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  1. Drastamad

    To Pete

    All I want to ask for is a working matchmaking system. Thousands of players online, and we always get tossed in with the same survivors/hunters.
  2. I like GP'ing, then sticking a horde spit. Won't let the poor guy pull the hook, and if he ever does, it's a free tackle off a roof.
  3. Drastamad

    Why Have Nests On Rooftops?

    Humans can be tackled while using the grappling hook.
  4. Drastamad

    Why Have Nests On Rooftops?

    Humans can die of fall damage. Use it.
  5. Drastamad

    Btz Fixes In The Next Patch

    What about the fine tuning you mentioned for the "buff or nerf the hunter if he's either winning or losing" system? Right now it's better to let the hunter freaking kill you or let the humans destroy your nests to avoid dragging the match for too long.
  6. When winning, the hunter gets slower spit/UV block regeneration and nests are easier. When losing, it gets faster spit/UV block regeneration and nests are thougher, for example, if a lone survivor is beating you badly, the next nest he has to destroy could have 3 spawns and goons (A nest originally meant for two people).
  7. Drastamad

    No Matches Found......

    Matchmaking is worse and worse after every "adjustment". 8k+ players online and it only finds me ONE match to invade as a zombie, IF I'm lucky enough. Not better while playing as human either, AT LEAST 40 minutes waiting to get a hunter, only to have him quit on the first DFA 50% of the time.
  8. Drastamad

    Invincible Demolishers?

    Experienced the same issue with the "Troll" demolisher in Sector 0. Neither I or my two friends could damage it. I left the session and rejoined, and while my friends still could not damage it at all, I was able to gun it down with my police rifle. I've also found invincible demolishers in the Countryside, but since I've always been for myself then, I've had to leave them be.
  9. Same case in the main game. But they don't have any SMG ammo on stock. You can check for yourself on any vendor in both the Slums and Sector 0.
  10. I agree to a 100%. This is not a good system at all. A system that "balances" the game by buffing the losing side to artificially induce a close game will never let that "losing side" to get better at it said game.
  11. I'm not sure if they spawn in the city. But having their ammo in the shop wouldn't hurt anyone. EDIT: A vendor in the Slums just offered me an Engraved Barrel SMG, so I can confirm that they do sell submachine guns. No ammo though.
  12. Drastamad

    Gold Weapon Drop In Nightmare

    I'd say it's restricted to those "fantasy" weapons only, because those are the only golden ones I've found too. And I've found at least 10 laying around so far.
  13. How about it? I'd like to use my SMG's the vanilla maps' zombie invasions too, but since there's no way to get ammo for them unless you go to the Countryside, they are very, very, VERY restricted on their use. What do you guys think?
  14. Drastamad

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    Good to know! Any ETA?
  15. Reminds me of Dead Space 3: Awakened's ending. You waited for that expasion not only for the new stuff, but also to see how does Isaac Clarke's story ends, and you just get a cliffhanger in the end, devoid of any meaning. And Dead Space 4 is not likely to happen, so that was it. The same thing applies here. You didn't only wait for this expansion just for the cool new toys and map, but also to see how does Kyle Crane's story ends. Sure, we didn't get a cliffhanger (At least!), but we did get two poorly written endings involving sentient volatiles and what else horseshite. And guess what? Even Crane gets killed off just like any likeable character Dying Light had (Looking at Jade and Rahim, for example). Every time I'd meet a new character I'd be wondering how will they get killed off in the future, typical Dying Light writing, after all. I hope the real ending is the one where Crane takes the vials, so we can at least get a sequel. Because despite the poor writing. I chupacabra LOVE THIS GAME.