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  1. So I was trying to restart The Following to see the stupid intro movie. I deleted the game save in the following figuring they could not be dumb enough to delete the main game save. Sure enough, it removed the entire freakin save from The Following, and the Main Campaign. I hit Alt+F4, and evidently even that allows the game to sync after the process is done. Any ideas? I'm currently waiting for Steam Support to see if they can revert the folder in the cloud to an earlier date. Can't believe it...
  2. Kungpaoshizi

    Help Us Improve Parkour Experience!

    Making the player slow down according to how much they're carrying.
  3. Kungpaoshizi

    Imbalanced Be The Zombie

    Agreed. Once someone gets used to using dodge, vault, dropkick, and has uv flare's, the game is over for the player zombie. And this is all aside from the 4,000+ damage weapons that results in single swing kills. The player zombie takes less hits to kill than a trash mob zombie 1st level.
  4. Kungpaoshizi

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    I'm at the other end of this... Playing seems fairly balanced, but going from newb zombie to 3rd mutate holds zero increase in: 1. Hitpoints - I still take 3 hits or less 2. No increase to speed - if someone is good with dodge and dropkick, they can own me every single time 3. 4k damage weapons equate to a one-shot kill on me 4. Did I mention there's no way to deal with dodge+dropkick? 5. The human being able to vault every single tackle attack is crazy, I mean literally zero downtime to vault means they can counter tackle every single time (I've seen 1 guy do this, it was stupid) There's probably other things I'm missing, but I thought zombie was overpowered until I started facing people who knew all the moves and had 4k damage weapons. Then I came across the people using speed hacks. The player zombie is easier to kill than trash mob zombies.