyboard warrior on me and asked me to specify I would have. When you go up against 3 or 4 US you'll understand. I am not the only NH complaining about the new system. Which is the initial complaint at the top of the page. Rubberbanding needs to be removed plain and simple but I guess people think otherwise. Survivor=no skill required.
  7. Hertz

    Ideas For Hunter Nerfs/buffs

    Of course Bro but we have to be careful if what we say 😂😂 SJW lurking. I honestly would like the previous patch notes to take effect in relation to the rubberbanding "Welfare Check" System. It's confusing when you have energy that's equivalent to 3v1 then it drops to 1v1 benefits for the rest if the game. You can't manage yourself as efficiently as before.
  8. Hertz

    Why Do Humans Get More Than We Do?

    BAITED @BJOE Because the fact that going up against 4 elites is almost impossible.
  9. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    Haha no "Skid" go to the top of this page and read again I did not modify that post one time that's the OP. Like I said you and your SJW Bf were very offended. You still didn't specify were I deceived/lied/hypocrite. Like I said before get gud. BAITED
  10. Hertz

    Why Can Humans Rain Death While Hunter Is Swimming

    True and note that a NH OHK can be countered easily but the DFA has no counter. Which is why you have to be constantly aware if the position of multiple survivors on roofs.
  11. Cod kids nick. Not all of the people js it's that mentality of "Give me" from cod. Don't repeat. GG
  12. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    I'm not about to sit here thinking 10 minutes before a post to sound overly complicated to impress some keyboard warrior kid, going in the dictionary to make myself sound like Einstein. Your only life accomplishment is on a forum. Lmfao your making yourself feel so great sitting behind a keyboard kid. Nova is a SJW and your both pathetic. Go back and read my initial post. I baited you both so hard. I never talked smack to any "Individual" person I simply baited and look, I reeled in 2 fish. You literaly had nothing to attack me on so you had to pick at basic things like a typo from "SwiftKey" your so pathetic. Psycho you truly are sad and don't realize how you really just got baited. I'm guessing you called your SJW boyfriend to come back you up on this forum because HertZ hurt your feelings? Foh kid. I never talked trash to someone specifically, if you go to the top of the page and read. You sound like some Reddit noobs who can't "Peep Game". Like @Hazuzi said, you knew exactly what I was saying in my OP that obviously offended you and you couldn't find anything to complain about. Actually your entire rant backfired kid . The things I said were specifically about Pvp though they may have sounded slightly offensive. The only person to that gets mad is the one who gets hit by what I'm saying and look, Psycho and his boyfriend SJW Nova. If you didn't like my claim then you should've ignored it. You keyboard warriors are so emotional now a days. P.S=Outlandish claims? From someone who has 3 NH 2/3 apexs? Get gud BAITED
  13. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    Lmfao lookalike I have a fan boy. And if you see my sarcasm don't waist my time responding unless it's about the subject kid. Foh
  14. Hertz

    Rubberbanding System

  15. Hertz

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    I thought you were intelligent enough to see through my exaggeration. I guess not.