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    Complaint / suggestion regarding Content #0

    I have seen videos, and I agree, they look like regular RAIS squads but in black, and as a 250 lvl I expect too some heavy loaded enemies, and more like 6 riffle men, or 5 riffle men and 1 grenadier, and they should be a bit separated , but with long distance perception, also be able to kill infected with few shots and be able to kill goons and demolishers (if they need it to). Also in all videos I see people kills them SOOOO EEEEEASILY and laugh, there is like zero challenge.
  2. FaustoFimbres

    Nh Own Ending Bug

    It seems now be the zombie has it own ending credits: http://xboxclips.com/XX%20Fausto/e6c2190a-3cff-45ea-947f-4143a4e5197b/embed
  3. Ok Im gonna say this straight, Im sick tired of skins I mean the last dlcs maybe was a mkt strategy but this comunity event was like going to a party of people in coma with a bottle of beer full of water, the kill a chupacabra lotta of volatiles for an ugly shirt, was the dumbest idea to keep the comunity alive, rly? It took your team a whole month to create that event? If is hard to find out what you client wants I hope someone in techland reads this but gamers like myself want good stuff, what about a chainsaw? Or a descent weapon from a movie reference that wont break? But a shirt?!. Srly I dont know who is in charge to create ideas for the events but doesnt know chupacabra about fun and failure of this event proves that.
  4. FaustoFimbres

    I Got Stuck In Jail

    It may look hard but its not imposible, I use the machete Rais gives you and it takes a while but you can actually kill the Demolisher with it, also there are like 2 gas containers that you can use to take its armor off, the Demolisher always takes a breath after 3 ambush, use that moment to throw the machete to his head and when taking it off, and finally you can kill the bitter on the spike zones and repair the machete with the junk that its around, goodluck.
  5. FaustoFimbres

    The Latest Patch Issues

    Hi Marta, I have an issue, when I save a survivor they just give up life (most of the time): http://xboxclips.com/XX%20Fausto/4512e003-bb6e-4675-9da2-6466e04c17d4/embed this has happen to me quite some times. Also as you have notice my game is on spanish, nothing wrong about that, BUT, there is something wrong in the translation: Stamina Booster, its called "Posion de Resistencia": but it should be called "Posion de Energia". Energia=Stamina Resistance Booster, its called "Posion de Energia", but it should be called "Posion de Resistencia". Resistance = Resistencia dhu. I dont know if its too much to ask to fix the translation, (and the bug floor too), thnx for you attention.
  6. Those new packs are out of the season pass.
  7. FaustoFimbres

    Thoughts On The New Dlc

    Dude those were almost exactly my thougths, I did make a post about it lol.
  8. So what I have season pass too.
  9. FaustoFimbres

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    First of all I stand still to see how much damage the bow was afflecting me because he was kick-crossbow combo me which is an instakill that its actually making NHs stop playing this mode, 2nd, Making crossbow 1 hit kill its OP since NHs doesnt have a privilege to inflict an increase damage if they hit survivor on the head.
  10. I know what they include, I bought 3 of them, I did it because this way I support Techland to create new content, Im not a poor-chupacabra, if they continue to make more packs I know Im not forced to buy them, is that hard to undertand?.
  11. Look these last dlcs enter as the category of "skin packs" wich they are not include on the season pass, they just cost 3 bucks each, I think its a way to support techland to release new content, nobody is forced to buy them but if you want to support the community I think the price is fair.
  12. Because devs eats too.
  13. FaustoFimbres

    Bring Death Match To Consoles!

    I agree with that can you imagine the buggy chases, THE BUGGY CHASES!
  14. FaustoFimbres

    New Dlc Impressions

    Ok as soon as I heard about the the new dlc release for the following I bought 3/4 of them so if anyone is interested here are my thoughts about them and if they are worth your money. 1. Harran Ranger. I got this first because it looked interesting on the description, it included: New bow design, new outfit, new paint job, and 4 arrows design!. First of all this was a HUGE deception and here is why: If you already unlocked the bozak bow, avoid this dlc because the content its exactly the same, the bow looks it changes its colors, but its aim its the same, it would be better a scope o a laser or anything but over all, its the same as a bozak bow, the 4 new arrows are the biggest lie, they are the same design as the normal, fire, explosive and electric arrows, JUST the name changed to "ranger" at the end which is stupid, there are already 2 paint jobs with the theme of camouflage so this the 3rd one and 2nd on camouflage outfit (I think). So this DLC was made for those who couldn't complete the bozak dlc in resume, for those who did I would not buy this dlc, unless you want to just to have everything the game offers. 2. Gun Psycho. Well this DLC gives you a new outfit, a paint job, and an aim for your riffle which it skins change when you craft to it, but just for riffle, dont try to add it to anything else (which its a shame) cause it wont work, the aim its good, and the designs looks cool too, so this is a worth DLC. 3. Volatile Hunter. This was visually my fav DLC, it gives you a new outfit (which it glowing design its pretty awesome), the paint job its pretty fancy, and it gives you 4 blue prints for mostly all melee weapons, so I would say this is too a worth your money. 4. Crash Test. Im gonna be honest, I didnt even bother to buy this DLC, it just gives and outfit and a paint job, it price is even the lowest of the 4, it looks good? yes, but there are many paint jobs and outfits that looks cooler than this one, so If I were a MKT manager I would suggest this DLC be given on a community event (wich there hasnt been any in a long time), so yeah I wouldnt buy this one unless I really want it for NO REASON, lol. From my point of view 2 of 4 dlc's are worth try, but at the end it makes me happy to know that techland still making new content, but I would aim for something else, like events and enemies and I'll think twice about wich dlc would be good to attract and keep the community together and wich one actually to put a price on it. So yeah thanks Techland for the new content.
  15. FaustoFimbres

    New Dlc

    Ok fun lasted like 2 seconds lol, 2/4 dlc are worth it.